Supernatural Season 15 Episode 3 Review: The Rupture

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Well, that seemed like too easy a solution.

Rowena made the ultimate sacrifice on Supernatural Season 15 Episode 3, but is it really the end of Sam and Dean's troubles?

Goodbye Rowena - Supernatural Season 15 Episode 3

It's to be expected that some of our favorite characters would die in Supernatural's final season, and Rowena's death is one of probably many more to come.

But as sad as it was, her sacrificing herself to save the world, seemed out of place -- and way too easy.

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She didn't have to do what she did, and she made that clear, but if that was a solution all along, why didn't she offer it up before?

There has to be something more. Maybe she is gone forever like her son, Crowley, but maybe she's going to find her way back somehow.

Sam Gets a Call - Supernatural Season 15 Episode 3

Either way, Rowena dying may have helped Sam and Dean in the short term, but when it gets down to brass tacks as the season progresses, Sam is going to regret what he did even more.

Rowena was Sam and Dean's lifeline. If they couldn't figure something out or needed help in a pinch, Rowena was always able to help them out.

Now, they're going to have to do everything on their own. That's not such a bad thing, if you think about it.

Dean Checking Things Out - Supernatural Season 15 Episode 3

It kind of goes back to Sam and Dean's roots when they only depended on themselves and "Dad's notebook" to figure things out.

But things have gotten a lot more complicated since then, and without Rowena, Sam and Dean are up the creek without a paddle.

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Besides that, her death didn't feel right. It could be because no one wants to see a beloved character die, but it's also more than that.

It didn't feel natural, and again, it felt too easy.

Belphegor's Last Stand - Supernatural Season 15 Episode 3

And why did Sam have to do it? Rowena said it was prophecy, but is there more to that story?

Also, if Rowena took in all the souls and demons, does that mean she's going to become the ruler of Hell like Belphegor wanted for himself? (I may have missed that, so help me out.)

Plus, it's only the third episode. So, if the big cliffhanger from Supernatural Season 14 has already been resolved, what's next for Sam and Dean?

Cass in a Quandry - Supernatural Season 15 Episode 3

It's hard to believe that either of them thinks it's over or that Chuck is out of the picture -- or even that he has no idea what's going on. 

Of course he does. He's God.

So, how Chuck plays into the "calm" will be interesting to see. Amara won't help him, and Sam and Dean -- actually Rowena -- cleaned up the mess he made.

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He's free to do whatever he wants now. 

Sam and Dean might think Chuck is out of their life, but we know that's not true. Nothing is as it seems on this show.

Cas is also out of the picture -- or will be soon.

Rowena Says Goodbye - Supernatural Season 15 Episode 3

That means that Sam and Dean are really on their own. 

I can't say I'm sad about that. I like it better when it was only Sam and Dean. As I've mentioned, I have never been a fan of Castiel and will not miss him if he never returns.

But he won't be gone forever. He's going to take a breather and will, most likely, show up again soon when Sam and Dean need him most.

Sam is Devastated - Supernatural Season 15 Episode 3

As expected, Belphegor was too good to be true. His ulterior motive was revealed, and, to be honest, it was sort of disappointing -- and almost cliched.

So, the demon wanted the keys to Hell, and he came to help Sam and Dean so that they would help him reach his goal. Eh. Whatever.

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But he's gone now. So, is Jack, at least as we knew him.

I'm not sure I quite understand why Dean was so upset at Cas for killing Belphegor. It has a lot to do with Rowena for sure, but Dean's anger is misplaced.

Cas hit it on the head when he told Dean his anger had to do with Mary.

Cas did the right thing. Had he not killed Belphegor, it would have gotten ugly. Why Dean can't understand that is anyone's guess.

Rowena would have died eventually, whether it was at Sam's hands or not. 

But Dean is concerned about Sam and how Sam feels about killing Rowena so that's part of Dean's driving force at the moment (as it always is anyway.)

On the Phone - Supernatural Season 15 Episode 3

And Dean is just plain pissed at Cas for many things besides Mary. Cas was smart to go. Maybe when he comes back, he won't be as wet raggish as he is currently.

Perhaps being away from Sam and Dean will be as good for him as it will be for the boys.

There's also the possiblity that Cas will run into trouble of his own as he wanders whereever he's planning to wander. 

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Remember, The Empty (I think that's it -- correct me if I'm wrong) still has a "contract" out on Cas. If I remember correctly, it told Cas it would come for him eventually, something Cas never shared with Dean or Sam.

So, it's reasonable to expect that it would fulfill it's promise and very possible that Sam and Dean will have to go to Cas's aid to keep him from being consumed or killed by The Empty.

We also have to consider what Lucifer's role will be in this last season. Is he gone for good? 

It's hard to believe he is considering he was toying with Jack so much on Supernatural Season 14. A good theory might be now that Jack is officially gone, Lucifer can make his return.

Maybe they'll come back together, stronger than ever?

Looking Up a Spell - Supernatural Season 15 Episode 3

It's hard at this point to predict how things will play out. Supernatural Season 15 Episode 4 seems like it's a "case of the week" type episode which doesn't appear to play into any overarching storyline.

And now that the "soul situation" is resolved, there doesn't seem to be any moving force for Sam and Dean -- no big enemy to kill or watch out for -- at least in their minds.

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Over to you!

What did you think about Rowena's death?

Did it feel right to you? Are you upset, shocked, angry?

Do you think Chuck knows what's going on?

How long will Cas stay away?

Is Dean's anger misplaced?

Where is the story going to go now?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts.

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