Chicago Fire Season 8 Episode 2 Review: A Real Shot in the Arm

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It seems there is a new candidate on Truck 81.

Everyone should give a warm greeting to Blake Gallo, as Chicago Fire Season 8 Episode 2 ended with Boden, Casey, and Severide officially welcoming him to 51.

The only question that really remains is how long this new firefighter will be around.

Gallo, 51 - Chicago Fire Season 8 Episode 2

Many of the "new" firefighters on this show don't really tend to last more than a season, though that has changed in recent years.

I was pretty sure Foster was only going to be a temporary character during Chicago Fire Season 7, yet she the actress Annie Ilonzeh was upped to a series regular pretty quickly.

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It also seemed like the character of Ritter would be short-lived, especially following Chicago Fire Season 7 Episode 22's cliffhanger, but he seems to be sticking around for the time being.

Played by Shadowhunter's Alberto Rosende, Gallo was described as a young firefighter who loves his job and joined 51 as the CFD expands the number of firefighters on second shift, upon announcing Rosende's casting.

Gallo - Chicago Fire Season 8 Episode 2

Obviously, this was done to avoid spoiling the news that Truck 81 would be short a member, but what really stuck out was the character's "relentless energy," which was on full display this episode.

It's not every day -- or maybe it is -- that viewers see a firefighter free soloing the side of an apartment building to rescue a man tangled in rope.

Boden: He’s a daredevil Casey. He’s not coming into my firehouse.
Casey: Chief, as captain of Truck 81, I should have the right to pick my own crew.
Boden: I have just buried a firefighter, and I’m not going to bury another one.

Gallo's death-defying stunts at the scene definitely caught Casey's eye, but not everyone was as eager as the captain to bring him aboard.

Sure, Boden has been hounding Casey for months to fill Otis' empty spot on truck, but I don't think a reckless, yet spirited firefighter, was exactly what the chief had in mind.

Boden - Chicago Fire Season 8 Episode 2

It makes perfect sense why Boden would not only be hesitant but put his foot down when Casey wanted to bring Gallo into 51.

51, has the series has repeatedly hammered into its viewers, is a family.

Hermann: How would you like to buy into Molly’s? I know you got cash stashed inside that mattress.
Mouch: No thanks. I got retirement looming on the horizon. Last thing I need is to dump my savings into a bar.
Hermann: But you already spend all your money at Molly’s.

Only three months ago, Boden was forced to bury one of his family members; he's not really looking to repeat that any time soon, and hiring Gallo could be a recipe for disaster.

However, after a little prodding from Casey and Severide, and Boden finally gave in.

Stellaride - Chicago Fire Season 8 Episode 2

The chief may have come around, but it's unclear how the rest of 51 will react to Gallo. Sure, he's instantly likable and plenty charming, but he seems to have his own way of doing things.

He's also very un-Otis-like, which may rub people the wrong way. 

Gallo: I realize this opportunity comes to me at a very high cost to 51. I don’t take that lightly. I know I’ll be walking in the shadow of a beloved member of this family. I intend to honor Otis’ memory in everything I do here.
Boden: Welcome to 51.

Only time will tell how 51 adjusts to Gallo's hiring, but they will be super stoked to learn that Brett is coming back.

While nobody really expected Brett to be gone for long, but it was still nice to have her return to 51 at the end of this episode.

Although, I am a little peeved at how neatly everything was wrapped up.

Kyle didn't even put up a fight when his fiancee told him she was leaving. Apparently an 'A' for effort is all the chaplain needs in life.

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But thankfully, Hurricane Hope only returned to make Brett realize that Chicago is her home. She may have grown up in Fowlerton, but she is no longer the same doe-eyed girl who arrived on Chicago Fire Season 3 Episode 1.

No I could never date anyone there; it’s against the rules. Pretty much everyone breaks them, but still.


It was quite the feat of timing that Kidd and Foster arrived to kidnap rescue Brett from Indiana and bring her home, just as Brett magically happened to be leaving, all on her own, bags in hand.

What else can be said other than the magic of television occasional has its moments of "perfect timing."

Stellaride rescue - Chicago Fire Season 8 Episode 2

But in all seriousness, Kidd and Foster showing up for Brett was everything.

Even though they hadn't seen Brett in three months, Foster knew something was up and decided to check up on her bestie.

We should all be as lucky to have friends like that.

Foster, by the way, was on a roll during this episode.

Foster Collins - Chicago Fire Season 8 Episode 2

Her firing Collins was everything. Collins was only going to be at 51 temporarily, but after this episode, he needed the boot. 

When the character first got introduced, he seemed like a decent enough, albeit extremely conceited and lazy, guy.

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However, this episode he showed his true nature when he assumed Foster was coming on to him.

All the girl did was give him a puzzle book, yet he someone took this as a sign that she wanted more.

Foster & Collins - Chicago Fire Season 8 Episode 2

Let’s say this one more time for those in the back: Just because a woman is nice to a man, it does not mean she wants to sleep with you. 

It is perfectly plausible that she is just -- gasp -- being nice.

Some stray thoughts:

  • As awesome as it was to see Kidd and Foster "rescue" Brett, did anyone at 51 ever think about "rescuing" Dawson. Sure, the circumstances surrounding Dawson's and Brett's departures are different -- mainly that Monica Raymund left the show -- but I have to wonder if anyone even considered flying down to Puerto Rico.
  • With Platt chipping in and helping Mouch buy Otis' share of Molly's, I really hope we get to see more of the sergeant because her interactions with 51, especially Hermann are priceless.
  • I’ve always been a fan of Ritter, but I stan that he has a boyfriend. After years of poor LGBTQ+ representation on the show, it's nice to see not one, but two characters who identify as something other than heterosexual. Kudos.

So what did you think Chicago Fire Fanatics?

Will Gallo be a good fit at 51? 

Is this the last we've seen of Kyle and/or Hope?

Anyone taking bets on when Casey and Brett are getting together, especially now that Brett is back at 51?

Ht the comments below to let me know you thoughts, and if you happened to miss the latest episode, don't fret. You can watch Chicago Fire online right here at TV Fanatic.

A Real Shot in the Arm Review

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Chicago Fire Season 8 Episode 2 Quotes

Hermann: How would you like to buy into Molly’s? I know you got cash stashed inside that mattress.
Mouch: No thanks. I got retirement looming on the horizon. Last thing I need is to dump my savings into a bar.
Hermann: But you already spend all your money at Molly’s.

Foster: Wow, how many shampoos does one woman need?
Kidd: When Brett emptied her locker, I took in her toiletries. I didn’t want them to feel abandoned.