Mom Season 7 Episode 2 Review: Pop Pop and A Puma

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Marital bliss is lingering as far as Bonnie is concerned on Mom Season 7 Episode 2.

Over breakfast, Bonnie feels like everything is different because of the marriage license, and this changing relationship puts her at odds with Adam and Christy.

Mom has always shined when it comes to tackling tough situations. While some episodes have had some really dark and intimate details come to light about these women, we haven't really seen the type of moral dilemma presented here. 

Bonnie and Adam in Bed

While Mom Season 7 Episode 2, still handles the situation with grace, it doesn't feel like it's been appropriately resolved. 

The incident at the bar with Marv is very timely, and there's not a clear cut side to any of it. The one thing we can all agree on is that Marv is a tool, but Adam is concerned for his business, and Christy wants respect. 

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Marv's dumb blonde comment crossed a line, but Adam's evaluation that the customer is always right is also valid. Adam did say that Marv and his buddies were his Tuesday night because they drink their weight in beer.

While that kind of income and repeat business id important he also needs to take care of his employees. While Adam learns this lesson it happens a little too late and leaves Christy feeling hurt either way. 

Moreover, this episode poses an interesting question regarding the shift in Bonnie and Adam's relationship and how it relates to Christy. 

Adam Eating Breakfast - Mom Season 7 Episode 2

The last six seasons have been about Christy and Bonnie forging a bond and healing their relationship. They've done that very well over the last six seasons, but now that Bonnie is married things have changed.

Going a bit off the events in Mom Season 7 Episode 1, she now has the someone like she's never had before. Bonnie's other abandoned her and several fosters homes also abandoned her. Now she has Adam who is saying that he will never leave her and will support her. 

So much of this relationship is foreign to Bonnie. Although she loves and has fought for Adam she doesn't really know what it means to be in a healthy interdependent relationship. All of these concepts are new to her and will take some time getting used to.

Bonnie's constant brandishing of various official-looking pieces of paper is an ironic symbol of this. When she starts off the episode by saying that it feels different and then showing Adam the gas bill, it represents exactly how little that single piece of paper means in the scale of things.

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When Bonnie eventually finds the marriage license it feels like a moot point. (Although I am curious to figure out how their marriage license ended up in a magazine in the first place.)

Bonnie Eating Breakfast - Mom Season 7 Episode 2

Bonnie's shifting loyalties are yet another example of how these dynamics are going to change now that she's married and yet still living with Christy. Let's face it, everyone. In so many ways, Bonnie is Switzerland. 

When Christy ultimately storms out of their room, instead of resolving the issues she leaves with a new list of grievances. 

Adjusting to this new relationship is going to take some time, so it's highly doubtful that Bonnie and Christy will figure out a new normal immediately. But, they should resolve it quickly, becuse the show works best when Bonnie and Christy are speaking and behaving like normal adults. 

Meanwhile, Jill goes to the gym with her boyfriend, Andy, only to intimidate him by being at the workouts than he is.

Jill deserves a round of applause on this episode. Mom has consistently made her out to be someone who molds herself to other people.

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This is one of the first times she says to a romantic partner that she's not going to bend to their will and humor their ego. 

She also admits that she's falling in love, something she likely wouldn't have said in the recent episodes. Jill has earned this happiness and she has every right to enjoy it. 

Jill Gets Ripped - Mom Season 7 Episode 2

Meanwhile, Wendy has gone on a trip to Orlando and come back with a new look. The braids don't suit Wendy and it feels like everyone wants to say so throughout the episode. It's a running gag that pays off in the end when Wendy picks up the phone to talk to Bob from Orlando. 

It struck me during the season premiere that Wendy is the only character that hasn't really had the chance to develop. She's always been in the background while the others took center stage.

If Wendy does have a love interest in Orlando then the show should explore that and they should give her the same chance at happiness as the other characters have had. 

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Whether or not Wendy and Bob will ultimately go anywhere, she still deserves a storyline out of the group. Beth Hall is a great comedic actress and there are more effective ways to use Wendy then to put her in the corner. 

What did you think of this episode of Mom? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. 

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Pop Pop and A Puma Review

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Mom Season 7 Episode 2 Quotes

Wow, toying with the emotions of someone who always wanted a father. Well played.


Bonnie: It feels different doesn't it?
Adam: Breakfast?
Bonnie: Us! You. Me. Married. Different.
Adam: Not really, we've been living together for a couple of years.
Bonnie: This piece of paper right here makes it different
Adam: That's the gas bill.