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Did Kristen and David survive Haloween night?

On EVIL Season 1 Episode 5, the pair assessed an exorcism, and bickered about what was really happening. 

Family - EVIL Season 1 Episode 4

They tried to find out whether it was a supernatural demonic possession or severe mental disease. 

What did they find out?

Lynn - EVIL Season 1 Episode 4

Meanwhile, Ben went on his favorite show to debunk their supernatural finds. 

What did he reveal about his line of work?

Did anyone believe him?

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Evil Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Ben: You don’t really believe in this crap?
Vanessa: Ninety-five percent of what we shoot is helped along, but the other 5 percent – I’ve seen some stuff you can’t exactly explain.

Townsend: Was your friend OK?
Sheryl: Excuse me?
Townsend: Your friend?
Sheryl: Oh, yeah, he just had some hiccups. He’ll be fine.
Townsend: I’m glad. I knew a man that had hiccups like that; he had a heart attack and died.
Sheryl: I’m so sorry.
Townsend: That’s all right. He was suicidal anyway.