BH90210 Season 1 Episode 5 Review: Picture's Up

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It was starting to feel like the reboot was never going to take flight. 

And production was once again halted on BH90210 Season 1 Episode 5 as the search for the stalker intensified.

Tori swore she knew the identity of the stalker, and it led to a very familiar blast from the past. It was easily the funniest scene of the series to date. 

Taking A Break - BH90210 Season 1 Episode 5

Many different people came in contact with the 90210 franchise through the years.

Every character had a boyfriend or girlfriend outside of the main cast that stuck around for a few episodes, or in some cases a full season. 

Only a few of them made a lasting impression, and one of those characters was Ray Pruit. And that's Priut with one 't'. 

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Tori's revelation that Jamie Walters was the one stalking that cast completely came out of left-field, but once she spelled out her reasoning, it kind of made sense. 

Making Plans - BH90210 Season 1 Episode 5

Having everyone besides Jason show up to confront him shouldn't have worked as well as it did, but there were some laugh-out-loud moments during the scene. 

Jamie: You guys know I quit acting and became a firefighter, right? I put out fires, I don't start em. Why are you guys accusing me of this stuff?
Tori: Because you pushed me down the stairs. Well, my character. Remember all the hate mail you got over that?
Jamie: Yeah, yeah. Pretty much ruined my acting career.
Ian: You don't think maybe it had anything to do with that song?

Finding a way to incorporate past cast members onto the show without adding them to the reboot can't be easy, but if it's entertaining, then you can't complain. 

By the way, how great was Shannen this time around?

Out of everyone, it's been hardest to figure out how she fits into the overall narrative, but her being a little out of the loop and yet incredibly insightful worked really well here. 

Her relationship with Brian continues to be a bright spot, as well. 

Shannen: Okay, let me ask you something. When you asked him to call you dad, did you ask because it's what you wanted or because you thought it's what he wanted?
Brian: Both.
Shannen: There you have it. Look, you're father and son. Just focus on Zach right now. And you'll tell people when the time is right.

Brian is struggling big time with the news that he's a father to an adult he never knew about. It's perfectly natural for him to need process time, but it is a bit disconcerting that he hasn't told his wife yet. 

Jason Is Insensitive - BH90210

He's confided in Shannen, and by episode's end his castmates as well, yet the person who should be closest to him is still in the dark. 

The man who picked up Zach's water bottle to presumably test his DNA proves that someone doesn't fully trust Zach, but who? 

Considering up until a few minutes prior Shannen was the only one who knew about Zach, she has to be the obvious suspect.

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It could be Brian, but he could have asked Zach upfront instead of sneakily doing it without saying anything, especially considering all of the shady things Zach did to become a part of his life. 

The buildup to the Tori and Brain love scene ran a little long in the tooth. And adding the intimacy coach was overkill. 

Tori's nervousness was justified, and it was nice to get a scene between women who have been in the business for decades talking about their fears of being on camera and doing certain things now that they're in a different point in their lives. 

But the scenes of her and Brian in bed trying to do the scene were played for laughs, and they just didn't land. 

In Bed - BH90210 Season 1 Episode 5

Her unrequited love for Brian also isn't landing the way it was probably intended. 

Spelling and Green don't quite have the same chemistry as Garth and Priestley for starters, so their pairing doesn't feel as organic. 

There's something there, but it feels more like a friendship than a romantic relationship.

Of all the many dynamics on the show, trying to push this one on the audience doesn't appear to be the greatest idea. 

Another dynamic that's not working at all? Jennie and Wyatt. 

Jennie is Ready - BH90210 Season 1 Episode 5

Things were a lot better on this front when Wyatt was barely speaking. Wyatt went from standing on guard at all times to drinking beers in the middle of the day and making out with the woman he's assigned to protect. 

It feels like things moved incredibly fast, and Ian was right to mention to Jennie that she may be falling into old patterns. Outside of their attraction, there doesn't appear to be much else between them. 

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Plus, there's the whole Jason angle. She has feelings for Jason that she's running from, but they are still there. And until she figures them out, this thing with Wyatt is doomed. 

The series could gloss over the fact that multiple people are engaging in relationships with people they work with, but they've decided to tackle it dead on, and that is refreshing. 

In Character - BH90210 Season 1 Episode 5

Making their relationship not only verbally official but also putting it in fine print scared Gabrielle and pushed her toward confiding in her castmates.

Gabrielle knows she feels something for Christine, but she doesn't know what that is, and it has to be frightening to feel like you have to know, and you have to be ready to tell the world. 

Whatever decisions are made moving forward, here's hoping Gabrielle finds some clarity. 

Here's hoping they all do because right now these people are drowning. 

Except for Shannen. She and her new rooster are doing just fine. 

Confused Brian - BH90210 Season 1 Episode 5

Extra, Extra

  • Fun Fact! "How Do You Talk to an Angel?" hit number 1 on the Billboard charts. That song was a bonafide hit in the 1990s, and it will be stuck in your head for the rest of the night. 
  • The dream sequence in the beginning was a fun throwback to the episode where the ladies sang backup for Emily Valentine. They all looked amazing!
  • Anna and Ian's growing relationship has been good for them both. And Ian now sort of knows what "Netflix and chill" means! 
  • Is that the end of the stalker? For all that buildup, the identity of the red dress man from the reunion was a major letdown. 
  • Jason wanting to leave Camille is harsh, but he is checked out of that marriage. 

We only have one more episode this season, and it looks like it will be a doozy! 

Do you think Zach is really Brian's son?

Which relationships should get more lasting treatment?

What are your expectations heading into the finale?

You guys have been leaving some great comments all season, so continue the conversation below, and let me know all your thoughts!

And watch BH90210 online via TV Fanatic right now to get up to date! 

Picture's Up Review

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BH90210 Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Anna: Are you nervous?
Ian: Nervous? Heck no. Playing Steve Sanders is like falling off a bike.

Shannen: You guys, I can't believe that we're really doing this!
Jennie: I know. No turning back now, bitches!
Tori: Nope! The cameras are rolling. I should have gotten more botox.