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Did Laurel get revenge on Oliver?

On Arrow Season 8 Episode 2, Earth-2's destruction weighed heavily on the minds of everyone. 

Mia, Connor, and Zoe - Arrow Season 8 Episode 2

But Laurel realized that she needed to send her frustration somewhere else or she ran the risk of returning to her Black Siren ways. 

Meanwhile, Oliver, John, Laurel, and Tatsu sought an important person to reveal the truth about the Monitor's plan. 

Mia Smoak - Arrow Season 8 Episode 2

Who was it?

Finally, Connor had a heart to heart with his brother. 

Did it bring them closer together?

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Arrow Season 8 Episode 2 Quotes

Lyla: When I was in Afghanistan, my unit got sent out on patrol on a day I drew base duty. It was a routine op, we'd done it a hundred times before. Only this time, there was an IED in the road. None of them made it back. I used to lay in bed at night asking myself, why them? Why not me? And, I made every deal I could think of with any god I thought might listen.
Laurel: And, did it work?
Lyla: Not exactly.

Oliver: What the hell happened back there?
The Monitor: A herald of what is to come. An entire world erased from existence.
Oliver: Where's my mother? Where's, where's Tommy? Where's, where's Rene? Where's Dinah?
The Monitor: They are no more.
Oliver: Did you hurt John and Laurel?
The Monitor: They are alive, and nearby. But, now you know that if we fail to stop the coming Crisis, what you witnessed will occur on infinite Earths across the expansive time.