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How did Alpha and Beta become Whisperers?

That was finally revealed on The Walking Dead Season 10 Episode 2 when the pair got the flashback treatment. 

Michonne Chats About the Drama - The Walking Dead

Lydia was struggling to make sense of this new world, and Alpa was having an even worse time trying to teach her right from wrong. 

All of that changed whent they found a surprising beacon of hope in the distance. 

Meanwhile, things took an explosive turn when the mother of the baby left at Alexandria lashed out at Alpha. 

Michonne Fights Through the Fire - The Walking Dead

Who became Gamma?

More importantly, who found out that our heroes had crossed the border into Whisperer territory?

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The Walking Dead Season 10 Episode 2 Quotes

Alpha: We don't mean harm. Can you talk? Go on, and try to kill us, but know two things: One, I do not die easily. Two, you must also kill my daughter because I will not leave this earth without her.
Beta: One night.
Alpha: Thank you.
Beta: Do not leave this hallway.
Lydia: Do you think I could wash up? Sorry momma, but the smell...
Alpha: Is there water?

Lydia: I'm so sorry, momma.
Alpha: You almost got us killed again.
Lydia: Momma, there's a man.