Dynasty Season 3 Episode 4 Review: Something Desperate

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Because it's Friday night and I just-just-just got paid. 

Oh, sorry, I'm just keeping the musical spirit alive after watching Dynasty Season 3 Episode 4.

This was the musical episode we never knew we needed or wanted. 

Fallon Manipulates Sam - Tall - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 4

Some parts were great, mainly anytime Fallon or, surprisingly, Adam delivered a tune. 

Other moments could have been autotuned a bit more or left out completely. Sorry, Cristal. 

But overall, it was an enjoyable musical that made the singing feel as organic as possible through Fallon's hallucinations.

Her reaction to seeing these musical numbers play out was priceless. 

Adam's musical moments were so enjoyable, I'd even go as far as saying that I warmed up to him slightly because of the energy he brought to the screen. 

And I enjoyed Blake and Adam's father-and-son duet way more than I should have. 

It all came to a head when the gas leak, inadvertently caused by Adam, exploded right in his face and prematurely ended the wine tasting. 

There's a possibility that Adam will lose his eyesight and after all the damage he's caused, this is karma at its finest. 

A Contender - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 4

That might sound mean-spirited, but need I remind everyone that this is the same person who made Steven believe he was going insane and drugged him in the mental hospital, who purposefully shoved his mother's face into the fireplace, and who tried to kill Liam and caused his amnesia.

Adam had this coming for a long time. Blake's "you saved all of us" comment meant nothing. 

Not to mention it's Adam's fault the gas was leaking in the first place. 

The annual Blue Belt tasting is tonight at Carrington Manor. Apparently, Adam's running the vineyard now. Prodigal son entrusted with the last remaining jewel of the Carrington empire. It's almost Shakespearean.

Jeff Colby

If he hadn't tried to sabotage Cristal because of his insecurities none of this would have happened. 

I'm waiting for the glorious day that Steven and Alexis return and Liam gets his memory back so that can take him down.

When I spoke to Adam Huber (who plays Liam), he said he hoped Adam would get what he deserved.

Losing your eyesight is bad, but Adam deserves way worse.

Burning Down the House - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 4

The only way to hurt him is to take away Blake's love.

Fallon's attempts at winning back Liam bordered on desperate, but you can't blame her. 

With Liam gearing up to marry Ashley, time was of the essence. 

Sadly, giving him the manuscript didn't have the desired effect.

Instead of falling back in love with her, Liam realized Fallon is a selfish, egotistical, and narcissistic person. 

Is he off base? Not entirely. But there are plenty of good qualities in Fallon that he's overlooking by not giving her a chance.

While #Falliam fans are freaking out, there's not a doubt in my mind that these two will find their way back to each other eventually.

While we wait, Dynasty needs to bring back the badass Fallon who worried more about building a dynasty than pining over a man.

We want boss babe Fallon back! 

Fallon and Sammy's team-up felt like the good old days. 

Their friendship has been greatly missed since Sammy's been pre-occupied with his hotel. 

Liam's amnesia storyline is getting harder and harder to believe.  

Big Gesture - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 4

Even without his memory, why would he agree to marry Ashley knowing that there's a chunk of his life that he doesn't remember?

And why isn't he more concerned and vocal about his mother's actions?

She's keeping him away from his fiance and calling security on anyone that gets near him. Shouldn't he be more upset by that?

Liam's amnesia needs to start wearing off so that he can remember what happened and move on to a storyline that's worthwhile. 

Fallon: Should I text him? Maybe I'll text him.
Sam: Fallon, we broke into his house twice. Okay? I'd let it breathe.
Fallon: For how long?

Blake's loyalties were when it came to who was running the winery wishy-washy, and it was infuriating. 

On Dynasty Season 3 Episode 3, Blake admitted that he knew something was off with Adam and his manipulative ways. 

Not trusting Adam is one of the main reasons why he married Cristal and allowed her to have a say in Blue Belt. 

He made her co-president of the winery and supported her ideas, so it didn't make sense to have him second-guessing her decision to diversify the clientele. 

A Rivalry  - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 4

She even told him beforehand that she wanted to reach a new generation.

Everyone knows influencers are the way to go. 

Swapping out the bottle labels was a petty move on Adam's part -- Cristal would never stoop that low.

By debuting the new, personalized labels, Cristal redeemed herself and proved that she's invested in the company for the right reasons. 

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This isn't just some play for Blake's attention like it is for Adam.

Since Blue Belt Winery is Blake's last remaining property, you'd expect that they would get it together and join forces to ensure success.

The Colby's are useless lately. 

Monica and Jeff barely have a storyline, and Dominique needs to take her millions and leave town already. 

Not even her shady chat with a woman named Vanessa was enough to pique my interest. 

Is Vanessa a lover? Her daughter? Who cares?

Dominique has lied to Jeff and Monica at every turn even letting them believe she was responsible for the explosion on Adam as "revenge" for how he treated Jeff. 

Anders' honesty was needed and refreshing. 

He was dropping necessary truth bombs to a very immature Kirby.

Her breakup with Culhane didn't end on bad terms, it fizzled out.

You Paid Attention - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 4

Why can't she remain friendly and cordial after that?

Thankfully, Anders put her in check when she got mad at him for doing business with Culhane.

This isn't about you, Kirby!

Anders: And I think it's probably for the best that things didn't work out with Michael.
Kirby: What do you mean?
Anders: I mean that you and Michael dated for all of five minutes. If this is how you're reacting than obviously you still have a lot of growing up to do.

She took the publishing company, Femperial, from Fallon, so I need her to focus her efforts on making that a success.

The last thing she needs is to get wrapped up in some revenge relationship with Victor, who has enough problems with some dangerous Cuban men. 

You can watch Dynasty online and share your thoughts with us in the comments section below! 

What did you think of the musical numbers?

Was Liam too harsh? 

Is Adam going to lose his vision?


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Dynasty Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

The annual Blue Belt tasting is tonight at Carrington Manor. Apparently, Adam's running the vineyard now. Prodigal son entrusted with the last remaining jewel of the Carrington empire. It's almost Shakespearean.

Jeff Colby

Fallon: Should I text him? Maybe I'll text him.
Sam: Fallon, we broke into his house twice. Okay? I'd let it breathe.
Fallon: For how long?