Living With Yourself Trailer: It's Paul Rudd vs. Paul Rudd!

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Paul Rudd is struggling to exist in the first trailer for his new Netflix series, Living With Yourself. 

The series "is an inventive existential comedy that asks: do we really want to be better?" according to Netflix. 

Miles (Paul Rudd) is a man struggling in life. When he undergoes a novel spa treatment that promises to make him a better person, he finds he’s been replaced by a new and improved version of himself.


As he deals with the unintended consequences of his actions, Miles finds he must fight for his wife (Aisling Bea), his career, and his very identity.

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Told from multiple perspectives, the eight-episode series was created and written by Emmy® Award winner Timothy Greenberg (The Daily Show with Jon Stewart), directed by Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris (The Battle of the Sexes, Little Miss Sunshine) and stars Paul Rudd.


Greenberg executive produces with Anthony Bregman and Jeff Stern for Likely Story, Tony Hernandez for Jax Media, Dayton, Faris, Rudd, and Jeff Blitz.

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The series certainly looks to be filled with comical moments, but it also asks some important questions. 

More pressing is how Miles 1.0 is going to deal with Miles 2.0, and how will everyone else react to having two very different iterations of him around. 


Whether Miles will be able to find the right way to go about things, we don't quite know. 

The most intriguing aspect of the series is the multiple perspectives. That will be a great storytelling device to give us everything we need to know about these characters. 

Have a look at the full trailer below and hit the comments with your thoughts on it. 

Living With Yourself launches Friday, October 18, globally. 

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