13 Reasons Why Adds Gary Sinise for Major Final Season Role

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Gary Sinise is heading back to the small screen. 

The CSI: New york grad has joined the cast of 13 Reasons Why Season 4, according to The Hollywood Reporter

The outlet reports that the talented actor is taking on the role of Dr. Robert Ellman, an adolescent and family therapist. 

Gary Sinise Attends Event

He's described as "compassionate, incisive, and having a no-nonsense approach."

Dr. Ellman will attempt to bring Clay Jensen (Dylan Minnette) back from the brink of darkness.

"From the first moments we conceived of the role, I thought of Gary Sinise, but hardly dared to dream it might happen," says series creator and showrunner Brian Yorkey in a statement.

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"A consummate actor and first-rate human, Gary brings the exact combination of toughness, smarts, and heart the character needs. We’re all thrilled and honored to have him join us for this pivotal role in our final season."

Clay Looks for Answers - 13 Reasons Why

Clay has been through a lot throughout the entirety of the show's run. He was part of what appeared to be a witchhunt for the murder of a boy at his school. 

He also had to deal with the loss of his love interest during the show's first season. He's been struggling to cope with everything thrown at him. 

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It makes sense that he would be referred to someone who can help, especially when you consider the fact that Clay's life is going to get worse in the final season. 

He and his friends pinned the murder of their classmate on another classmate who died in prison. 

13 rw clay 2

They thought the secret was solid, but a face from the past returned in the closing scenes of the third season, presumably with the aim of revealing the truth. 

On top of that, the guns that Clay and his friend hid for another friend were seemingly found by fishermen. 

So, yeah, Clay's going to be in for another testing time during the final season. 

What are your thoughts on this? 

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