Days of Our Lives Spoilers Week of 9-16-19: Some Big Returns!

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She's back!

After losing her mind and trying to set Ciara on fire to keep her from dating Ben, Jordan Ridgeway was sent to Bayview. But now she's back in Salem and supposedly cured!

The spoiler video shows Ciara confronting Jordan, who claims to regret her attempt on Ciara's life. But does she really?

Days of Our Lives - Spoilers Week of 9-16-19

After all, Jordan recently rejected Ben's request to spend time with baby David, telling Rafe he is too dangerous, and Ben is by Ciara's side while Ciara confronts her.

Plus, fall preview spoilers include a clip of Jordan telling Claire in Bayview that they should cause trouble together, and it remains to be seen how that fits into her return.

The spoiler video for Days of Our Lives during the week of 9-16-19 also features Ben and Ciara making love -- if Jordan finds out about that, there may be hell to pay!

Also featured in the video: the moment Ericole fans have been waiting for, as Eric and Nicole finally go to bed together.

And elsewhere, Jack calls someone and demands to know what they have done with Jennifer while his bound and gagged former lover tries to call his name. Could this crisis finally spark Jack's memories of his love for Jennifer?

There's a lot more going on in Salem, too! Check out these spoiler photos and let us know which storyline you're most looking forward to.

Nicole and Eric make love!

Ericole Make Love! - Days of Our Lives

Eric and Nicole have been through the wringer, thanks to Nicole's supposed death and Kristen's manipulations. Now that the couple is finally back together, they're expecting their happily ever after and make love for the first time since their reunion.

This should be a special moment, but since Sarah's pregnant with Eric's baby, will Eric and Nicole's happiness be short-lived?

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After everything they've suffered, they should be able to deal with that crisis as a couple, but Days of Our Lives writers seem allergic to allowing Nicole more than half a second of happiness.

Vivian tries to finish Kate off.

Vivian in Disguise - Days of Our Lives

When we left off, Sonny tapped a disguised Vivian on the shoulder, eager for news about Kate.

But if anyone can get out of that situation without being caught, it's Vivian.

You'd think the hospital would put a security guard in front of Kate's room since she'd been shot in the abdomen and no one knows who her would-be killer is.

But this is the same hospital where DNA test results are routinely stolen and changed, and it seems anyone can walk in and put on a set of scrubs.

(TALL) Vivian Deals With Stefan - Days of Our Lives

Spoilers for later in the week show Kate in critical condition, undoubtedly helped along by Vivian and her manipulations. It remains to be seen how long it takes for anyone to catch on that Vivian attempted to kill her twice.

Maggie Confronts Victor about Attacking Ben

Maggie Confronts Victor - Days of Our Lives

In an attempt to deflect from his knowledge that Sarah is pregnant, Xander told Maggie about Victor's attempt on Ben's life.

Maggie always confronts Victor and storms out in a huff, only to admit later she still loves him. She needs to stop being surprised when Victor does these horribly underhanded and violent things in the name of protecting the people he loves.

Still, though, angry Maggie is fun to watch, and anything that gives Victor more opportunities to use his trademark biting sarcasm is a good thing.

(TALL) Victor in Trouble - Days of Our Lives

And on a serious note: Xander asked Maggie to keep his name out of it when she confronts Victor, and it'll be interesting to see if she honors his request -- and what will happen if she doesn't.

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Victor will likely figure out who told on him either way, but Maggie and Xander's semi-friendship is one of the current highlights on Days of Our Lives, so here's hoping Maggie doesn't betray Xander!

Rafe is anxious for news about baby David.

Taking Care of Baby David - Days of Our Lives

With Jordan back in town, Rafe's temporary legal guardianship of David might come to an end. 

It's questionable whether Jordan is really stable enough to take care of a baby, but judges in Salem aren't known for making the best decisions!

(TALL) Hope Runs Into Rafe - Days of Our Lives

Also, Hope is struggling to deal with Julie's prognosis on top of learning that her relationship with her late boyfriend Ted was built on a foundation of lies, and it looks like she will run into Rafe and the baby.

Could a vulnerable Hope again turn to Rafe for comfort, and if she does, how will Jordan react?

Ben and Ciara confront Jordan after her release.

Jordan Returns - Days of Our Lives

Uh oh! No sooner does Jordan return but she gets into an epic showdown.

Ben and Ciara have every reason to be distrustful of Jordan. She tried to kill them both, and before she snapped she was the closest thing Ben had to a mother, too.

(TALL) Ciara Fights Back - Days of Our Lives

This situation should be especially difficult for Ben. He's fought hard to regain the trust of the community after returning from the mental hospital himself, so he'll want to give Jordan the benefit of the doubt. But at the same time, she did try to ruin his life -- and to kill his girlfriend.

Rafe's loyalties will likely also be tested, as CIara is a stepdaughter to him but Jordan is his ex-girlfriend -- and he feels she has no one else to turn to but him.

Anything can happen during this confrontation, and it probably won't be the last time Rafe and Jordan find themselves pitted against Ben and Ciara, either.

Brady admits to John he's having a hard time resisting Kristen's advances.

John Supports Brady - Days of Our Lives

Viewers cheered when Brady FINALLY had the epiphany that Kristen was like a walking, talking bottle of alcohol to him. 

But Brady's resolve isn't likely to last when it comes to Kristen. One of his many addictions is destructive women and the worse they are for him, the more drawn he is to them!

(TALL) Brady is in Bad Shape - Days of Our Lives

Turning to John for help is a smart move, but John's negative opinion of Kristen might push Brady in the wrong direction. Either way, if Brady is serious about rejecting Kristen, he needs to go to a support group for relationship addicts when he starts hungering for her.

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Since that's not likely to happen, how long will it be before he's back in Kristen's clutches again?

Anna begs Kristen to help free Tony.

Anna Is Back - Days of Our Lives
(TALL) Kristen Wants Her Way - Days of Our Lives

Anna is devoted to Tony, and he's been in jail for a while even though he accidentally shot Ted while trying to defend himself and Kristen from the shady lawyer.

But going to Kristen for help is probably the worst thing she can do.

Kristen NEVER does anything out of the goodness of her own heart, and her most recent trick was to threaten Anna's life to force Tony not to reconcile with her.

Anna's going to owe Kristen if she does this -- what will Kristen make her do in return?

Jennifer is kidnapped.

Kidnapped Jennifer - Days of Our Lives

Someone trashed Rolf's lab and then Jennifer and Jack separated so Jack could confront Eve while Jennifer searched for Rolf.

Obviously that's when Jennifer is kidnapped. Spoilers say a crazed Henry Shah takes her hostage because he doesn't want her to reunite with Jack.

(TALL) Jack is Crushed - Days of Our Lives

Hopefully this one plays out better than it sounds on paper.

While having to rescue Jennifer could spark Jack's memories even without the miracle drug, Shah is an unlikely candidate for this type of violent behavior, and Jennifer already suffered through something similar in 2014 when she broke up with Liam to reconcile with Daniel.

Sarah makes a decision regarding her pregnancy.

Sarah's Decision - Days of Our Lives

Most accidental pregnancy stories on Days of Our Lives follow a formula in which the pregnant woman considers abortion but changes her mind at the last minute. So it would be unsurprising if Sarah's big decision is to terminate her pregnancy.

Hopefully Days of Our Lives will surprise us this time, though. Xander playing pretend daddy to Sarah's baby would be an entertaining way for the two to get closer as a couple.

(TALL) Xander Wants to Get Closer - Days of Our Lives

Xander could even rope Nicole into his scheme, paying homage to Nicole's past attempt to pretend Rafe was the father of her baby and creating a natural source of conflict between her and Eric.

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Whatever happens, please let's not have Eric decide to stay with Sarah for the sake of his child. This uninteresting couple has had far too much screen time as it is.

Kristen pressures Xander to help her.

Kristen Pressures Xander - Days of Our Lives

What IS it about Kristen? Men who reject her seem to be unable to untangle themselves from her web!

Xander told Kristen he was done with her and even turned state's evidence against her. So why is he even talking to her?

(TALL) Xander Tries to Stay Strong - Days of Our Lives

Spoilers say he is going to blab a secret to her, which can only mean he's going to clue her in on Sarah's pregnancy.

That can't be good! Kristen already stole one embryo and put it in herself. With Rolf's help she could do it again and try to pass Sarah and Eric's baby off as hers and Brady's to try to lure Brady back in.

Lucas returns to Salem to sit vigil by Kate's bedside.

Lucas Takes It Out on Sarah - Days of Our Lives

Kate is in critical condition when Lucas arrives at the hospital, and who knows how much of it is thanks to Vivian's latest trick?

In any case, an emotional Lucas will unload on Sarah when he arrives. Will this cause a permanent rift between the cousins?

(TALL) Kate in Critical Condition - Days of Our Lives

It'll be great to see Lucas again. Too bad Sami won't be with him to help support him and her best frenemy.

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Also, if Kate is that close to dying, Rex, Austin, Billie, and Philip should come back to town to say their goodbyes too. Let's hope Days of Our Lives didn't forget Kate's other children exist.

Will listens in while Stefan and Vivian argue.

Stefan Confronts His Mother - Days of Our Lives

After learning about Kate's condition worsening, Stefan again has it out with his mother -- while Will is eavesdropping.

Will is determined to prove Vivian is behind Kate's attack. But he needs to be smart about this. Vivian has already proven herself to be ruthless and if she thinks WIll is in her way, God knows what she might do to him.

(TALL) Stefan Confronts His Mother - Days of Our Lives

And does Stefan have any chance of getting through to her whatsoever? It seems the best thing for him to do is forget his loyalty to her and tell the cops what he knows -- but the prudent course of action never makes for good drama on Days of Our Lives, so it won't happen.

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