A Million Little Things Season 2 Episode 3 Review: Mixed Signals

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Family is complicated. 

It was a slower hour, and A Million Little Things Season 2 Episode 3, put the "little things" in A Million Little Things by focusing on the small parts of life engagingly.

The hour dropped little bits of information to file away for later, allowed the characters to realize some things about themselves, and explored love in all of its layers.

Theo's Backpack - tall  - A Million Little Things Season 2 Episode 3

We're not closer to knowing who Jason Ritter's character is on the series. We've only seen him twice, and yet it already feels like the revelation is being dragged out.

Just tell us, already! We do know his name is Eric. However, is he an Eric with a "c" or an Erik with a "k?"

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Everyone knows there's a difference. Eriks tend to be evil or shady. Apologies to the Eriks out there, but narratively it's true.

It's hard to envision someone as lovable as Ritter playing a shady person, so Eric it is.

Maggie's Mysterious Man

Maggie refused to speak to her mother after running away from the restaurant. It's not the most mature way of handling things. Her initial anger makes sense, but the longer she went being upset with her mother without hearing what Patricia had to say, the more frustrating it became.

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Maggie, darling, you're a therapist. You of all people know the importance of communicating.

Gary: Are you mad at me? I can't think of what I possibly did wrong for you to be mad at me.
Maggie: Not everything is about you, Gary. 

On the other hand, Patricia needed to spit it out. She was dragging this situation out more than she needed to be when she could have used her words to explain everything.

Maggie's Run - Tall  - A Million Little Things Season 2 Episode 2

Finally, she got Maggie prepared to talk, and she decided to bring Eric with her. Why, Patricia?! Maybe ease into it first.

But with the way this is being drawn out, it's doubtful Eric is her boyfriend or young paramour. Our Round Table and some others have speculated that Eric is a recipient of one of Chad's organs.

It's a more compelling angle to explore, and it has some merit. It could explain why Patricia has become attached to him. It also explains why Patricia's gestures with Eric were intimate.

Maggie: Just be honest with me and tell me the truth. Did you come to Boston to see me or him?
Patricia: Both.
Maggie: Oh, I'm going to make this easy for you. You lost dad, now you've lost me.  

Chad has come up often this season; he's on Patricia and Maggie's mind. Patricia probably feels like she has a piece of her son alive and well with Eric there.

Happy Mom  - A Million Little Things Season 2 Episode 2

If she learned how to talk to Maggie, she could get her to understand that. If Maggie gave her mother more than five minutes to explain, then maybe she'd understand why her mother is attached to this new man.

The timing of everything sucks. Maggie getting the wrong impression is perfectly reasonable.

Maggie: Have you ever thought about your problem living with women might he about your mother?
Gary: My mother?
Maggie: Gary, she left right after your ninth birthday party 
Gary: And I still don't like her or magicians.

The situation has led to Gary reexamining his relationship with his mother, and that's something of interest. We knew Gary and his mother weren't close. He made more than a few statements about it before, and he shared the story of why he hates his birthday so much with Delilah.

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Alice left after his ninth birthday, and Gary was never able to forgive her. Now that we have more context and background, some of Gary's behavior regarding how invested he was in Delilah and Jon's marriage makes sense.

Everybody Loves Gary - Tall  - A Million Little Things Season 2 Episode 2

To him, they were the perfect couple, and when he learned of all the troubles they had throughout their marriage, it reminded him of his experience with his parents.

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You would think he would've been harder on Delilah after learning about the affair with Eddie, given his jumbled up feelings about women.

Historically, I admit, I've not great at relationships, but I really hit my stride when they're over. 


His relationships with women and commitment issues reflect his Mommy Issues. It's also interesting how this ties a bit into what happened with Theo and Katherine.

Katherine had to take a break from her marriage and left too. She came back, though. Knowing this, a sweet scene between Gary and Theo would've been pleasing.

Happy Theo  - A Million Little Things Season 2 Episode 3

Unlike Katherine, Gary's mother must not have returned. He recalled his parents fighting, and he refused to open the door when his mother was coming to say goodbye to him.

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The circumstances surrounding their fight and why Alice left are unclear, so it's hard to gauge the situation. Did Alice leave and never return?

Did she cut off all contact with Gary, or did she reach out to him and try to make amends and forge a relationship outside of his father, and Gary wouldn't let her?

Gary: Don't be scared of being yourself, man.
Danny: I'm terrified of being myself!

Gary is holding onto a lot of emotional baggage from his mom, but he reached out to her, and even though he didn't say a word on the phone, she was calling his name.

Gary Adops a Dog - A Million Little Things Season 1 Episode 12

Mama Mendez wants to see her son, and we want to see Mama Mendez. It's not a question of if we'll see her, but when? Otherwise, why broach this topic?

It's nice to have Gary and Maggie's stories extend beyond their cancer. For so long, it's what defined them, and much like the advice he gave Danny, he can't box himself in like that.

Straight dudes do musicals, too. Nobody can put you in a box but you, Danny.


Oh yes, we got those adorable Danny and Uncle Gary scenes we love so much!

On the surface, Danny's struggles seemed simple, but he's at the age in his life, where he's combatting being true to himself and still wanting to fit in.

Danny and Delilah - A Million Little Things Season 1 Episode 10

It's normal for a kid to not want to stand out and draw attention to himself. He was so eager to be part of the musical, but he also didn't want it to define him as a gay boy or lead to his peers typecasting him.

Every child has these types of struggles, but it's moments like this where you realize how hard it is for non-hetero kids growing up.

Danny: If I do a musical, kids at school might think I'm gay. 
Gary: You are gay.
Danny: You know that, and my family knows that, but the kids at school don't. I don't want to be the first kid to come out. 

It's the usual teen angst and identity issues with a heaping dose of sexuality struggles added to it. Sweet little Danny is heartbroken about Elliot.

They were a cute couple, and their puppy love was endearing, but Elliot wasn't out to his parents, and he's been avoiding Danny ever since the ramifications of that affected their relationship.

Uncle Gary - A Million Little Things Season 1 Episode 2

It hurts, and Danny facing Elliot again and competing against him in a role for the school play brought up so many feelings for him.

Gary knows how to respect Danny's feelings without diminishing them. Too often you see adults dismiss what a child is going through as if it's small and unworthy of consideration.

I really liked him. When he stopped talking to me, it hurt so much.


But for a kid, their struggles are their whole life. They matter to them.

Gary didn't tell Danny to snap out of it or brush Danny's feelings off as puppy love. Instead, he gave him advice and empathized with him. He used his experience with Alice to relate.

Delilah's Error - Tall - A Million Little Things Season 1 Episode 15

His advice about not letting others label him and him being the only one who puts himself in a box or labels himself was moving.

It's something that resonated, and the bond between Gary and Danny is so special. You would love to think Jon could be the same with Danny if he were alive, but maybe he wouldn't. Their relationship is theirs.

I'll help you, but listen, if you really are Jon's son, it's going to change everything. Whatever you find out, there's no going back.


The open-dialogue Danny can have on this series is refreshing to see. It's not often you experience shows that both capture the normalcy of gay children expressing themselves and experiencing their life as everyone does, but also showcases the unique issues they face as gay children.

AMLT does it brilliantly with Danny; This Is Us does it well with Tess, and The Fosters handled it well with Jude. We've come such a long way.

Game Time - Tall  - A Million Little Things Season 2 Episode 3

Between Danny's natural talent and Gary's guidance and fanboying, our boy didn't get to play Kenickie, he got cast as Danny Zuko. Yay!

What did come across odd was Danny's lack of discomfort over Delilah going out on a date. For all purposes, she prepared herself and spoke about this meeting with Andrew as though it was a date.

Danny: What about you? Are there going to be other people out there for you?
Delilah: I don't think so.

He behaved like it was a date. It was a date no matter what either of them said, the intentions were there.

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Danny was supportive, but wouldn't you expect him to feel something about his mother dating a year after Jon's death? He already has to share his mother with his new sister too.

Feeding Charlie - tall  - A Million Little Things Season 2 Episode 3

You would think there would be some pushback from the children, which means Sophie will probably be the one to have a strong reaction when/if it happens (again).

Sophie can't be the only kid to have all the issues and friction with her mother, though.

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Andrew hasn't gotten over the loss of his wife, but he does seem to test the waters with Delilah. It's like she's a safe space for him to do all the things he would do if he were trying to date someone, but he gets to hide behind them both being widows, too.

Katherine: I'm so glad I'm back.
Theo: Me too. That's why I took that suitcase so you couldn't leave again. 

The tension between him and Regina is more gripping. You want to see them work through their difference, and they tried to when they had their sitdown.

Andrew the Potential Investor - A Million Little Things Season 1 Episode 14

Regina put in a real effort, but her breaking point was the social media consultant she met with who showed her the page.

In her defense, the page struck all the wrong chords. Andrew is an investor, but he does behave like the restaurant is his and his alone.

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Delilah doesn't see it as much, but it's because of their relationship outside of the business aspect of it. She's also not as invested in Someday as she is in other things going on in her life.

I don't want to be anonymous anymore either.


Andrew sidelines her in her restaurant. She feels invisible and like he's taking over her dream.

Hugs for Gary - Tall - A Million Little Things Season 1 Episode 8

Did you see the first line of the profile created for her on the website? "Andrew Pollock's discovery, Regina Howard, our African-American chef heads her first serious restaurant."

Wouldn't you rage if you saw that? Andrew didn't discover her. She had a restaurant before. She has always been serious about her work, and she was about her last restaurant.

I hated not knowing why I was directing commercials, but at least now I know why I'm doing it. I'm doing it for the love of my life.


Also, tokenizing her ethnicity like that was gross and had a disturbing undercurrent.

It wasn't until she rambled through her feelings with Rome later (in one of the best moments of the hour) where the friction made sense.

The Director - Tall  - A Million Little Things Season 2 Episode 3

Andrew triggers Regina. He's a man of authority with power over her. He has a way of making her feel small and invisible.

She feels like she doesn't matter, and she finds herself needing to prove that she's worthy. It takes her back to how her uncle Neil knew she wanted to be seen and liked and used that to abuse her.

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She could barely get the words out, but she didn't need to. It made perfect sense. She gave the money Neil left her to a women's shelter, and in turn, she ended up with Andrew as an investor.

She doesn't regret her decision, but she wanted to get from beneath Andrew. She's right; she should buy Andrew out.

Rome Meets With a Producer - A Million Little Things

He doesn't look at the restaurant as this place of love and Regina's passion. He thinks about it in terms of business with no heart. They don't work well together.

When Rome instantly made moves -- no questions asked nor conversation needed -- to get Regina what she wanted, it was emotional.

Rome: Your mom is Barbara Morgan? 
PJ: Nelson, now.
Rome: And you're just telling me that?!
PJ: I'm sorry it's been a lot to handle.

He knew how to support his partner. It wasn't up for debate. He's not passionate about advertising, but he is about Regina. If he knew directing commercials would be part of helping her dream come true, it was enough purpose for him to make it worthwhile.

That is love, baby!

Baby Blues  - A Million Little Things Season 2 Episode 1

It's also great how he stuck by his work despite what his friend (guest-star Jerry Ferrera!) said.

He may as well have said "suicide isn't sexy" and left it at that. It's a real story that resonates with people, and it's something that needed to be shared.

PJ: Why was leaving my mom a tape the last thing Jon did?
Rome: That wasn't the last thing Jon did. The last thing Jon did was leave your mother half a million dollars.

It's a topic no one wants to speak about, which is more of a reason why it needs to be explored.

Rome knows his work has touched PJ. He had other reasons for why he stalked the others and find a way of immersing himself into their lives, but his connection with Rome is real.

PJ On a Mission - Tall  - A Million Little Things Season 2 Episode 2

Thank God, they wasted no time getting things out in the open between Rome and PJ. Sometimes the pacing for this series can drive you nuts.

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For now, Rome and PJ are working on this together. Rome agreed to help PJ. Before Rome came across like a bystander to the mysteries, so his participation is rewarding.

I don't want to be anonymous anymore either.

Malco is one of the strongest actors of the series, so it works best when he's more involved.

Rome put it out there that Jon probably isn't PJ's father, and he knew about the recording, and he told PJ about the half a million Jon left him.

When Theo is Away  - A Million Little Things Season 2 Episode 3

PJ believes he's Jon's son, though. His argument is the tone of the video gives him the impression there was something between his mother and Jon.

He stole Gary's sweater because of him knowing it belonged to Jon first. He hoped to test hairs he found on it to see if he and Jon are related.

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Rome's opposition was short-lived. He jumped into the best manner to handle the evidence according to The Forensic Files.

Rome is hilarious.

When Theo is Away  - A Million Little Things Season 2 Episode 3

You have to sympathize with PJ. The Nelsons lie to him constantly. At what point do you tell the kid the truth?

The damage they're doing to their relationship with their son is surreal.

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The guys aren't orbiting around each other all of the time, which means the have stories of their own to explore.

Rome may get to spend time with PJ before bringing this to the others. Meanwhile, the others are busy.

Katherine: I'm so glad I'm back.
Theo: Me too. That's why I took that suitcase so you couldn't leave again. 

Eddie has been the most isolated from the group since he's spending his time working on his family.

Sleepy Heads - tall - A Million Little Things Season 2 Episode 3

Kudos to him for that. His devotion to making things right with Katherine is unmistakable.

Theo is a sheltered kid, and sometimes you can't tell if he's that way because of them, or is it that they're protective of him given his quirkiness.

He was eager to go to his first sleepover, but he also has been trying to bring his parents closer together. Kids are sneaky.

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Although, it was heartbreaking how he reminded Katherine of a bleak moment when he told them he moved her suitcase so she wouldn't leave again.

The Suitcase - A Million Little Things Season 2 Episode 3

With Theo away, it gave Eddie and Katherine time alone. Sitting in the house was awkward for them. It was too quiet, and the family table gives them flashbacks to hot sexytimes and babymaking.

They needed that date night, and whenever they spend time together one-on-one, the chemistry smolders. Damn this show for making this relationship so irresistible when you have every reason to be wary of it.

Katherine: This is new territory for me. It's complicated and weird as hell, and I can't be any other way but confused, so I'm going to be sending you mixed signals a lot.
Eddie: Just so you know, with all of this, I'll follow your lead. 

Katie was down-to-earth. She was laughing and having fun, and it's beautiful when they shed some of her layers. Many people assumed she was uptight and stoic, but she's fun and breezy when she's in the right environment.

She hustled Eddie at pool, and the two of them had fun together. Their kiss was hot, and when they have these moments, it's easy to forget what has transpired between them.

Earnest and Trying - tall  - A Million Little Things Season 2 Episode 3

They were able to rediscover each other and learn more about one another in their time together. More importantly, they are doing better at communicating.

Katherine is confused, and she wanted to be upfront with Eddie about giving him mixed signals. She knows she'll probably keep giving them to him while working through her feelings.

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To his credit, Eddie let her know that he's following her lead.

Katherine is putting herself out there. Eddie is saying and doing all the right things. They're doing this without any marriage counseling.

Loving Theo-tall - A Million Little Things Season 2 Episode 3

It's almost too good to be true. When does the other shoe fall? How will it happen?

They've been in a bubble all of this time, and it has worked for them, but what comes next?

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Eddie hasn't seen his daughter since she came home from the hospital. It has to take a toll on him.

Theo hasn't seen the baby yet, and Katherine hasn't faced Charlie either. She isn't going away, so they cannot avoid this forever.

Warm Embrace - A Million Little Things Season 2 Episode 3

Delilah hasn't reached out once to Katherine in all of this, but there's no surprise there. No one has reached out to Katherine.

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Their moments are intoxicating, but the real world will come crashing down at some point, and that's what makes you wary.

The Kim-Saville household is finding some peace, but it's tenuous until they figure out how to incorporate Charlie into their lives.

Over to you, AMLT Fanatics! 

Who do you think Eric is to Patricia? Is Maggie being too hard on her mother? 

Are you looking forward to PJ and Rome working together? Should they tell the others the truth? 

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How long do you think Eddie and Katherine can stay in their bubble before reality hits? Is it too soon for Delilah to start dating? 

When do you think we'll meet Gary's mother? How much do you adore Danny? HIt the comments below!

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A Million Little Things Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

PJ: Why was leaving my mom a tape the last thing Jon did?
Rome: That wasn't the last thing Jon did. The last thing Jon did was leave your mother half a million dollars.

Rome: Your mom is Barbara Morgan? 
PJ: Nelson, now.
Rome: And you're just telling me that?!
PJ: I'm sorry it's been a lot to handle.