Days of Our Lives Spoilers for the Week of 9-2-19: Broken Hearts and Shocking News

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More than one Salem heart is going to be broken during the week of 9-2-19.

Julie's family struggles to deal with the news after she is brought into the hospital in critical condition after suffering a heart attack. Will Salem's oldest living resident make it?

And that's far from the only heartbreaking situation.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers Week of 9-2-19

Eric's reunion with Nicole spells heartbreak for Sarah, especially after she receives life-changing news of her own, Hope reads her late boyfriend's last letter to her, and more!

The Spoiler Video: Romance, Heartbreak, and Surprise Twists

The Days of Our Lives spoiler video promises an emotional roller coaster during the week of 9-2-19 and beyond.

Jennifer tells Jack, "It's us!" Could this mean that Jack is finally going to get his memory back?

Meanwhile, Eric vows not to rest until he finds Nicole, and when he does the two fall into each other's arms. But we know there's no happily ever after in Salem, so what will get in the way of this couple's romantic reunion?

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Other highlights on the spoiler video include Ben and Stefan's surprise that Vivian is still alive and plenty of romance, including John and Marlena kissing on the couch and Lani and Eli getting married.

Marlena promises nothing will ruin Lani and Eli's special day, but we all know those are famous last words!

What will go wrong at the latest Salem wedding ceremony, and will Lani and Eli succeed in tying the knot?

Lani and Eli Get Married - Days of Our Lives

Romance also appears to be in the air for Xander and Sarah and Tony and Anna, but at least one couple is in trouble, as Victor's disapproval of Ben and Ciara turns deadly and he orders Xander to kill Ben! 

Maggie won't be happy if she learns about that, and if Xander goes through with it, his already shaky relationship with Sarah will go down the drain. Plus, killing a former serial killer doesn't exactly score Xander points in the moral redemption department!

Elsewhere, Kayla tells someone's family that she did everything she could but there's no neurological activity. But is she talking about Julie or Kate, both of whom appear to be in critical condition?

And could Xander be right that Sarah is going to bring a new life into the world just as someone is ready to say goodbye?

Finally, the Days of Our Lives spoiler video promises a never-before-seen twist. What could it be, and does it have to do with Jordan telling fellow mental hospital inmate Claire that the two of them should cause some trouble?

There's also plenty of exciting action, according to the official NBC spoiler photos. Check them out below and let us know which one is your favorite!

A Shocking Discovery in Chicago

A Shocking Discovery - Days of Our Lives

The shocked look on Jennifer, Jack, and Eric's faces when they visited the hotel room in Chicago telegraphed that the news wasn't good.

And sure enough, on Days of Our Lives during the week of 9-2-19, the three are supposed to discover Dr. Rolf in that room, along with a resurrected Vivian.

Vivian has always been a troublemaker, but she once allied herself with Jennifer's mother, Laura, to escape from a mental hospital where the doctors were poisoning patients.

Could Jennifer use that alliance to convince Vivian to help her get Jack's memories back?

Eric Confronts Dr. Rolf - Days of Our Lives

Meanwhile, Eric confronts Dr. Rolf, determined to find out where the real Nicole is. Rolf has never been forthcoming or honest before -- how will Eric discover the truth about Nicole?

Ben and Ciara Help Julie

Ben and Ciara Help Julie - Days of Our Lives

Gabi smirked and did nothing when Julie collapsed in front of her, but it looks like all hope is not lost. Ben and Ciara are going to help Julie get to the hospital -- but will they be too late to save her?

Hopefully, Julie will pull through, but how will this crisis affect not only her but Salem's newest couple? Crises like this can make or break a couple -- do Ben and Ciara have the strength to stand by each other if Julie's health continues to deteriorate?

Doug Supports Hope While She Reads Ted's Final Letter

Doug Supports Hope - Days of Our Lives

Doug is one of the wisest, kindest characters in Salem. Whatever advice he gives to Hope about Ted's final letter is sure to be emotional as well as on the mark.

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The timing is strange, though. With Julie in the hospital, will Doug have the emotional capacity to advise Hope, or will his opinion be colored by his own heartbreak? Conversely, could he be using Hope's dilemma to keep his mind off of what's going on with Julie?

Ciara and Hope Wait - Days of Our Lives

Ciara is also at the hospital waiting for news about Julie, so her reaction to Hope's dilemma should be interesting.

Ciara may feel her mother is being selfish to bring this letter up now, especially since she has made no secret of shipping Hope and Rafe and despising Ted's shady background.

Eric Shares News About Nicole With Sarah

Eric Has News - Days of Our Lives

Eric takes time out during his search for Nicole to update Sarah on how things are going.

There's no way this update can lead to anything but heartbreak for Sarah. She knew going in that Nicole was Eric's true love and that if Nicole turns out to be alive, that's the end of her relationship with Eric.

Will Sarah cut her losses after this phone call or will she hold onto hope until Eric finds Nicole?

Kayla Has Heartbreaking News About Juile

Will Julie Make It? - Days of Our Lives

Kayla tells Hope and Eli that Julie's condition is not good. According to spoilers, Julie will need a heart transplant, and presumably, there will be a long line of transplant recipients ahead of her.

Will another character have to die for Julie to recover? Or will a miracle occur, possibly thanks to some unethical behavior on a loved one's part? Only time will tell, but either way Kayla's prognosis is sure to be a tearjerker of a scene for Hope and Eli!

Commissioner Eli Grant - Days of Our Lives

And with Eli already feeling guilty over his recent confrontation with Julie, it wouldn't be surprising if he doubled down on self-hatred after getting this news. Will Lani be able to help him deal with this crisis without blaming himself?

Lani Reams Gabi Out Over Her Inaction

Lani Confronts Gabi - Days of Our Lives

Lani confronts Gabi about having left Julie to die instead of calling 911 or otherwise trying to get her help.

Gabi will likely claim that she thought Julie was faking -- after all, Julie pretended to have a heart attack once before! But will that be enough to get her out of legal trouble for her inaction?

Stefan Defends Gabi - Days of Our Lives

Stefan is with Gabi when the confrontation occurs, so he'll probably jump in to defend her, adding fuel to the fire. Lani has no great love for either Gabi or Stefan, but will she overstep her boundaries and end up abusing her police power because of the high emotional stakes?

Eric Reunites With Nicole

Eric Finds the Real Nicole - Days of Our Lives

Dr. Rolf might not tell Eric everything, but obviously, he gives him enough of a clue for him to find his lost love! Eric can't believe that the real Nicole is back in his arms after months of Kristen's deception.

It's anyone's guess how this reunion will go.

After all, we don't know the full story behind Nicole's disappearance, and where there's Dimera malfeasance, there's often brainwashing. But hopefully Ericole fans will get the happy ending they've been waiting for, at least for a few minutes.

Sarah's Unsettling News

Sarah's Unsettling News - Days of Our Lives

Sarah just might be that monkey wrench interfering with Nicole and Eric's happiness. Just as the couple reunites, she discovers that she may be pregnant.

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If Sarah is pregnant, is the baby Rex's or Eric's? It can't be Xander's, since they haven't slept together recently, but we all know he has a soft spot for Sarah.

Xander Makes a Confession - Days of Our Lives

Will he pretend to be the father so he can get closer to the object of his affection and stop Eric from leaving Nicole to tend to his child's mother?

Kate Runs Into Vivian

Kate Runs Into Vivian - Days of Our Lives

Kate deliberately shot and "killed" Vivian, leading Stefan to threaten her life on multiple occasions. Now that Vivian is back in town, it's diva vs. diva -- and if Kate thought Stefan was trouble, she should be doubly scared now!

What Will Vivian Do? - Days of Our Lives

Vivian is not above burying people alive or otherwise tormenting those who get in her way. This first confrontation will certainly not be the last unless Vivian manages to mortally wound Kate on the first try.

Victor Orders Xander to Kill Ben

Xander Attacks Ben - Days of Our Lives

Someone always seems to think that Ben needs to be surgically removed from Ciara's life, and now it's Victor's turn. 

Victor's decision to order Xander to kill Ben puts Xander in a quandary. He has always hungered for the approval that Victor refused to give him and in the past, he wouldn't have thought twice about carrying out Victor's orders, no matter how violent or underhanded they were.

But now Xander is desperate to prove to Sarah and Maggie that he's changed and is capable of being a good guy. 

It looks like Xander is going to go through with strangling Ben, but could this be a fakeout? Xander might try to play both sides by arranging with Ben to fake a murder attempt. 

Either way, if Maggie and Sarah find out about this, Xander will lose everything he's struggling so hard to gain. Let's hope he does the right thing before it's too late!

These spoilers are packed with high drama! Tell us what you're most looking forward to in the poll below, then hit the comments to explain your choice.

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