Baroness von Sketch Exclusive Sneak Peek: Everyone Has a Podcast

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When you settle in to celebrate Halloween this week, you need to consider all of your entertainment options.

Sure, you can go with the old standby options -- horror flicks or more family-friendly spooky fare.

But you can also celebrate with some of my favorite women who make costumes seem like a way of life.

A Fortuitous Encounter at the Drug Store

That's right! I'm talking about the Baroness von Sketch Show.

The first two episodes of the epic fourth season of Baroness von Sketch Show premieres at MIDNIGHT on Halloween aka tonight (for you East Coasters, anyway), and I cannot think of a better way to get into the holiday spirit. 

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In my recent What to Watch post, I laid all of the BvSS cards on the table.

Every once in a while, a message bears repeating. So, here goes.

Just Minding Their Own Business

Baroness von Sketch Season 4 delves into topics such as perimenopause, after-40 photos, the impossibility of Jawbreaker candy, the realities of DNA tests, and Me Too, as well as their regular fare touching on friendships, relationships, and working life, all with hilarious results.

What makes BvSS such a delight is that the topical comedy rarely sides with any political entity.

That could be since the glorious talent comes from Canada, or it could be because creators Aurora Brown, Meredith MacNeill, and Carolyn Taylor don't need to go to those lengths to be funny.

Their comedy is relatable across the board, and their performances, along with Jennifer Whalen's are entirely uninhibited.

How Far Does This Thing Go?

And honestly, they make playing dress-up seem like it should be second nature for all of us.

Some of the most entertaining characters are found on BvSS, and that's because the women aren't afraid to cover it all up any more than they are to bare their souls so you can laugh.

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What? You're skeptical? Well, Baroness von Sketch Season 4 Episode 2 pokes a hole in one of your entertainment passions -- Podcasts.

They're all the rage by 2019, but is that a good thing?

The Podcast of All Podcasts

If blogs were the big thing a decade ago, podcasts have skyrocketed into the blogosphere offering a middle of the road option.

They're not just a blog, but you can find them online, and they're a bit more than a radio broadcast.

The bottom line is, everyone has a podcast. And no, that's not necessarily a good thing.

But don't take my word for it. Get your exclusive look at the second episode airing tonight right here:

What do you think? Are the Baronesses on track with podcasts?

If you enjoyed this, you need to tune into the full hour of entertainment tonight on IFC.

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The fourth season premiere begins airing at midnight, and there is no better group to tickle your funny bone and show you how to embrace the ridiculous.

So have a good time, get a costume idea or two, and report back with your overwhelming excitement about this incredible find.

You're welcome.


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