The Rookie Season 2 Episode 5 Review: Tough Love

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Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.

It may have been a saying on a poster Lucy Chen had in her room growing up but that didn't make it any less true.

On The Rookie Season 2 Episode 5, everyone was trying, failing, and trying again but it was Nolan who practically got whiplash with all of the surprises coming at him.

Nolan Gets a Visit - The Rookie

First of which was Henry unexpectedly showing up on his doorstep with his new fiancée, Abigail.

When Nick Armstrong joked about Nolan's son only being 12, I had to laugh. Henry and Abigail are 20-years-old, but when you're looking at that from age 40 plus, they might as well be 12. 

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Nolan didn't overreact although he obviously needed those electrolytes. I wonder if his ex-wife was having a bit of fun when she recommended that Henry fly to California to tell his Dad the news in person. 

That Nolan didn't consider running a background check on Abigail wasn't a surprise. Nolan's a bit of a boy scout. At his heart, he's a trusting soul and running the unauthorized background check was against the rules. 

Grace Is All Smiles - The Rookie Season 2 Episode 5

The problem with starting over in a new city and being the oldest member of his peer group meant that Nolan had no one to talk to about how to handle Henry.

So he called Grace. 

I was a little disappointed when Grace threw that envelope away. I don't doubt that Nolan trusts Henry but it's the rest of the world that's in question. 

I know all of the arguments for not reading that report, but as a parent, your first job is to protect your kid and Nick gave him that information because he believed there was something about Abigail that Nolan needed to know.

It made sense that when Grace put herself in Nolan's shoes, she realized that she needed to open that envelope and it made me like her even more. 

Henry Brings a Friend - The Rookie Season 2 Episode 5

Although the arson charge relating to an ex-boyfriend certainly sounded bad, I figured there had to be more to that story. Nolan could have called the arresting officer to find out more, instead, he went straight to Henry and Abigail.

I give Nolan credit for being direct but it could have blown up in his face if Henry had gotten truly angry. Thankfully, Abigail was willing to talk about it with both of them. 

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I don't necessarily hold setting her sleazy ex-boyfriend's car on fire against Abigail as long as she's learned from the experience. 

However, I hope she stops with the pregnancy jokes. They really aren't funny, but if she and Henry do end up getting married, I can picture a cute scene in the future where she says she's pregnant and no one believes her...and then it will be true. 

Mekia Cox as Officer Nyla Harper - The Rookie Season 2 Episode 4

Nolan also had a lot to learn from Det. Nyla Harper who is turning out to be a better training officer than I expected.

Because of his big heart, Nolan was quick to want to assure his new C.I. that he would keep her safe, but Harper was quick to correct him in this The Rookie quote...

Nolan: We’ll protect you.
Harper: He can’t promise you that. You need to be clear with a C.I. You’ll do your best to treat them right, look out for them, but you’re not God and you’re not with them 24/7.

Harper probably has some harrowing stories to tell about criminal informants from her undercover days and it was smart of her to make sure that Nolan's good intentions didn't get ahead of reality. 

We also got some insight into Harper's state of mind when her attorney showed up with papers for her to sign for her child custody case.

Harper: It’s a lot harder than I thought it would be.
Trent Silver: What is?
Harper: Being normal.

A New Assignment  - The Rookie Season 2 Episode 5

Grey had said that going from a long undercover assignment back to being in uniform wouldn't be easy but that didn't mean she could slide by on her paperwork.

Sgt. Grey: Officer Nolan’s not the only one being evaluated, Detective. I know you got the golden ticket but you’ve got to do the work. Understand?
Harper: Yes, sir.

But all of the rookies had to scramble to find their own criminal informants and Jackson had the most on the line. 

Mrs. Chen was right. Jackson had lost his confidence but I'm not sure that was a bad thing. He had been so overconfident since entering the Academy that perhaps he needed to reset his perspective. 

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However, taking on the FBI for one of their current informants was a farther reach than I ever expected. I didn't even know that was possible but Lopez and Grey were both thrilled.

Grey: Officer Lopez, is this how you train your rookies, to ignore the orders of federal agents?
Lopez: Pretty much, sir.
Grey: Any day we can remind our federal brethren that we are their equals is a day worth living.

West and Chen - The Rookie Season 2 Episode 5

As for Lucy, her idea of a pawnbroker as an informant was fantastic, but it did lead her to an arrest she didn't expect. 

As emotionally satisfying as shooting up her step-mother's high-priced handbags may have been, Olivia took her bad situation and made it so much worse.

Knowing that her step-mother was getting arrested for her stash of drugs had to be some consolation but I don't doubt that Olivia's father has a high-priced attorney on speed dial to help them both. 

There was a lot of talk about Lucy not being in a relationship, but I kept wondering what happened to Jackson's boyfriend. We haven't seen him since The Rookie season 1

It was a relief to hear that Jackson knew that Lucy and John were once in a romantic relationship. If they could have hidden that right under his nose, what kind of cop would he be?

The New Assignment  - The Rookie Season 2 Episode 5

Even though Bradford was partnered with Lucy, it felt as though he was hardly in this episode and I missed him having more of a presence.

Jessica was also missing and it feels like we're counting down the episodes until she and Nolan break up. The question then becomes, does Jessica walk away quietly or will there be repercussions for Nolan. 

So tell me TV Fanatics...

What did you think of Henry and Abigail? Did Nolan do the right thing by hearing what was in that report?

Is Lucy ready for a new romance? 

Are you enjoying Nolan's partnership with Nyla Harper and should Nick Armstrong get a more regular role?

Check back for my review of The Rookie Season 2 Episode 6 and until then, you can your The Rookie fix and watch The Rookie online here at TV Fanatic.

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Tough Love Review

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The Rookie Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Nolan: We’ll protect you.
Harper: He can’t promise you that. You need to be clear with a C.I. You’ll do your best to treat them right, look out for them, but you’re not God and you’re not with them 24/7.

Sgt. Grey: Officer Nolan’s not the only one being evaluated, Detective. I know you got the golden ticket but you’ve got to do the work. Understand?
Harper: Yes, sir.