What to Watch Next Week: Younger Finale, Titans and Mayans M.C. Return, Cheerleaders Take Over Lifetime

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We're really counting down the days until fall television resumes now, right?

With a United States holiday before us calling out the unofficial beginning of autumn, that means a lot of offbeat TV recommendations.

9-1-19 What to Watch

Sunday, September 1

7/6c ABC is taking the night to preview their fall lineup. If you've forgotten what that might look like, here is a link to the ABC fall schedule.

ABC Fall Schedule

We're super excited for new series Emergence starring Alison Tolman as a woman protecting a young girl after a mysterious accident.

Aliens? Hey, we'd be up for that, and the poster sure leans into the idea.

Emergence Poster

Also debuting on ABC this fall is Stumptown starring Cobie Smulders. She plays a sharp-witted Army vet who becomes a private eye.

We're intrigued about The Rookie's return with the departure of Afton Williamson as well as the return of A Million Little Things with the introduction of a new character played by Jason Ritter.

Whether any of this will be featured on the fall preview? Tune in to find out.

Succession Review: Hunting

9/8c Succession features a live shooter situation at Waystar Royco that plays out as only it can on a show about the smug, hyopcrital one-percenters.

Monday, September 2

8/7c Lifetime has Denise Richards starring in The Secret Lives of Cheerleaders. Can it possibly be as salacious as it sounds?

School Spirit

Savannah May costars as Ava a recent transfer to a new high school who joins the cheerleading squad at her mother's (Richards) insistence. Being popular and being a part of the squad, though, comes at a price.

9/8c Reelz has Autopsy: The Last Hours of Garry Shandling.

If you've never watched Autopsy, it features a well-known forensic pathologist counting down the last couple of days to the death of people in the public eye. While it can get a tad overdramatic, it's still embarrassingly addictive.

And not as exploitive as it might sound. {gulp}

Get Sundance Now via Prime Video Channels for Proof that Entertainment doesn't have to be Mindless

Tuesday, September 3

Rosehaven, the sweet comedy about two best friends in a small Tasmanian town, returns to Sundance Now, seemingly with all episodes streaming.

10/9c This is THE timeslot to be in if you're a Tuesday night show, and there are three cool series premiering tonight.

Mayans M.C. begins its second season on FX. The word on the street is the season is all about retribution, so hold onto your hats, gang members, it's going to be a wild ride!

On ID, Valley of the Damned examines seven murders that rocked the beautiful, desolate town of Fremont County.

Deep in the Colorado Rockies, this inhospitable region is known as Prison Valley because it's home to 15 prisons including America's only Federal Supermax.

Valley of the Damned

That's where you'll find angels like Ted Kaczynski and Sammy the Bull, one of the Gambino crime family, among others.

Yet with all that security, people still get away with murder.

21 True Crime Shows You Shouldn't Watch Alone

Wednesday, September 4

10:30 ET brings us the Younger Season 6 finale. The good news is it looks like an incredibly beautiful Diana will take the plunge with Enzo.

Her happiness is paramount! And we've even got an invitation to the special event.

Younger Invitation

On the other hand, Liza's wishy-washy behavior is unlikely to stop anytime soon, and overdramatic music, another scenario of her love triangle plays out in the trailer.

Kelsey might be leaving Millennial, but Zane is still fighting for her. They're a terrific couple, so she needs to remove the obstacles keeping them apart. They're in her head, but maybe a change of scenery will give her some new insight.

Friday, September 6

Elite, everyone's favorite Spanish teen drama returns to Netflix! But that's not all Netflix has on tap this Friday. Sacha Baron Cohen also drops with The Spy.

Cohen plays an Israeli Mossad agent who goes undercover in the early 1960s in this show from Homeland Creator Gideon Raff.

Noah Emmerich also stars on this based-on-a-true-story Netflix drama. The Americans actor really has a thing for the spy genre!

The Spy Trailer: Sasha Baron Cohen Leaves Comedy Behind

DC Universe also drops the first episode of Titans Season 2 this Friday.

If you didn't catch Titans Season 1, there is still time. You'll want to be acquainted with two Robins, a Hawk, a Dove, a Beastboy and more before Batman steps onto the canvas!

Titans Season 2

Saturday, September 7

8/7c As part of what must be a theme celebrating the back-to-school follies of autumn, it premieres its second movie of the week about cheerleaders.

Identity Theft of a Cheerleader isn't the most scintillating title we've ever heard, but this one has a certain appeal.

It speaks directly to characters like Liza on Younger as a 33-year-old woman takes on a teenage [gasp!] identity and goes back to high school.

This one is inspired by true events. Just how badly did this woman not want to miss out on the high school cheerleading experience, anyway??

The cast features mostly unknowns, but somehow Gail O'Grady has managed to slip into this movie. That should be worth a watch, right?

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