Ian Somerhalder Responds to Surprise Legacies Reference

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Ian Somerhalder may be done playing Damon Salvatore, but The Vampire Diaries universe is not over. 

If you watch Legacies online, you know there have been hints about Damon and Elena living their life together in Mystic Falls after being reunited on the series finale of The Vampire Diaries. 

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On Legacies Season 1 Episode 10, Lizzie made a wish that the Salvatore School created for gifted children never existed. 

As a result, Lizzie and Josie were forced to attend Mystic Falls High, aka the school that Elena attended. 

Once there, it emerged that Stefanie Salvatore existed, and it sent fans into a flurry because Delena's name for their child was an ode to her fallen uncle Stefan, who sacrificed himself. 

However, Stefanie has never been referenced outside of the episode, so it's possible that she was only created in that timeline. 

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Somerhalder has now admitted that he is liking that this third series in the universe is referencing events from the past. 

"I haven't been able to dive too deep into the story of Legacies — we've been in post-production on V Wars for 11 months – but it's amazing to know that these characters are still going," Somerhalder told TVLine.

"They're doing a really great job. It's a fun show and it looks cool."

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Somerhalder went on to explain that his former co-star, Paul Wesley, sent him a video message from the show's set. 

"It's wild. [Paul Wesley] was on set and sent me a video message," the actor told the outlet. "He was like, 'This is a trip. These are our sets. This is like a time warp!'"

Legacies does use many of the sets from The Vampire Diaries, so that makes sense. 

Wesley was on the show's set during Legacies Season 1 to direct an episode. 

Ian Somerhalder as Damon

It would be fun if Damon popped up in some capacity, or if we got to meet Stefanie Salvatore, right?

What we do know is that Chris Wood is returning as Kai Parker, so there's that. 

As for Somerhalder's new vampire drama, V Wars, it launches December 5 on Netflix. 

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Legacies airs Thursdays at 9/8c on The CW. 

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