NCIS Reveals When Cote de Pablo Returns as Ziva

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NCIS brought Ziva David back from the dead, but not as a series regular. 

Cote de Pablo returned at the close of NCIS Season 16 and appeared in the first two episodes of NCIS Season 17

The plan was always to bring the actress back again after Ziva's most recent turn concluded with her saying that she had one more thing to do, confirming that she would need to do this thing alone, before disappearing.

Tightly Wrapped - NCIS Season 17 Episode 2

TV Line is reporting that the Ziva David storyline will continue with de Pablo's next appearance set to air Tuesday, December 17, at 8/7c on CBS. 

The storyline will continue into the new year with Tuesday, January 7, at 8/7c, being given as her first appearance on the CBS drama in 2020. 

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That installment is also slated to be her final one with the series unless the plan changes, but given that we never thought we'd see Ziva on-screen again, there's a good chance it might. 

Ziva Returns ... FOR WHAT? - NCIS Season 17 Episode 1

The Ziva return storyline helped keep NCIS ratings strong while other shows were slipping, so it's possible that the producers will be lobbying for her return. 

Brian Dietzen confirmed de Pablo was back on the set of the hit drama series. 

What we don't know is whether Michael Weatherly will be staging a comeback to complete Ziva's storyline if this does turn out to be the end for her. 

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Ziva did indicate that Tony had no idea she was still alive, and Gibbs said the following to her:

“He should hear [the truth] from you,” he said.

She's Back! - NCIS Season 16 Episode 24

To which Ziva responded, “And he will.”

Given that fans felt robbed of Ziva's previous exit storyline in which it was revealed that she died off-screen, it's hard to imagine the character not getting the ending she deserves this time. 

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