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Who did not survive the final battle?

On American Horror Story Season 9 Episode 5, the remaining survivors at Camp Redwood had one final fight against the forces of evil. 

Night Stalker tried to murder Donna, but what did Donna have to defend herself?

Meanwhile, Mr. Jingles joined forces with an unlikely ally to get revenge on Margaret for ruining his life. 

Making a Move - American Horror Story

Finally, Brooke started to understand that someone she was close to wanted her dead. 

Did she find out who?

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American Horror Story Season 9 Episode 5 Quotes

Montana: Not another stick.
Donna: I'm not here to clash. I only want to help us get out of here.
Montana: Says the bitch who punched me in the throat. I suggest you leave now before I get the urge to kick more of your ass.
Donna: I thought I could help people all around the world. I never would have put you in harm's way otherwise.
Xavier: The hell are you talking about?
Donna: Mr. Jingles. I released him. I lead him to the camp. What happened here tonight, it's my fault.
Xavier: You did this to me? Look at my fucking face!
Donna: I wrapped his parts in the staff lot. If the three of us pull together we can survive this.
Xavier: No, it's your fault I'm a monster. It's your fault I'll never be on the cover of TV Guide. It's your fault my future is in radio.

Night Stalker: You did something pretty cool, Dede.
Donna: Nobody's called me that in years.
Night Stalker: Since that night, I know, Satan showed me everything. Your old man had a wild appetite.
Donna: Who the fuck are you?
Night Stalker: Isn't it obvious? Evil, pure, uncut. You think it can be treated as an infection, but there's no cure, no pill to take. The darkness resides in everyone, even you.