19 Popular 'Ships We Just Don't Get

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There are some popular TV pairings we have to question.

Fans seem to love these relationships to the moon and back, but we can't seem to understand the appeal. 

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What are we missing? We created a slideshow below of 19 'ships we just don't get! 

19 ships

Nic and Conrad - The Resident

Nic and Conrad

Nic and Conrad may have been cute at first, but on The Resident Season 2 their relationship was filled with so much drama we couldn't wait for it to end. 

Conrad always treated Nic like the most important person in his world (and she was), but Nic didn't treat him the same way back. 

Maybe it's just me, but Conrad deserves a person who will always put him first. 

Michael and Ash - Star Trek: Discovery

Ash and Michael

This might be a moot point given how Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 ended, but this relationship was always doomed.

Michael finding out that Ash was a physically-reconstructed, psychologically reprogrammed Klingon agent who killed Dr. Culber only reaffirmed our beliefs that they were never meant to be. 

Belle and Rumpelstiltskin - Once Upon a Time

Belle and Rumple

There's no explanation as to why fans were continuously drawn to this toxic relationship. 

Every season Rumple would go behind Belle's back and do something unforgivable. Then, he would make up for it and promise never to do it again. 

But, of course, he continued to repeat his past mistakes, and Belle went back to him every time. 

Meredith and DeLuca - Grey's Anatomy

Meredith and DeLuca

Meredith and DeLuca's relationship has surprisingly become a favorite amongst the fans, yet it's hard to understand the appeal. 

The twenty-year age difference between the actors aside, the couple seems to lack chemistry in general. 

DeLuca is a catch and a great addition to the series, but it feels as if that's one of the only reasons people ship him with Meredith, to begin with. Do you like the character, or do you like the couple?

Harvey and Donna - Suits

Harvey and Donna

Usually, I'm a huge fan of slow-burn relationships. Eight whole years of build-up? Sign me up! 

But Harvey and Donna felt as if they were dragged out with minimal effort put into them, and by the end of run the romantic chemistry was lacking severely. 

In hindsight, Suits could have done a much better job with these two. 

Stiles and Derek - Teen Wolf

Stiles and Derek

Their scenes may have been comedic, but they were few and far apart. 

Stiles and Derek had minimal interaction compared to the other potential ships on the show, and the popularity of the 'ship is incredibly surprising given their lack screentime throughout the series. 

It's unclear when fans started shipping Sterek, but they took the internet by storm. 

Nancy and Jonathan - Stranger Things

Nancy and Jonathan

Nancy and Jonathan are sweet together, but that's about it. 

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For some reason, it's hard to get absorbed in their love story the way we want to. 

They have good chemistry, but their scenes aren't something to look forward to in the long run. 

Piper and Alex - Orange is the New Black

Piper and Alex

Piper and Alex's relationship went downhill fast. 

Most fans either loved or hated them, but no one can deny that they weren't a very healthy couple. 

They did improve a bit after they got married, despite running into more issues soon afterward. 

Jane and Rafael - Jane the Virgin

Rafael and Jane

I must be missing the chemistry that everyone else sees, but Jane and Rafael have always just been an "okay" pairing. 

There's nothing outrageously wrong with them, and it's clear they love each other, but their sparks dwindle drastically in comparison to what Jane had with Michael.

The series spent the first three seasons building up Cordueva through both present-day scenes and flashbacks. Jane and Rafael ending up together felt like a poorly planned rip-off. 

Dex and Miles - Stumptown

Dex and Miles

Sorry, but team Dex and Grey all the way!

Dex and Miles can't have a single conversation without one of them trying to con the other, and while they may have chemistry, it's not enough. 

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Dex belongs with her best friend who would do anything for her and her family. 

Archie and Veronica - Riverdale

Ronnie and Archie

We do have to admit Archie and Veronica have chemistry. There's no denying that the two are like magnets. 

However, the attraction between them feels like the only thing that keeps their relationship alive and kicking. 

It lacks emotion, the drama is ridiculously over the top, and both Archie and Veronica have better love stories with different characters. 

Oliver and Felicity - Arrow

Felicity and Oliver

Oliver and Felicity were the 'ship of dreams during the first couple seasons of Arrow. The series always knew how to leave us wanting more and how to keep the will/they won't they aspect of their relationship alive. 

Sadly, the moonlighting curse claimed Olicity as it's next victim and the moment they got together all of their chemistry disappeared. 

Arrow began to feel like an annoying soap-opera revolving around Oliver and Felicity, rather than a story about a vigilante and his team of heroes.

Carisi and Rollins - Law & Order: SUV

Carisi and Rollins

Carisi has obvious feelings for Rollins, and she's well aware of it. But she doesn't feel the same way in return and she'll go out of her way to prove it to him. 

Rather than being straight-forward and vocalizing her feelings, Rollins will sleep with other guys or enter different relationships. 

Carisi acts like Rollins's kid is his own and treats her like his girlfriend. It's hard to watch and Carisi deserves to move on. 

Chuck and Blair - Gossip Girl

Chuck and Blair

Chuck and Blair's epic love was, in actuality, a series of emotional and physical abuse. 

Most fans like to ignore that Chuck tried to rape two main characters in the very first episode of Gossip Girl, and it's reasonable to assume that he's succeeded in the past.

There are a good amount of people who have come around and realized how dangerous this relationship was, but the large majority of Gossip Girl fans still hold a torch for this toxic couple. 

Ed and Kelly - The Orville

Ed and Kelly

We're not sure why The Orville keeps trying to push Ed and Kelly back together. 

It's evident that they're better as workmates than actual mates, but the show is determined to revive the spark between these ex-spouses. 

It's time for them to give it a rest and move on. 

Kane and Abby - The 100

Kane and Abby

Kane and Abby were very shippable when The 100 first started airing if you brush past Kane having her tortured in front of everyone on the Ark. 

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But they became a complete mess somewhere around the middle of the series, and they lost the spark that made them so great, to begin with. 

By the time The 100 Season 6 rolled around, I couldn't care less if they were together or not. Were they? Who knows? Better yet, who cares?

Frank and Laurel - How to Get Away With Murder

Frank and Laurel

The series tried to make these two a good girl/bad boy pairing, but Laurel was never squeaky clean, and Frank was a murderer.

Laurel was always suspicious of Frank and relatively aware of his wrongdoings, yet she punished him for being exactly who she knew he was. 

Frank's obsession with her felt ridiculous after a while, as she continued to run hot and cold with him. 

Ezra and Aria - Pretty Little Liars

Ezra and Aria

The teacher/student relationship wasn't okay then and it's not okay now. 

It was easy for teenagers to 'ship the two given that the actors were almost the same age, but if the show had cast an actual 16-year-old to play Aria, viewers might have understood how creepy Ezra was. 

And who could forget that he was originally sleeping with Aria to get information for his book? Aria can do better. 

Hannah and Zach - 13 Reasons Why

Zach and Hannah

It was appalling that so many fans jumped aboard the Hannah/Zach 'ship after 13 Reasons Why Season 2. 

Clay was never ashamed of Hannah, yet Zach went out of his way to keep her a secret from his friends. 

To make matters worse, Zach continued to hang out with Hannah's rapist to avoid a social scandal. He may have done the right thing eventually, but it took far too long.

Alright, TV Fanatics! What do you think of our choices?

Do you love these pairings? Hate them?

Drop a comment down below and let us know! 


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