Chicago Fire Shocker: Monica Raymund Returns!

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Casey's love life may take another big turn on Chicago Fire:

Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Monica Raymund will reprise the role of Dawson on the NBC drama series. 

She will appear in the show's midseason finale, airing November 20. It finds Dawson making her return to Chicago with the aim of raising some money for her aid organization. 

Monica Raymund Promotes Chicago Fire

Once there, she stops by her old stomping grounds at Firehouse 51 to see the memorial for the late Otis, and to check in with her friends and former colleagues. 

Just because this is a drama, she will also bump into her ex-husband, Casey. 

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If you watch Chicago Fire online, you know that the pair did not part on the best of terms. Dawson had changed focus and urged Casey to move with her to Puerto Rico. 

Dawson was aiding in hurricane relief efforts, but Casey was drawn to the firefighter lifestyle and opted to stay put in Chicago. 

raymund 2

That did not go down well, and they subsequently filed for divorce. It was a wild turn of events for fans who watched them grow as a couple for years. 

Now, it seems like the fans will get the closure they deserve ... unless Dawson plans on sticking around. 

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“Fans can expect sparks to fly from the Dawson and Casey reunion,” Raymund tells

“Dawson and Casey will always have an unbreakable bond, and their love is a special love that I think will forever stay alive."

Casey - Chicago Fire Season 8 Episode 4

"The fans don’t want to miss this episode — we get to seep Dawson and Casey’s love in a new light.”

Returning to Chicago Fire was “a homecoming for me,” Raymund continued to the outlet.

“The cast of Chicago Fire will always be my family, and it was so wonderful to work with them again."

raymund cast photo

"It was such a positive experience returning to the family, and I’m so happy and grateful for a chance to work with all of them again!”

What are your thoughts on this big return?

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Chicago Fire airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on NBC. 

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