Power Season 6 Episode 3 Review: Forgot About Dre

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Desperate times call for desperate measures. 

And Ghost is the definition of desperate. 

Every single aspect of Ghost's life is in turmoil, and he's beginning to run out of options. Power Season 6 Episode 3 saw Ghost realizing that his worst enemy might be of help to him. 

Peering Out - Power Season 6 Episode 3

When Ghost has to call on Simon Stern for money and a favor, you know times are rough. 

Ghost doesn't have the money he once had now that he's a "legitimate" businessman, and it's starting to hit him that things are getting out of control. He's in way too deep with Jason, and between paying him and paying Tasha along with everything else, he's simply unable to keep up. 

The Queen's Child Project can't fail, but bringing Stern in was the only way to keep things moving. That had to be a humbling call for him given the two men's track record. 

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Ghost had to make two phone calls this week that showed just have far the mighty have fallen. 

Deep In Thought - Power Season 6 Episode 3

He's still walking around in his fancy suits and he still has that fresh clean look every day, but this Ghost is not the same man from seasons past. That man held New York in the palm of his hand, while this man is struggling to keep himself afloat. 

It was very evident during the Alicia courtroom breakout how much ahead Tommy was. Tommy had a whole team and an elaborate plan to break the cartel leader out and Ghost had a black hat and a van.

Tommy: The only reason you calling me now is because you ain't got nobody. That's why you lost today.
Ghost: Tommy, I say we put our differences aside and take Jason down together.
Tommy: Go fuck yourself. And the next time I see you, Imma cancel Christmas on your ass.

Side note, how was he able to just walk around a federal courthouse like that in a baseball hat? There are times when you have to suspend belief, but it was comical watching him stalk the hallways and no one see anything. 

Tommy may have the upper-hand right now, but Ghost isn't wrong to want to bring Jason down. And Tommy should want to as well. 

Not only is Jason a loose cannon, but he's also very obviously playing the two men against each other for his gain. 

But the wounds for Tommy are far too fresh to just jump back into bed with Ghost. But it's easy to see Jason's antics pushing Tommy to his breaking point. 

Proctor Speaks - Power Season 6 Episode 3

It wasn't looking like these two would ever be able to find common ground again, but a common enemy can unite even the most divided of people. 

This week saw the real reappearance of Dre, and he's as insufferable as ever. 

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Killing Donovan was wildly unneccessary but completely in character with who Dre is. He looks out for himself only, and if you are in any way perceived as a threat to him then you're expendable. 

But Dre's biggest problem has always been that he gets in over his head. He's wanted to be his own version of Ghost and Tommy, but he's never exhibited loyalty to others and he's never gotten it back. 

Agitated Saxe - Power Season 6 Episode 3

As alone as Ghost is, Dre has it even worse. But does anyone feel sorry for him? 

With Alicia out of the picture, Saxe can use Dre to further push his anti-Ghost agenda. Saxe has a blind obsession when it comes to Ghost, and it appears to be born out of both hatred and regret. 

Whether he will ever admit it or not, he has to feel somewhat responsible for all the casualties that have befallen his office. He's the last one left from the original crew that has been trying to nail down Lobos, Ghost, and company for so long.

They tried time and time again to rid the streets of these people, and not only have that failed, but they've lost people along the way. 

Drippin' In Finesse - Power Season 6 Episode 3

It's essentially Ghost or bust for Saxe at this point. And a depleted Dre may just be the person to help him finally catch his man. 

The Dre factor is yet another thing that could bring Ghost and Tommy back together again and that seems to be where things are heading. 

Well, unless Keisha finds out first. She is hellbent on keeping him away from the St. Patrick's by any means necessary. 

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This is a far cry from the old Keisha who had an absolute fit when she found out Tasha was cleaning money through her salon before. Now she's volunteering to do it herself just so Tommy steers clear of her. 

Pleading Ghost - Power Season 6 Episode 3

Tommy hasn't shown the ability to stay away from Tasha, and it makes you wonder if that will blow up in his face eventually. 

And the disapproving looks amongst his crew haven't gone unnoticed either. 

Tommy may be on the top right now, but when you're on top, there are always people looking to bring you down. 

That's a fact that Ghost knows better than anyone. 

Happy Keisha - Power Season 6 Episode 3

Everything Else You Need To Know

  • Tariq's business was flourishing for a minute until he ran out of product. Didn't he realize he didn't have an endless supply of pills with Kanan gone? 
  • Ghost hasn't had any viable love interests outside of Tasha and Angela, but it looks like Ramona has her eyes on him. The Tate campaign storyline is easily the least interesting one right now, and it remains to be seen if Ramona will bring some life to it.
  • Speaking of Tate though, he's having an affair with his campaign manager's wife. I'm sure there won't be any problems there. 
  • Jason went through all that trouble to get Alicia and then he killed her in 0.5 seconds. 
  • RIP Jerry Donovan. We hardly knew you Literally. But you deserved better than to go out by Dre's hand. 

With Ghost and Tommy's paths colliding, the season is starting to get intriguing!

Do you want to see Ghost and Tommy work together to bring down Jason? 

Are you interested in Tate's campaign?

Will Tommy regret bringing Keisha into the fold?

Drop me a line below and let me know what you think! 

And remember to watch Power online so you don't miss a minute of the action!

Forgot About Dre Review

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Power Season 6 Episode 3 Quotes

Tommy: You know what? She's gonna have to get over that shit. It's business.
Tasha: I don't know. She down with you, not me. Used to be the other way around.

Make sure Coleman is ready to testify! Alicia Jimenez better not walk on my watch.

Warner [to Saxe]