Suits Season 9 Episode 8 Review: Prisoner's Dilemma

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Life can turn on a dime. 

Suits Season 9 Episode 8 found Harvey battling several people to keep himself out of jail but little did he know that there was no good ending for him. 

Lily's death was painful to hear about, primarily because of the progress Harvey had made with his mother of late.


He's going to spiral out of control. There's no getting away from that, and it's going to be heartbreaking to watch this man who is usually so well put together fall apart. 

There's going to be an element of guilt in there because he kept his mother at arm's length for such a big part of his life. He struggled to come to terms with her cheating on his father. 

Harvey on the Phone - Suits Season 9 Episode 7

But somehow, they managed to find their way back to one another -- even if it's going to feel like it was too late. The decision to kill Lily is a bold one, but it presents an intriguing hook for the final two episodes of the series. 

You are under arrest for conspiring with a federal prosecutor.


His brush with the law made Harvey question everything he's done, and that's not uncommon when your freedom is at stake. 

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It also presents an organic way to bring Mike back into the fold because there's no way he'll not be around to help his best friend during this difficult time. 

The death could be the thing that changes Harvey's perspective on everything, and it wouldn't be surprising if he decided to leave New York behind in favor of starting a family with Donna. 

Donna Tries to Save Harvey - Suits Season 9 Episode 8

It's not something I would normally expect from Harvey, but his story needs to conclude in a way that feels satisfying to audiences who have been enthralled for nine seasons. 

On top of that, he knew that he was very nearly sent to prison, so that's going to be a thought that recurs frequently. 

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There are only so many times he's going to get lucky. The net always closes in eventually, and that's why I firmly believe he's going to leave the firm behind. 

Katrina: Whatever you're doing, I want in.
Samantha: I am doing things you can't.

It was inevitable that Malik would pop up again. He's been an adversary for a while now and has made it his mission to ridicule Harvey at every turn. 

Donna Tells Harvey a Secret - Suits Season 9 Episode 8

It's been more of an obsession than something he needs to do, and that's why it was exciting to watch Harvey and Cahill getting their revenge on him. 

Harvey and Cahill have always been men who play on the grey area, and that's something they have to come to terms with if they're going to continue doing what they're doing. 

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Given that they were both arrested and hauled in for questioning, it was intriguing to watch the smug look wash away from Harvey's face. 

He's usually very good at bluffing, but at that moment, he knew there was a chance he would be heading behind bars. 

Donna Getting Things Done - Suits Season 9 Episode 7

Donna didn't know what to do because she was unsure what was actually going on. She's usually the person who knows everything and gets everyone out of sticky situations. 

In this instance, she was powerless aside from yelling at both Malik and Faye. Speaking of Faye, it was ridiculous that she would pull that stunt on Harvey, but not surprising at the same time. 

A part of her hates Harvey and how everyone will defend him. Comparing him to a cancer, however, was a bit rich when you consider the fact that he could have had Faye disbarred earlier in Suits Season 9

Faye loves to act like she plays by the rules, but when the going gets tough, she has no reservations with doing something to save herself. 

Faye Makes Some Calls - Suits Season 9 Episode 6

Esther returning was a surprise because I don't recall any announcement that Amy Acker was staging a comeback. 

Her storyline was harrowing because she felt like there was little she could do to take down the man who sexually assaulted her. 

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Louis can be the most self-centered person in the world, but the moment someone messes with someone close to him, the gloves are off. 

Samantha and Katrina teaming up to help Esther was great, and it proved that these two women should have joined forces long ago. 

Katrina Takes On an Old Lover - Suits Season 9 Episode 6

They are both forces to be reckoned with, and there's no telling what they can accomplish together. 

Louis asking Sheila to marry him ahead of the birth of their first child came out the blue, and I only wish it felt less like an afterthought to bring his character full-circle. 

If anything, it seems like we are in for a funeral, a wedding, and a birth to round off this nine-year-old drama series. 

We know that Mike is staging a comeback, but beyond that, there's no telling which other characters could stop by to join in the fun. 

Louis Learns the Truth - Suits Season 9 Episode 8

"Prisoner's Dilemma" was an emotional episode of this USA Network drama series, and it's hard to imagine how things will get wrapped up in the final two episodes. 

What are your thoughts?

What will Harvey do now that his mother is dead? 

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Prisoner's Dilemma Review

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Suits Season 9 Episode 8 Quotes

Donna: Harvey, I have some bad news.
Harvey: What?
Donna: It's your mother. She had a heart attack. She's gone.

You are under arrest for conspiring with a federal prosecutor.