Power Season 6 Episode 7 Review: Like Father Like Son

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Now that was an interesting turn of events. 

Power Season 6 Episode 7 was all about Tariq, and the adults in his life finally figuring out that he was not the same boy they once knew. 

And while Ghost and Tommy reacted as you'd expect, Tasha's reaction was a little unexpected. But was it wrong?

Dazed Tariq - Power Season 6 Episode 7

Tariq is everyone's blind spot and it's the reason he was able to lead a double life for so long. He's a gifted liar, and he's always been overlooked in many ways because quite frankly his family had more important things going on.

They wanted Tariq to be the opposite of them, and by shielding him from the business, and that other side of themselves, they alienated him. 

And now it's to the point of no return. 

Defiant Tariq - Power Season 6 Episode 7

Ghost has a ton of unresolved grief, and he's dealing with Tommy, Jason, Tate, Dre and even more issues he's not aware of, but why can this man not see logic when it comes to Tariq?

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We've seen Ghost outmaneuver men time and time again, but his refusal to allow himself to see Tariq for what he's become is reckless. 

Keep thinking you're fucking smarter than me. Don't ever make that mistake again, son.

Ghost [to Tariq]

You've seen him lie to your face with ease, and make deals with extremely powerful men, and yet you still refuse to see him as anything but a misguided child. 

Time Is Up - Power Season 6 Episode 7

At this point, you can't beat him, so you mine as well join him. And that's what Tasha intends to do. 

Tariq isn't going to stop, and if you sat down at thought about things the way we can assume Tasha did, then you realize you have two choices. You can help him, or you can leave him on his own. 

You're doing him a disservice knowing how far gone he is and not helping him get better. It's crazy to think like this because he's still a child, but what other options are there?

Tariq is lucky even to be alive right now. And he will continue to put himself in danger without help. 

A Lecture - Power Season 6 Episode 7

Kanan was that help, but with his demise, there's been a gaping hole.

Now that Tasha is filling that hole, Tariq sets himself up to grow and become an even better version of his father, as he will have the resources Ghost didn't. 

It's a wild trajectory for the oft annoying teenager, and when Ghost finds out? Good luck to everyone. 

Pairing Ghost and Tommy AGAIN seems to be Jason's modus operandi now.

Considering how quickly they moved all that product on Power Season 6 Episode 6, it's easy to see why Jason prefers the two men to be on the same page and not against one another. 

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At least when it's convenient for him. 

Listen. Either one of you shows up dead, I will kill the other one. Deal?


It's starting to smell like another Holly situation though, as Keisha is getting increasingly frustrated with the business and Tommy's relationship with Ghost. 

Tommy is working overtime to keep Keisha happy, and it just doesn't feel right. In the beginning, their relationship was fun, but it's starting to feel forced. 

Every time Keisha mentions how much Tommy is supposed to care for her and her son and look out for them, it's hard to take it seriously because we've barely seen her son or Tommy with her son. 

Maybe that's harsh, but you connect with the characters you see. We don't see him. 

Stone Cold Tariq - Power Season 6 Episode 7

Tommy appears to want a happy ending with Keisha, but he's got to see what everyone else does. She's not made for the life he lives. And shipping her off to the suburbs isn't going to solve his problems. 

Spanky and 2-Bit have been anti-Keisha from the start, and they even managed to get themselves fired over her.

Their plan to get back in with Tommy was doomed from the start because they underestimated Keisha and Dre. 

In the least shocking development, Dre escaped death yet again! Someone needs to start keeping a tally sheet because it's getting out of hand now. 

If Dre gets a chance to speak, he will find a way to save himself. He did just that and killed B.G. along the way.

Keisha Pleads - Power Season 6 Episode 7

B.G. was the most loyal soldier Tommy had, and he's been around for a long time now.

His death should spark Tommy to want to kill Dre even more now, but then again it's Tommy. He will fill B.G.'s place and keep on moving along. 

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Can we talk about Tariq and Dre's scene for a minute? Because it was easily one of the best scenes of the seasons. 

It was like the writers heard everything every fan has ever said about the two characters and put it down on paper. 

The two biggest rats on the show lying to each other and trading roasts were amazing.

Confused Tommy - Power Season 6 Episode 7

Let's see more of that in this final season.

Everything Else You Need to Know

  • It's about time Saxe got fired. He's been doing a whole lot of illegal stuff, just like Angela was, but the difference was he was doing it to bring the bad guys down, not aid them.

    Still, he couldn't get away with it forever. 
  • Tate shooting his shot with Ramona was funny, but it seemed to only serve the purpose of letting us know Ramona has a thing for Ghost.

    Do we care about this pairing? Survey says, no. 

  • Tariq legitimately feared for his life twice in a short amount of time and never even once considered NOT continuing in the drug business. 
  • Tommy telling Ramona to beat it was very funny to me and I'm not sure why. 

Well, raise your hand if you saw that ending coming?

With Tasha helping Tariq, there is bound to be major fallout in the coming episodes.

And we can't wait for it!

Leave your comments down below and let us know what you hope to see moving forward so we can discuss it!

What's next for Dre? 

How long until Ghost finds out Tariq is still in the game?

Will Keisha prove to be Tommy's downfall?

If you're not caught up, make sure you watch Power online so you don't miss a minute of the action. 

Like Father Like Son Review

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Power Season 6 Episode 7 Quotes

Keep thinking you're fucking smarter than me. Don't ever make that mistake again, son.

Ghost [to Tariq]

Tariq: Uncle Tommy did all this.
Ghost: Yeah. With your help, son.