Days of Our Lives Spoilers Week of 11-4-19: Wedding Disasters

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It's November sweeps time, and nothing says drama like a couple of failed weddings.

Days of Our Lives spoilers for the week of 11-4-19 feature three weddings, two of which end badly.

Lani and Eli's wedding continues, while Jack and Jennifer have a double wedding with Justin and Adrienne. But will any of these wedding ceremonies result in marriage?

Days of Our Lives - Spoilers Week of 11-4-19

The Days of Our Lives spoiler video suggests that at least two of them end in disaster.

Soon after Abe walks Lani down the aisle, she throws Gabi to the floor and punches her, while a horrified Eli asks what she is doing.

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It would be nice if that meant that Lani had found a way to get the upper hand over Gabi, but spoilers say that Lani will make the heartbreaking decision to leave Eli at the altar.

How it plays out is anyone's guess.

Meanwhile, Jack excitedly tells JJ that he and Jennifer are getting remarried, but their happiness quickly turns to horror when Jennifer falls off a balcony, landing at JJ's feet.

Jack and Jennifer fans have waited forever for the couple to get remarried. Please tell us that at the very least, it happens AFTER they are legally married!

There is also a scene of Justin and Adrienne kissing as they prepare to walk down the aisle in a double wedding with Jack and Jennifer. Could this be the one marriage that actually happens?

Days of Our Lives spoiler photos for the week of 11-9-19 show movement on the Kristen/Brady and Sarah/Xander storylines as well. Check them out below and let us know what you're most looking forward to.

Lani's Wedding - Days of Our Lives

Lani makes a heartbreaking decision.

If the spoiler were to be taken literally, it would mean that Lani chose to let Gabi break Julie's pacemaker instead of giving in to her demands.

Sadly, that is not likely to be the case, as spoilers say that Lani does indeed dump Eli at the altar, leaving him and Julie both confused and heartbroken.

But could Days of Our Lives have a further twist to the story that hasn't been publicized? Eli/Lani fans are hoping that Lani is only pretending to go along with Gabi and that she and Eli are working together to neutralize her.

(HORIZONTAL) Xander Comforts Sarah - Days of Our Lives

Marlena warns Sarah about dating Xander.

Ugh. Marlena and Maggie have both been Team Sarah With Eric for far too long.

Sarah is a grown woman. Who she chooses to date is not her business.

And Eric is not available, anyway. Some people need to deal with that.

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Plus, as a psychiatrist, Marlena should be aware that constantly pressuring Sarah to give Xander the cold shoulder is only going to push her into his arms. So can we not, please?

(HORIZONTAL) A Double Wedding - Days of Our Lives

A double wedding takes place in Horton Town Square.

Horton Town Square has become THE place to get married. Marlena and John got remarried there too.

It's a nice way to honor Tom and Alice, whose plaque is right by the wedding area.

If only both Jack and Jennifer and Justin and Adrienne could get married without anyone's life being threatened, it would be perfect.

Ready to Say I Do - Days of Our Lives

Eve tries to stir up trouble for Jack and Jennifer.

Every bride needs something old. In this case, Eve's treatment of Jennifer is beyond old.

Eve has become a one-note character who is so singularly obsessed with ruining Jennifer's life that she does little else.

It's not a good look for her, especially since she used to be a complex, layered character who was sometimes sympathetic despite her often obnoxious behavior.

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By the time Jack and Jennifer are saying their I Dos, Eve should realize she's already lost. But what on Earth does she think she's going to do now?

Trying to Save Jennifer - Days of Our Lives

Kayla and Haley work to save Jennifer's life.

What should have been the happiest day of Jennifer's life turns into a nightmare when she falls from a balcony.

It's not Eve's fault, though she will probably get blamed again. It has to do with Princess Gina and that flash drive Jennifer stole from Rolf.

Anyway, hopefully Jennifer's life can be saved. 

And since JJ's girlfriend is working on Jennifer, any problems in her health could lead to problems with the young couple.

Gina's Latest Run-In - Days of Our Lives

Gina has a run-in with Rafe.

Will Princess GIna's attempt to pretend to be Hope fail?

Probably not, since the story just started.

But Rafe's reaction should be interesting. He's reeling after getting poisoned by Jordan and should be sensitive to anything weird.

Kristen's Pregnancy Scare - Days of Our Lives

Kristen has a pregnancy scare.

For the past several weeks, Kristen has been having random pains in her pelvic area.

Usually, they happen when she's stressed out, but it could mean a problem with the baby.

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Of course, it could also mean that Kristen is faking or exaggerating her symptoms to try to get Brady to spend more time with her.

Nicole Struggles - Days of Our Lives

Nicole struggles with whether or not to tell Eric that Sarah is pregnant.

It shouldn't even be a spoiler, since it's happened every week since Nicole learned that Sarah is pregnant.

She keeps flip-flopping, and she really shouldn't.

Eric does NOT need to date Sarah to be a father to his baby, and Nicole knows that. 

She needs to stop listening to Xander and tell Eric the truth. Period.

Ben's Discovery - Days of Our Lives

Ben makes a horrific discovery.

Uh-oh. What on Earth does Ben discover?

Chances are, it's Jordan's dead body. 

Days of Our Lives is rarely subtle, and during the Halloween dream sequence, Ben dreamed that Victor put a hit out on Jordan. He also dreamed that he killed Jordan himself.

So if Days of Our Lives wants to surprise us, they would make the discovery anything but Jordan's dead body.

Kristen's Latest Bombshell - Days of Our Lives

Kristen drops a bomb on Eric.

Kristen knows that Sarah is pregnant. (Thanks, Xander!)

So what other bombshells would she have to drop other than that news?

Of course, if Kristen loses her baby, she wouldn't be above pretending to Eric that she's still pregnant and that the baby is his and Sarah's.

What do you think, Days of Our Lives fanatics?

What spoilers look good to you, and what can you do without?

Share your favorite theories about what's going to happen next in the comments.

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