Days of Our Lives Round Table: Is Gabi Irredeemable?

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Gabi buried Stefan and then vowed to use Julie’s life to get revenge on Lani, Jack proposed to Jennifer, Brady stood up for Kristen, and Princess Gina returned to Salem.

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Ronnie and Fluffysmom from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate Lani showing up at the funeral, if Gabi is irredeemable, was Jack’s proposal rushed, and is Princess Gina a hit or a miss. 

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Should Lani have gone to Stefan’s funeral with Eli? Why or why not?

Ronnie: I don't think the unrepentant rapist, Gabi, who has been married to for less than two months deserves all the whining she's been doing about him, but Lani has to be very dense to think it was a good idea to show up to his funeral.

Jack: I didn't think it was necessary for either of them to go. It wasn't like when JJ had a relationship with Paige and Eve went nuts because he went to her funeral.

Neither Eli nor Lani was mourning Stefan and seeing Lani set Gabi off. Plus Lani and Eli should have been in the hospital with Julie.

Fluffysmom: Lani had no business attending Stefan's funeral. I understand Eli wanting to represent his family and express his gratitude for Gabi donating Stefan's heart.

How could Lani think Gabi would be okay with seeing her at the funeral? Lani stood out like a sore thumb.

Christine: Lani shot the man, for goodness sake! I understand that it wasn't on purpose but she knows how much Gabi hates her.

No matter how long they were together, Gabi loved Stefan and having Lani show up at the funeral was purposefully pouring salt into a wound.

(TALL) Gabi Swears Vengenance - Days of Our Lives

Gabi is threatening Julie’s life to get revenge on Lani. Does this make her irredeemable?

Ronnie: Here is the thing, this writing regime has an obsession with Gabi. Everyone gets dumbed down and/or gets the worst possible writing when they go against her.

So Lani will probably be thrown under the bus so that Gabi can yet again come off as the injured party. We've seen it before.

Jack: She was already toeing that line. This is an awful storyline and I can't stand Gabi one bit. This Gabi in vengeance mode thing has to go. Every time she goes there she becomes unwatchable.

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Fluffysmom: I don't think so. Gabi is grief-stricken and focused on punishing Lani. I think she realizes Lani won't risk Julie's health. Deep down I don't think Gabi wants Stefan's heart to stop beating.

Christine: Ugh. I wish the writers would get over their vengeful Gabi obsession. She was so much more interesting when she was a normal person who was focused on running her own company, being a good mother, and being a friend to JJ.

The fact that I find this storyline even remotely watchable has to do more with the actress than the writing. The writers do seem determined to make Gabi irredeemable.

(TALL) Hope's Weird Behavior Continues - Days of Our Lives

Princess Gina is back. Rate your excitement from 1 (Ugh, not again) to 10 (I LOVED her. I’m so glad she’s back.)

Ronnie: I haven't liked Hope in years, I'm glad I'm getting a break from her. So I give Princess Gina a solid 7 just for that.

Jack: I'm giving it a 4. Princess Gina is one of the more fun doppelgangers. But come ON. We just got rid of Kristen masquerading as Nicole so we don't need yet another doppelganger story right now.

Can Salem unsubscribe from the doppelganger of the month club already? 

Fluffysmom: I'm not thrilled to see Princess Gina but I'm curious to see what Rolf has planned for her. I will give it a 5 for now until I see more.

Christine: I’m giving it a 2. I’ve always despised the Princess Gina storyline. It felt like after Marlena was possessed they felt like they needed to do something crazy with Hope and now they’re rehashing it once again. Well, I was over it the first time. I don’t need to see the remake.

(TALL) Jack Proposes- Days of Our Lives

Jack proposed to Jennifer. Was this too rushed considering he's just gotten his memory back or have they (and fans) waited long enough?

Ronnie: The scenes were very cute but I think it's very rushed. They had so many issues besides his amnesia, even before his non-death.

Jack: This was perfect. I loved Jack's proposal so much I went back and watched it three times. THIS is what I watch soaps for.

And while everyone instantly forgiving Jack is a little annoying, I'll take it because it's beyond time for him and Jennifer to get back together.

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Fluffysmom: It was rushed but as Jennifer pointed out they've been apart for 6 years. I think J&J fans were ready to see them reunited. Jack and Jennifer are ready to resume their life together.

Christine: It felt as though Jack’s amnesia story dragged on forever, so I wish they could have given a little more buildup to getting my favorite couple back together. It was very sweet but definitely rushed.

(TALL) The Paternity Test Results Are In - Days of Our Lives

Was Brady right to stand up for Kristen with Victor, Will, and Sonny?

Ronnie: I think Kristen got exactly what she wanted and Brady is an idiot. But I'm sick and tired of Victor hating on every woman not named Maggie, even Kristen. His misogyny hasn't been amusing in a while now.

And Will and Sonny are the most boring people in Salem. So I'm siding with Brady and Kristen out of spite, lol.

Jack: I wish he wasn't. Everyone is right that Brady is falling into Kristen's clutches again. But it's also not Sonny's business where Brady slept last night and Victor is going way over the top with his response to all this. 

Fluffysmom: Brady is a grown man in his 40's with a very high paying job. He doesn't need to live with his Grandpa and extended family.

He knows none of them trust Kristen or have any use for her. He never should have invited her to move into Victor and Maggie's house.

He has a right to ask them to be civil to her but nothing more. He should have found housing somewhere else if he wants Kristen to have less stress.

Christine: I love Victor but his hatred of all women not related to him has gotten old. And standing around gossiping about where Brady slept was not a good look for Sonny and Will.

I’ve never been a big fan of Kristen’s but I’m kind of enjoying her pulling Brady’s strings and he was right to stand up to his family for her in this case. I’m actually looking forward to Kristen becoming a mom because I think she’s going to be fierce.

(TALL) Jordan's Deadly Plan - Days of Our Lives

It appears that Jordan tried to poison Ciara and got Rafe instead. How upset will you be if Rafe dies?

Ronnie: I would throw a party if Rafe dies. His continual presence on the show has been baffling since his last break up with Sami in 2013. He's irrelevant and feels very forced on the canvas.

Jack: I don't wish for the death of any character, no matter how obnoxious they are, and we've had too many gratuitous deaths as it is.

But if this becomes a vehicle to eventually get Rafe and Hope back together (once she's no longer Princess Gina) I am going to be irritated beyond belief.

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Fluffysmom: I wouldn't miss Rafe. I've never been particularly interested in his character. Eliminating any future reunion with Hope would be an added bonus.

Christine: Much like Ronnie above, I haven’t had much use for Rafe since his relationship with Sami, and even that had become boring after a time. I don’t necessarily wish for Rafe’s death but I can’t say I’ll miss him much if it happens.

(TALL) Ciara Doesn't Feel Well - Days of Our Lives

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline from this week’s Days of Our Lives?

Ronnie: This week was pretty terrible overall. But Arianna giving Ciara's poisoned cupcake to Baby David greatly amused me.

Jack: Did I mention I watched Jack's proposal three times? Here's the Days of Our Lives quote:

Jennifer: This is...
Jack: Yup
Jennifer: But it is the ring you gave me before I lost you, Jack.
Jack: I am so glad you recognize it.
Jennifer: But this was in my bedroom. How did you even get this?
Jack: Well getting my memory back does have its benefits. It comes in really handy. I remembered you always kept the key to the house under the planter on the front porch.
Jennifer: Yes and you were always bugging me to change that.
Jack: And I'm so glad you never listened to me so if you don't mind... [takes ring] The best is yet to come.
[Jack gets down on one knee.]
Jack: So. I may not be reciting Romeo and Juliet on a rooftop. I may not be coming down the chimney in a Santa Claus suit. I may not be standing out in the pouring rain with a jade plant. No. It's just you and me and this scone. No frills, no bells, no whistles.
Jen: No. I don't want that. This is more than enough.
Jack: I know. I know. Me too. But you know me. I love the grand gesture, the big surprise.
Jen: I'm tired of surprises, Jack. I'm over them.
Jack: Me too. You know what's really important? I love you. I LOVE YOU. I always have and always will. So all that remains is the question. Jennifer Horton, will you marry me.

This was such vintage Jack Deveraux and Jack/Jennifer. And we needed some happiness and romance, and a break from the Gabi show.

Fluffysmom: I enjoyed Kate and Jennifer's conversation. It was a nice moment between characters who rarely interact. I also liked the scenes with Jack, Jennifer, Justin, and Adrienne at the restaurant.

Christine: I thought Xander getting Sarah to agree to make him her plus one at the upcoming wedding was pretty cute. These two are pretty adorable together and I’ve grown to love it when Xander makes Sarah smile.

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