Arrow Showrunner Explains Major Final Season Twist

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Arrow's endgame is officially in session. 

Arrow Season 8 debuted Tuesday night on The CW, and it was a wild premiere that featured the series at its very best. 

The highly anticipated premiere opened with a throwback to Arrow Season 1 Episode 1, with Oliver on Lia Yu. 

Oliver Queen2 - Arrow Season 8 Episode 1

If you watch Arrow online, you know Oliver was missing for five years. However, "Starling City" remixed that event, changing the time he'd been gone to 12 years. 

In doing so, it meant that there were some characters we know and love taking on some new roles in the city. 

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There was Tommy as Dark Archer and Adrian Chase as The Hood. It was quite the surprise for longtime fans of the series. 

However, the biggest twist occurred when Oliver was forced to make his way through a portal away from Earth-2. 

Black Siren - Arrow Season 8 Episode 1

In doing so, Earth-2 was destroyed, making viewers say goodbye to the likes of Moira, Tommy, and Adrian all over again. 

Showrunner, Beth Schwartz explained why the decision was made to take down Earth-2. 

"When we started breaking the season as a whole, because we don't have that many episodes, we knew that we wanted to start big, and we wanted to introduce the upcoming Crisis immediately," she told TV Line

"Crisis is starting earlier than we thought."

Oliver Queen - Arrow Season 8 Episode 1

Ending Earth-2 would undoubtedly have some ramifications for The Flash and other shows in the universe. 

Putting the wheels in motion for the next Arrowverse crossover was surprising, but given that Arrow Season 8 will span just ten episodes, it makes sense. 

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Crisis on Infinite Earths is poised to change the Arrowverse as we know it, and there's a good chance many beloved characters across The CW's DC universe will cease to exist following the big event. 

Malcolm Merlyn - Arrow Season 8 Episode 1

The crossover event will take place over five shows -- Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and Batwoman

It will include cameos from a lot of DC TV characters. 

What are your thoughts on this?

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