Power Season 6 Episode 9 Review: Scorched Earth

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The body count this season is getting out of control. 

Bodies continued to drop left and right on Power Season 6 Episode 9, as Ghost and Tommy were ambushed but still able to come out on top. 

As we head into the midseason finale, one thing is for sure; no one is safe. 

Taking The Call - Tall - Power Season 6 Episode 9

Ghost has been on an island all season, but it somehow feels like it's getting worse nine episodes into this final season. 

It's to the point now where every single person in his life isn't hesitating to throw him under the bus at a seconds notice, and he has no one to blame but himself. 

Ghost has forever operated under the guise that he's doing what's best for his family and that any lies he has to tell are to keep said family members safe. But along the way, he has lost all loyalty that he once had from his family. 

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And he still doesn't understand the role he's played in everything. 

Ghost's Plan - Power Season 6 Episode 9

Calling the cops on Tasha and getting them to raid her daycare was low, even for him. He can't claim to be the morally superior parent when he had actual plans to murder a man later that day. 

No matter how you feel about Tasha's decision to take Tariq under her wing, she's at least trying to listen to Tariq and she's being honest with him. 

Tariq: Put your hands on ma one more time, and I swear to god I'll murder you myself. I promise you that.
Ghost: You can't talk to your father that way.
Tariq: Don't get it twisted. You might have given me life, but you were never my fucking father.

Ghost has continuously kept Tariq at arm's length, believing that he was doing the right thing, but refusing to see the damage he was doing to their relationship because he always had more important things going on. 

Meeting Time - Power Season 6 Episode 9

He had the business, the club, and Angela occupying so much of his time that he never saw the things right happening within his family because he simply wasn't around or zoned into their lives. 

Tariq is many, many things and insufferable at best, but he's not wrong when he calls Ghost out for being an absentee father. And Ghost isn't wrong when he insinuates that Tariq is a spoiled brat who has gotten the opportunity to do much more with his life. 

But in this kind of argument, no one wins because the divide is too great. Ghost is never going to get his son back. 

Outside of the beginning of the season when we saw Ghost grieving briefly and that one hallucination, we haven't gotten a chance to dive into Ghost's mental health since Angela's death. 

Jason Listens - Power Season 6 Episode 9

He is spiraling, and he's getting more and more delusional by the day. 

Is it possible that Angela was the person keeping Ghost afloat? He seemed a lot saner when she was alive, although he's always been reactive. 

It just seems like he's becoming increasingly unhinged, but this is also the first time he's been on the wrong end of so many losses, so perhaps this is just the way he is when he's losing.

Tasha: If you ever put your hands on me again-
Ghost: Then what?
Tasha: I'll fucking kill you!
Ghost: We already lost one kid, Tasha. Don't you ever motherfucking forget it. If Tariq dies, then his blood is on your hands. Your hands.

Ghost versus Tasha has been a long time coming, but he snapped when he had her pressed against the refrigerator. His eyes were cold and unforgiving, and he lost all sight of the fact that he was hurting the mother of his children. 

At that moment she was simply a person against him, and that's all he was able to see. 

This moment and the daycare raid pushed Tasha to rat Ghost out to Blanca and Saxe and get justice for Silver. 

Saxe, ever the righteous lawbreaker, was ready and willing to set Ghost up with an assist from Dre, and it's hard to see how Ghost gets himself out of this one. 

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But it's also hard to see how the show sprints towards the finale with Ghost behind bars. 

Tariq Looks On - Power Season 6 Episode 9

We've been there and done that with Ghost, and it seems apparent that we're leading to all-out war when all is said and done. 

Not to mention, there will be another Ghost and Tommy showdown before the curtain closes. 

In the least shocking development of the hour, Tommy pinned Keisha's death on Ghost and thus set him up to die by Jason's hand. 

Considering he killed Angela and Ghost had already tried to run Keisha off, it makes perfect sense that he would finger Ghost for the crime. But he should have known that if he wanted Ghost killed, he should have done it himself. 

Tate Knows The Truth - Power Season 6 Episode 9

And same goes for Ghost, who handed Tommy over to Benny on a golden platter. 

Benny hasn't been a huge player in the series, but it was pretty anti-climatic to have him go out in a one minute fight in front of Tommy's front door. 

Proctor deserves some kind of justice, and it's not likely to happen now that Benny is officially gone. 

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Let's just briefly dive into the political storyline, because it has to be said out loud that Ghost has no business being anyone's running mate. 

On what planet does it make sense for him to be lieutenant governor? 

It feels like all this political nonsense will be for nothing when Ghost gets arrested for Silver's murder, but at least Tate has the potential to get more interesting now that he knows about Ghost. 

With only a few hours of the series left, it's time for all the storylines to merge. It's what we deserve. 

Everything Else You Need To Know 

  • Tasha is a horrendous liar and I'm glad they had Tariq pick up on it immediately. 
  • Q came back to sort of declare war on Ghost and then make out with Tasha? Um, what? There's got to be more happening with him. Otherwise his addition this season makes very little sense. 
Ghost Pauses - Power Season 6 Episode 9
  • Jesse L. Williams is Keisha's ex and Cash's father and he had approximately 90 seconds of screentime. Unless they're treating him like Kendrick Lamar in Power Season 5, he has to have more to do in the future. 
  • Spanky and 2-Bit being arrested and thinking Tommy set them up was a nice twist I didn't see coming. Ghost keeps racking up the enemies, but now Tommy is going to have some people after him as well. 
  • RIP Jason and Benny. Jason was a jerk, and he was a fool to meet Ghost alone, but Benny was a loyal cousin, and he went out trying to do right by his family. 

The mid-season finale is next up, and there is just no telling what's going to happen or who's going to make it. 

Make all your predictions down below so we can discuss everything!

Who is going to die next?

Do you see both Ghost and Tariq's point of view?

Why are people on this show so bad at that their jobs?

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Power Season 6 Episode 9 Quotes

Dre: Tommy keeps all his weight there. His boys, shit you could even probably find him there. Just arrest them motherfuckers. And leave me and my family alone.
Blanca: If this information is right, Tommy and his crew will be off the street by tonight. And we square.

Tommy: I had no reason to kill her. That was my girl. Til the end.
Blanca: Well, if you didn't kill LaKeisha, then who else wanted to keep her quiet?
Tommy: I tell you what, genius. You do your fucking job, you'll find your answer.