Chicago Med Season 5 Episode 7 Review: Who Knows What Tomorrow Brings

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Halloween is over.

But that didn't stop a patient who believed he was a vampire from arriving at the hospital spitting up blood.

Chicago Med Season 5 Episode 7 would have been an effective Halloween episode thanks to that weird story, but the case was interesting anyway.

(TALL) A Bloodthirsty Case - Chicago Med Season 5 Episode 7

The fun part of Tom's story was trying to figure out exactly what was going on with him.

Obviously, he wasn't really a vampire. At first, it seemed like he and his girlfriend were in some bizarre cult.

Then he collapsed in the sun and the plot thickened. 

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I thought his symptoms might be psychosomatic. I never guessed he had hepatitis in addition to being in the grips of a delusion.

Planning a Crawfish Boil - Chicago Med Season 5 Episode 7

Either way, at least Will followed protocol this time instead of imposing his will on the patient.

Maybe he learned something from that whole mess with the Jehovah's Witness on Chicago Med Season 5 Episode 6.

Hallelujah! Dr. Charles might or might not have had enough reason to order a psych hold, but at least it was done the right way for once.

We can get another reservation, but when will another vampire come through the ED?


Dr. Charles gets all the exciting psychiatric disorders that are super rare in real life.

Sharon Is Glowing - Chicago Med Season 5 Episode 7

I'm glad Cece took this one in stride, even being willing to change their reservation so that her husband could attend to his patient.

Somehow, her lighthearted comment about it gave him an idea for a possible way into Tom's world, though it didn't work.

Too bad Dr. Charles had to have a hepatitis test right away. He and Cece deserved their night out after that craziness.

Will Consults Dr. Charles - Chicago Med Season 5 Episode 7

As interesting as that all was, it seemed gimmicky compared to the high stakes in Choi's case.

April and Ethan's conflict was perfect because their points of view both made sense completely.

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Choi's opinion that getting Gina's medical records superseded her desire for privacy was reasonable -- except that as a fellow member of the service, Choi should have known that the Army wouldn't overlook the fact that their officer was AWOL.

This time, he didn't act out of loyalty to the military. He was trying to get his patient the best care possible but made a tragic miscalculation.

Dr. Charles' Latest Case - Chicago Med Season 5 Episode 7

Similarly, April was right to be concerned about Gina's privacy and what punishment lay in store for her.

Gina was only trying to attend her sister's wedding, and if her prosthetic hadn't got infected, no one would have been the wiser.

Now her career is probably over, and she may face serious consequences for traveling around with a device that is supposed to be classified.

I found the conflict between Choi and the military police to be riveting drama, though I had to wonder if the Army would really demand that a septic patient be transported before life-saving surgery.

That seemed unreasonable and like the trope that military people don't care about anything except following orders.

Choi Evaluates - Chicago Med Season 5 Episode 7

While we're talking about April and Ethan, what the heck was that almost-kiss with Marcel?

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Marcel had just given April a drink that was supposedly stronger than it looked, and that made me feel like he wanted to take advantage of her.

That turned me off of him just when I was starting to like him after all.

Ethan and April - Chicago Med Season 5 Episode 7

April looked like she was half in a stupor, too, only snapping out of it when she realized what she was about to do, and then she hurried away.

Could there be a harassment complaint in Marcel's future?

April: Is this what I think it is?
Ethan: It's a fertility chart. And it so happens that this is our fertile window.
April: Oh my God. Ethan. I thought we should do this more laissez-faire.
Ethan: If our goal is having a baby, we should definitely be having sex.

I'm glad it ended when it did, though.

With Ethan and April trying to get pregnant, the last thing anyone needs is a who's the daddy storyline. That would complete Chicago Med's transition to 100% soap opera. Luckily, we haven't gone there, at least not yet.

Maggie Has Plans - Chicago Med Season 5 Episode 7

Speaking of which, Maggie's new relationship moved way too fast.

She went from not wanting to ask Ben out because the chemo room isn't a good place to meet guys to spending all day with him in a matter of hours.

Cece: I don't know how you're not breaking a sweat. I'm having hot flashes just watching you two.
Maggie: I am not going to hit on a chemo patient.
Cece: You've been hitting on him this whole time.
Maggie: This is not a place to meet people.

Maybe cancer has made her feel like she has to seize the day while she's still got it, but that seemed reckless.

Ben seems like a nice guy so far, but she barely knows him.

Happy April - Chicago Med Season 5 Episode 7

Inviting him to the crawfish boil was one thing, but inviting him to cook and then having sex (or however far it went since it was off-screen) was something else.

And considering how seemingly-perfect Philip turned out to be a liar who was manipulating Natalie, Maggie really ought to be careful.

As for Natalie, mentorship is a good look for her.

I'm beginning to wonder if Elsa is on the spectrum.

She regularly blurts out things like that comment about Natalie's proposed treatment having only a 25 percent success rate, and she never gets why patients don't want to hear that if it's the truth.

Marcel Talks to Choi - Chicago Med Season 5 Episode 7

Emotional overwhelm is also typical of people with high functioning Autism (contrary to popular belief, people on the spectrum suffer from too much empathy, not too little).

Or maybe I've just been watching too much of The Good Doctor.

Anyway, Natalie was supportive of Elsa throughout the hour and seems to be a good fit for her.

I'd like to see more of that mentorship relationship.

What did you think, Chicago Med fanatics?

What was the most interesting case of the hour, and what the heck was going on with April and Dr. Marcel?

Share your thoughts below, and don't forget you can watch Chicago Med online if you missed anything.

Chicago Med continues to air on NBC on Wednesdays at 9 PM EST/PST.


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Who Knows What Tomorrow Brings Review

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Chicago Med Season 5 Episode 7 Quotes

Charles: It takes three months to get a reservation there. How'd you swing that?
Cece: I might have told them I'm dying.

April: Is this what I think it is?
Ethan: It's a fertility chart. And it so happens that this is our fertile window.
April: Oh my God. Ethan. I thought we should do this more laissez-faire.
Ethan: If our goal is having a baby, we should definitely be having sex.