We're Not Ready to Say Goodbye to These Beloved Shows

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Endings are always bittersweet, but that's especially true when it pertains to your favorite TV shows. 

The saying "all goods things must come to an end" and "it's better to end while you're ahead" all ring true. 

Nothing can last forever ... except maybe Grey's Anatomy. 

The Tour - The Good Place Season 4 Episode 1

Rather than overstay its welcome, It's better if a show ends on a high note, able to fulfill all of the writer's wishes and deliver a satisfying finale to longtime fans. 

Here are some of our beloved shows coming to an end in the 2019-20 TV season. 

The Good Place

Planning Mode - The Good Place

The hysterical sitcom about a group of misfits navigating the afterlife pushed the limits when it first debuted in The Good Place Season 1, and since then, it's taken the audience on the ride of a lifetime.

Starring Kristen Bell and Ted Danson, the series has embarked on its fourth and final season.

And while there are still plenty of ethical lessons we can learn from ethics professor Chidi on how to be a good person, the writers defended their decision to cut things off at The Good Place Season 4 explaining that "it was always the plan."

Who was the architect of this decision?!

Will and Grace

From a Dead Man - Will & Grace

Like a cat with nine lives, Will and Grace got a second chance at life with a reboot that premiered in 2017 and spanned an additional three seasons.

The groundbreaking comedy took on a more progressive tone in its second iteration, which continued to follow the complicated and hilarious lives of Will, Grace, Karen, and Jack.

The 11th and final season will take a bow in 2020 following some major news: Grace is pregnant (and old!).

Her words, not mine. 


The Monsters Arrive - Supernatural Season 14 Episode 20

Plenty of characters have cheated death (or died and come back to life) during Supernatural's extended run.

But when that final episode airs, death will have become permanent.

The 15th and final season will wrap up the storylines of Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles).

Grieving - Supernatural Season 14 Episode 19

Supernatural Season 15 marks the end of the longest-running sci-fi/genre series in the history of American broadcast television.

Not to mention, the end of an era as Supernatural is the only currently running show born from CW's predecessors, The WB and UPN, after launching in 2005.

Expect to see a few familiar and beloved characters. 

How to Get Away with Murder

Determined Annalise - How To Get Away With Murder Season 6 Episode 2

Shonda Rhimes' domination of ABC's Thursday nights is slowly coming to an end as How to Get Away with Murder Season 6 creeps up on us.

With Scandal already off the air, the only remaining Shondaland show is Grey's Anatomy (which has plenty of lifelines, don't worry.)

Head of the Class - How To Get Away With Murder Season 6 Episode 3

For multiple seasons, Annalise has been involved in the deaths of other, but the final season is coming for her as it kicked off with a flash-forward to her funeral. 

The events leading up to her death will unfold in the show's usual manner, though, there's plenty of conspiracy theories floating around that she faked her death. 

We wouldn't put it past her.


Oliver and Diggle2 - Arrow Season 8 Episode 2

The Arrowverse will go on, but it won't be the same without Arrow, which entered its eighth and action-packed final season.

Despite Arrow Season 8 being a limited run installment with just 10 episodes, they're going to be larger than life.

Or, in their words, it's going to be "huge."

Stephen Amell admitted that he agreed to the limited run simply because Greg Berlanti had a "really good idea" for it.

The Affair

Making Progress - The Affair Season 5 Episode 6

Every affair has to come to an end, and for Showtime's series, that end comes during The Affair Season 5. 

But don't expect the final season to venture from its melodramatic formula -- it will continue to offer differing perspectives on the same situation depending on which character's point of view you're buying into.

So, who do you believe?


Something Only She Can Solve - Empire Season 6 Episode 4

After being plagued by a real-life news scandal, Empire is leaving behind a rather tainted legacy.

Jussie Smollett's falsified claims that he was a victim of a racial and homophobic attack not only got his character quickly written off the show, but it also convinced the production company to pull the plug on the series altogether.

But will they be able to redeem themselves and save the empire before it's too late?

You'll have to watch the fifth and final season to find out! 

Modern Family

Superbowl Party - Modern Family

We've watched this family go through the good and the bad times, we've seen the kids grow up, and now, we have to say goodbye as the Emmy-Award winning show embarks on its 11th and final season!

As with most families, it's not goodbye, it's a see you later.

Here's hoping Modern Family takes a cue from black-ish and offers up some spinoffs focused on the kiddos-turned-adults. 

Madam Secretary

Meeting About a Crisis - Madam Secretary Season 6 Episode 3

Elizabeth McCord has made great strides as Secretary of State, but she's making even more as President of the United States. 

It's all thanks to a time jump offered up by the sixth and final season of Madam Secretary.

Madam Secretary Season 6 Episode 3 Review: Killer Robots

It's a bold move to take such a leap in the final season, but finding out that this was the final season gave the writers the ability to play with the storyline in a way that would be most beneficial to fans.

Executive producer Barbara Hall said it felt like they were "launching a new series."

Criminal Minds

Wedding Portrait - Criminal Minds Season 14 Episode 15

Beloved crime procedural, Criminal Minds, is coming to an end after its 15th season.

The 10-episode run will air in a mid-season slot (sometime in 2020), which is a slight change for dedicated viewers.

And it's all leading to a much-anticipated showdown with The Chameleon.

Old heroes and villains are expected to return, as is Jane Lynch who plays Reid's mother schizophrenic mother, Diana.

Reid will also somehow have time for a new love interest. We're getting misty-eyed already. 

Fuller House

A Tender Family Moment

Whatever happened to Fuller House staying on the air forever?

It almost feels like it was yesterday (it was Feb 2016) that Netflix gave early 90s babies the reboot of a lifetime as it brought together the whole cast of the iconic Full House (sans Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen who played baby Michelle) together under the San Francisco roof for yet another adventure.

By now, you've probably heard all about Aunt Becky's college admissions scandal, so it's unlikely Lori Laughlin will return Fuller House Season 5

Full House Promo Pic

However, everyone else will, and we can't wait to see them help out Stephanie become the mom she was always destined to be.

The series is currently in production with no air date released yet.

The 100

Gabriel and Octavia  - The 100 Season 6 Episode 9

The 100 will end with a momentous and fitting 100th episode as it wraps up its seventh and final season run.

The series is the third CW show to say goodbye alongside Supernatural and Arrow.

The team behind the post-apocalyptic drama always wanted to end The 100 after the seventh season, so it'll likely wrap up every storyline succinctly and satisfyingly. 


Back to Business - Lucifer

After a surprising resurrection by Netflix, Lucifer is on its way to hell.

It's unclear when the fifth and final season will air, but it's looking like a 2020 release date.

Tom Ellis will return as the devilishly handsome Lucifer, and the word is that the plot will take us in an exciting and unexpected direction.

Lauren German is back as Detective Chloe Decker alongside Kevin Alejandra, DB Woodside and more! 

Schitt's Creek

Mom of Schitt's Creek

Our time in the small and comedic town of Schitt's Creek is coming to an end, unfortunately.

And no, that's no joke. 

Pop TV announced that the recently Emmy-nominated show would return for its sixth and final season on January 7, 2020!

The season will consist of 14 episodes, so get prepared to say goodbye to the bonkers TV family. 


Secrets Unravel - Blindspot

The mysteries looming from Blindspot Season 4 won't go unsolved.

The action thriller has been gifted a second chance to wrap up storylines with a fifth and final season.

As we've learned, the answers are in Jane Doe's tattoos. 

What shows are you going to miss?


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