Days of Our Lives Round Table: Time Jump!

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Days of Our Lives hit the fast forward button so we didn’t have to and sent all of its stories one year into the future!

What were our favorite surprises? Biggest disappointments? And who would we bring back from the dead (or the convent) if we could?

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Kayla and Andy from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to talk about all of that and more in this week’s round table…

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

There were lots of surprises with the one year time jump, which was your favorite?

Jack: This wasn't a surprise per se, but I love Ciara standing by Ben and working undercover to prove Victor was the one behind Jordan's murder.

Sarah letting Xander pretend to be the father of her baby was a great surprise in an otherwise annoying story. I'd hoped they'd do that in the first place!

Kayla: You're not wrong, there were many surprises with the one-year time jump. My favorite surprise hasn't aired yet, but out of ones that have aired, it's the fact that Will killed Adrienne.

Andy: I had spoiled myself on some of the surprises, but one that genuinely caught me off guard was finding out Ben's cellmate was none other than Will! I'm really curious to find out what happened with him and Adrienne.

I also love that JJ is getting more of a spotlight, and getting to interact with different characters.

Christine: Sarah allowing Xander to be her baby’s father! It’s what I was hoping would happen and Xander is adorable with the baby, not to mention in that suit and those glasses. Swoon!

(TALL) JJ in Trouble - Days of Our Lives

Which of the stories from the time jump did you find the most disappointing?

Jack: While I'm thrilled that JJ finally has a meaty story, I'm irritated that losing Haley pushed him over the edge while losing Paige pushed him to become a cop. Paige was a far more important person in his life and if he was going to go into a tailspin, it should have been then.

Also, Lani and Kristen are now nuns who are developing a friendship? Seriously?

And why are Xander and Nicole STILL fighting over whether Eric would dump Nicole if he knew he was the father of Sarah's baby? It's been a year. Move on already!

Kayla: The story that I found most disappointing is the fact that Will is in jail and its because he killed his mother-in-law. I just can’t see Will being the person to do something like this. I get that he tried to kill EJ because he wanted a happy family with Lucas and Sami but he moved past it.

Andy: I'm not a fan of Justin moving on with Kayla so quickly, and not here for this idea that Stefano is alive, which is probably going to be dragged out and a fake-out anyway.

Also, it feels like Gabi's storyline hasn't progressed much, she's still where she was a year ago avenging Stefano and messing with Julie's pacemaker (albeit accidentally).

Christine: That they’re still contemplating Stefano being alive. Let it go already! Joseph Mascolo passed away and no one else can replace him as Stefano. If there’s a recast, I’ll be angry, and if there isn’t, I’ll feel like this has been a huge waste of time.

(TALL) Gina Makes Her Move - Days of Our Lives

Which couple do you find most intriguing: John and Marlena, John and Hope, or John and Princess Gina?

Jack: I'm not a fan of John and Marlena, mostly because it's always about John saving Marlena. But if Marlena saves John from Gina this time, I'm all for it.

And John with Hope or Gina is just purely ridiculous, so it's John and Marlena by default for me.

Kayla: Even though I'm a massive fan of the Roman and Marlena story when Wayne played Roman, out of these couples I am most intrigued in Jarlena because there are always twists and turns along the way and they are an iconic couple now.

Andy: I know a lot of people are tired of Princess Gina, but she's fun to me. I'm okay with her stirring up some trouble for John and Marlena to keep things interesting for them. I

hope her meddling taps more into the human drama. Like Marlena leaving for a job she wasn't originally going to take, despite John often doing the same, and the guilt that may have born on their relationship. 

Christine: I used to love John and Marlena but over the years they’ve gotten boring, and Marlena has become unlikable.

Oddly enough, this story has me wondering what John and Hope would be like as a couple. I’m not sure it would work, but I find the idea intriguing.

Kristen In a Convent - Days of Our Lives

If only one person could leave the convent and return to Salem, would you choose Lani or Kristen?

Jack: That's a hard one, because I don't like either of these characters at all.

But I'll go with Kristen, given JJ's mental state right now and Brady's continuing to defend Kristen, as well as her not having faced any consequences for whatever it is she did that resulted in Haley taking a fatal fall down the stairs. 

There's a lot more drama there than if Lani returns to town and Gabi re-opens her pacemaker-controlling app on purpose.

Kayla: If I could choose one person to leave the convent it would have to be Lani as I dislike Kristen.

However, I am also enjoying the idea of Gabi and Eli together again, although I will always be a Will and Gabi fan, I think that Gabi and Eli do match.

Lani As a Nun - Days of Our Lives

Andy: When Lani showed up as a nun, I fell out. And then Kristen too. So ridiculous but kind of hilarious.

I've never been a fan of Lani, so she can stay in the convent forever as far as I'm concerned. Kristen is much more entertaining, so if I had to choose it would be her.

Christine: Kristen is far more interesting and will cause a lot more drama if she returns to Salem. Plus, I’m curious as to what exactly happened between her and Hayley.

I’ve never been much of a fan of Lani’s and her current story bores me so she can stay at the convent.

(TALL) A Double Wedding - Days of Our Lives

Jordan, Haley, Adrienne, and Kristen and Brady's baby are all dead. If you could choose one to return, who would it be?

Jack: Adrienne, no doubt. She and Justin are a super couple who have been together on and off over the last 30 years. For her to be killed off, offscreen, and Justin to be shuffled off to Kayla disrespects that legacy.

Kayla: If I could choose one of the people who had died in the year we didn't get to see I would choose Haley as she is established and JJ deserves happiness after all the struggles he has gone through with losing Paige and his guilt over shooting Theo.

I also would like to see Brady be a father again but maybe it wasn't meant to be.

I would also like to see Adrienne back so Will isn't in prison but I have never been a fan of hers especially after the way she treated Lucas.

As for Jordan, all I can say is I'm glad she’s dead.

Andy: Most of these can stay dead as far as I'm concerned. I'm most interested in how Adrienne died at Will's hand, and would choose for her to come back so he can get out of jail.

Christine: Kristen and Brady’s baby. I think Kristen would make a fierce mother, and I think she makes Brady more interesting. I was very disappointed to hear that their baby didn’t make it.

(TALL) Nicole and Sarah's Depection - Days of Our Lives

How long should it be before Eric learns that baby Mickey is his daughter: now, weeks, months, years, or never?

Jack: I'm hoping it's soon, only because I'm tired of hearing Nicole and Xander argue about it. The time jump should have eliminated this nonsensical story.

Kayla: I think the sooner the better. Eric deserves to be happy and I know being a father would do that. As we saw, the prospect of it did make him happy.

Andy: I almost wish they would stop focusing on it and let years pass before it comes out, but I know that's not likely. I'd rather see Sarah and Xander learning to raise Mickey together without Eric in the mix.

Christine: I love the idea of Sarah, Xander, and MacKenzie as a family. They are just so cute.

The only reason I’d want Eric to find out is because it would drive him crazy to know that Xander has been playing Daddy to his child or, even better, that Xander is little Mickey’s step-daddy.

Can you tell I’m not Eric’s biggest fan?

(TALL) JJ Blows Up At Brady - Days of Our Lives

Overall, are you happy with the time jump so far or would you prefer to erase it and go back to the stories as they were?

Jack: I'm surprised by how much I'm enjoying this. It sounded like a stupid idea on paper but it's literally reset the show.

No going back -- but can JJ remember he was once in love with Paige and let that be part of his suffering?

Kayla: To be honest I'm half and half on this because I'm disappointed with some of the plots in the time jump, such as Will in jail and Kayla and Justin to name a couple.

I was disappointed with the way things were before the jump, so I think I would rather the jump as it is keeping us intrigued to watch and we enjoy Days again.

Andy: I actually love the time jump! I think it breathed new life into the show, and it's been exciting each day to learn where all the characters are and how they got there.

I look forward to the show more each day than I have in a long time. I hope they can keep the momentum going and not fall back into tired stories.

Christine: I thought I’d hate it, but I’m actually enjoying the sense of mystery as pieces of this new puzzle are revealed each day.

Even things I heard spoilers for and dreaded, like Justin and Kayla as a couple, have me intrigued.

The show felt a bit tired before this and the time jump has given it a fresher feel. Let’s hope it continues.

Julie is Alarmed - Days of Our Lives

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Want to chat more about Salem’s epic time jump? Then check out Jack Ori’s Days of Our Lives review here at TV Fanatic.

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