Days of Our Lives Spoilers Week of 10-28-19: Ramping Up the Revenge

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It wouldn't be Days of Our Lives if a wedding ever went smoothly.

Part of the fun is seeing how the couple overcomes a major obstacle on their wedding day to finally tie the knot.

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like Eli and Lani are going to get that far on Days of Our Lives during the week of 10-28-19, thanks to Gabi's crazy revenge plot.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers Week of 10-28-19

The Days of Our Lives spoiler video shows Eli and Lani getting ready for their wedding while Gabi demands that Lani dump Eli at the altar.

Lani's mom comes to town for the wedding, Eli excitedly announces that he can't wait to marry Lani, and Abe prepares to walk her down the aisle.

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However, Gabi laughs about blowing Julie's heart "to smithereens" if Lani doesn't dump Eli in front of all their friends and family.

Would Gabi really destroy Julie's new heart when it's the only part of Stefan that lives on? Or is this an empty threat that Lani might give in to for no good reason?

Either way, this silly plot is taking up a fair bit of time on Days of Our Lives during the week of 10-28-19, but spoilers show movement on a lot of other fronts too.

Check out our full list of spoiler photos and let us know what you're most looking forward to.

Gabi's Threat - Days of Our Lives

Gabi proves to Lani she'll make good on her threat.

Gabi already told Lani that she's not bluffing and pressed a button to make Julie's heart race. 

Lani should arrest her and confiscate her phone, and the medical team should look into why Julie's pacemaker is malfunctioning. But instead, Lani will likely go along with Gabi's plans.

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An Unintended Victim - Days of Our Lives

Jordan's plan claims an unintended victim.

Jordan panics when she realizes she poisoned Rafe instead of Ciara. 

JJ is one of the EMTs called to the scene -- will he realize what's going on?

And how long will it be before Jordan is back in handcuffs or in Bayview?

Rafe Gets Suspicious - Days of Our Lives

Rafe gets suspicious of Jordan.

It's about time!

Rafe has taken Jordan's side despite a ton of bizarre behavior and hints that she isn't quite done attacking Ciara.

The clues were so obvious that it's hard to believe this man was once an FBI agent.

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But now that Jordan's poisoned cupcake landed him in the hospital (and Ciara had symptoms of illness too), it looks like Rafe will finally start wondering what's going on. Hopefully, this leads to an epic confrontation.

Princess Gina Returns - Days of Our Lives

John and Marlena have a bizarre encounter with "Hope".

Here we go with the latest doppelganger story. 

Rolf has turned Hope into Princess Gina, who looks just like Hope and has a thing for John.

Will John and Marlena realize what's going on?

Nicole Fights Back - Days of Our Lives

Xander needles Nicole about Eric's feelings for Sarah.

If I were Nicole, I'd stop letting Xander in, period.

He keeps pushing her buttons, trying to convince her that Eric really loves Sarah, not her.

This behavior is going to blow up in Xander's face someday, since keeping Eric and Nicole together will keep them out of his way with Sarah. 

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But in the meantime, he and Nicole are going to have another argument about it. Hopefully this time, Nicole finds her faith in Eric's love and tells Xander to shove it.

Ben Searches - Days of Our Lives

Ben frantically searches for his sister.

Ciara took ill at the party and then Rafe got poisoned, so presumably Ben knows who was behind that and wants to do something about it.

Ben is fiercely protective of Ciara, sometimes crossing the line back into violent behavior. 

Let's hope he doesn't kill Jordan when he finds her.

Jordan's Latest Plan - Days of Our Lives

Jordan's latest plan involves breaking Claire out of Bayview.

Just what Salem needs: an uncured Claire on the loose.

Jordan's manipulations and attempts to kill Ciara are bad enough without bringing pyromaniac Claire into the mix.

God only knows what these two will get up to together.

Tony's Revelation - Days of Our Lives

Tony has a startling revelation for Marlena.

Many fans have guessed that Tony is his evil lookalike cousin brother Andre. Could this be what he reveals to Marlena?

That would fit the character's history, since 99% of the time Tony turns out to be Andre in disguise.

It wouldn't make much sense this time, though. Anna could tell Tony was Tony when she kissed him.

Then again, last time Andre was on-screen he acted more like Tony, leading fans to wonder whether Dr. Rolf had merged the two into one body. 

Giving Away the Bride - Days of Our Lives

It's Lani and Eli's wedding day.

Lani and Eli are going to make it to the altar, which is more than Lani can say for her engagement to JJ, which fell apart when he found out that Eli was the father of her baby, not him.

It's a shame that this Gabi plot will likely derail this wedding. While Eli and Lani's relationship wasn't built up properly, their wedding looks beautiful and it's always wonderful to see Abe spend quality time with his family.

Tamara Price - Days of Our Lives

Tamara Price returns to Salem for her daughter's wedding.

Long-time viewers may be excited for Tamara Price's return.

Tamara is an old flame of Abe's (obviously, since they conceived Lani together, though Abe didn't know that until Lani was an adult) who was last seen in Salem in 1987.

Many fans have been curious about the nature of her relationship with Lani since Lani's first appearance, and now we'll finally get to see her.

And since she's played by singer Marilyn McCoo, we might even get to hear Tamara sing at the wedding.

Your turn, Days of Our Lives fanatics.

Share your thoughts about these Days of Our lives spoilers in the comments. Whether you're excited or annoyed about what's coming up, we want to hear from you.

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