Unexpected Plot Twists That Surprised Us In Descendants 3

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Descendants 3 dropped in August 2019, and we loved it!

We laughed, we cried, but most of all, we were shocked about some plot twists!

Here's some of the most unexpected moments of the third and final Descendants movie.

Our article is dedicated in loving memory to Cameron Boyce, who played Carlos.

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Hades is Mal's Father

Hades is Mal's Father

One of the first Descendants 3 Teasers had fans wondering about who Mal's father was; a mysterious voice was calling her name from a blue light. A heist to steal Hades' ember with Celia, Dr. Facilier's daughter, reveals the truth.

The ember will work for Mal, but it won't do everything for her that it does for him. If she gets it wet, it's game over.

Descendants Director Kenny Ortega Pays Tribute to the Late Cameron Boyce

Audrey is Beckoned by Maleficent's Scepter

A twist of cruel irony, the granddaughter of Aurora got called to the dark side by Maleficent's scepter.

On a mission to steal the crown of Auradon and break it as revenge for Ben proposing to Mal, the scepter latches onto her need for revenge. She gets a full-on-villain look after being possessed with some intense cosplay details to find.

Audrey Steals the Sceptor

Ben Goes Full Beast

The irony is real in this film. Ben is the son of the Beast and Belle, who are passing down the leadership of Auradon to him.

In the first Descendants film, Ben shows the VKs a statue of his father turning from beast to man. In Descendants 3, Audrey uses the scepter to turn him into a beast as part of her revenge.

Ben Turns into Beast

Hades Lets Mal Keep the Ember

At the end of the film, Hades saves Audrey's life, and Mal sees him back to the Isle.

Though he's not back there long, the two share a sweet moment and Hades thanks her for a glimpse of the sun. On his way out, he lets Mal take the ember from his chained hands. She's finally accepted that he's her father.

Mal and Hades Reunited

 Mal Turns her Back on the VKs

When the Queen's crown and Maleficent's scepter have been stolen, it's unknown which villain is behind the plot. Mal makes the surprising decision with royalty to close the barrier of the Isle for good.

She keeps the secret that she agreed to close the barrier for the whole film.

Villain Kids Turn to Stone

Carlos Wants to be a Vet!

There was one last shocker at the end of the film when the barrier came down. It came when Jane, his girlfriend, said she's nervous about meeting his mother. His mother is Cruella De Ville, so we don't blame her!

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He quips back, "Wait till she hears I want to be a vet!" The irony of Cruella De Ville's son wanting to take care of dogs instead of making them into fur coats is not lost on us. 

Carlos Wants to Be a Vet

Uma is Sharing Leadership of the Isle with Mal

Uma, daughter of Ursula, and Mal were sworn enemies until Descendants 3. The two even had a battle as a dragon and sea monster for the safety of Auradon at the end of the second Descendants Film.

In this movie, the barrier of the Isle comes down, and Uma becomes their leader. Mal says she can't be the Queen of just Auradon, she has to be the Queen of the Isle too, and the two share a joint leadership.

Uma Descendants 3

The Barrier between Auradon and the Isle Came Down

The barrier has been around since the Beast became the king of Auradon. Prince Ben's first proclamation was that the villain kids be given a chance to live in Auradon, but his dream was to lower the barrier for good.

Mal uses fairy godmother's magic wand to make it come true and creates a bridge between the two places. 

The Barrier Comes Down

Hades Saves Audrey's Life

When the power from Maleficent's scepter leaves Audrey in an almost death-like state, Mal calls on her father for help. 

Descendants 3 First Teaser Trailer

Hades is brought from the Isle and uses the power of his ember to bring Audrey back to life. He proves that even the god of the underworld is capable of good deeds.

Hades Saves Audrey

Ben Proposes to Mal

We knew it was going to happen at some point but didn't expect it this early in the film! It makes sense considering the events of the film that spiral from the engagement.

It had to be the start of the film because Audrey watches from afar, and this ignites her need for revenge. Mal, of course, says yes.

Ben Proposes to Mal

Jay and Gil Go on an Adventure!

An unlikely duo, Jay, son of Jafar, and Gil, son of Gaston, plan to travel the world together when the barrier comes down. Gil is fascinated by everything in Auradon.

Apparently, on the Isle, they don't have berry bushes or penguins. Jay even volunteers to take a gap year to travel with Gil. We love supportive friends. 

Jay and Gil Go on Adventures!

Harry Hook and Audrey?

An even more unlikely duo than Jay and Gil, perhaps, Audrey and Harry Hook are spotted at the end of the film when the barrier comes down.

Freshly rejected by Uma, the son of Captain Hook quite literally has a new girl pull him away, Audrey. Do we sense a romantic future for these two?

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Mal Tells Everyone Her Father is Hades

For years, it was only Evie who knew Mal's father was Hades, and she tried to forget he existed to make the abandonment less painful. 

Jay and Carlos didn't know, so it's huge when Mal tells everyone in Auradon that Hades saved Audrey's life and he's her father. Everyone is capable of good and bad.

Mal and Hades Have a Chat

 Uma and Mal Are Stronger Together

Ultimately, Uma and Mal uniting against Audrey's magic are what defeats the curse of Maleficent's scepter.

They also make Hades' ember more powerful when using it together, and defeat the knights that Audrey enchants to come to life to challenge them to a duel.

When Audrey threatens Celia, Mal turns full dragon and Uma gets the ember working again with her. Are these two perhaps related in some way through Hades? 

Mal and Uma Night Falls

What were your favorite moments from Descendants 3? 

Do you wish the series was going to continue?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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