Supernatural Season 15 Episode 6 Review: Golden Time

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Cas is back!

On Supernatural Season 15 Episode 6, Cas showed that the old Cas everyone loves just needed a mini vacation to come back full force.

He was brutal. And now he's ready for action.

This is going to be good.

Vicious Cas - Supernatural Season 15 Episode 6

Where Cas was or what he was doing is anyone's guess, but he showed up and took care of business.

It was odd, for sure, but at least it appears he's going to be useful in Sam and Dean's battle with Chuck.

Why he chose to show up in that little town to take on a djinn is curious. There was no explanation.

Maybe he investigated the news on his own. Maybe he had a "feeling."

Doing His Job - Supernatural Season 15 Episode 6

At least when he called Dean, his former best buddy didn't completely break his balls as he could have.

Whatever the reason, Cas is back, and that's all that matters.

The only concern is that he's losing strength when he heals, which had been an issue before (I can't remember).

That might prove to be a problem in the future -- especially if something drastic happens to either Sam or Dean.

Speculating a bit, with Cas's draining healing powers, maybe whatever battle happens will be where Sam and/or Dean will die. 

Cas might want to save them, but he won't have the juice to do it.

The end?!

It's clear Cas is angry and that he's angry at Chuck -- probably for everything Chuck has done (and not done).

And he doesn't even know the half of it because he's been gone for a bit.

Facing the Witches - Supernatural Season 15 Episode 6

Once he finds out, he'll be furious, and the badass Cas of old will show his true force.

But is Cas going to return to the bunker, or is he going to stay on his own for a while?

It wasn't made clear, but he needs to make peace with Dean.

If they can't set aside their differences and get rid of the friction between them, neither will be useful for what has to be done to take down Chuck.

Cas also wasn't afraid to show his "angelness" to the woman or her son.

Castiel Investigates - Supernatural

He doesn't care anymore.

It's like he wants to show people that there is hope in the world. 

He didn't divulge everything, but he didn't need to.

He did what needed to be done, and that's an important point to consider.

Sam is Shocked - Supernatural Season 15 Episode 6

It's as if he's had a change of attitude, which is good for everyone involved, and dopey and mopey Cas seems to be a memory.

Sam and Dean had their hands full with the witches.

It makes sense that the world of witches would know that Rowena is no longer around.

And why wouldn't any of them want to take some of her power and her spells for themselves?

What is Going On? - Supernatural Season 15 Episode 6

Sam was able to find Rowena's spellbook and was surprised that she was working on a spell to bring back his mother.

And he used the spell to help Lenny (is that her name?).

There wasn't much to that story other than that the spell will help them in the future.

Plus, whatever other spells are in Rowena's book will be things he and Dean can use in the battle against Chuck.

They need everything at their disposal, and anything that can give them an advantage is a plus for the good guys.

That is, of course, if it isn't all part of Chuck's story.

It's not clear (and probably won't be) if Sam, Dean, and Cas (and anyone else) are doing things of their own volition or if it's all part of Chuck's new story.

I would imagine Chuck is still working on his story and hasn't put all the pieces into play yet, but there's no way to tell for sure.

But both the boys know that whatever is coming is going to be serious.

Sam Has Problems - Supernatural Season 15 Episode 6

They also know they need to be at the top of their game because Chuck is a tricky dude -- and a bad boy at that.

Wouldn't it be cool if the Trickster made an appearance?

Nothing and no one ever stays dead forever on Supernatural, so there's always the possibility that some of Dean and Sam's old friends might make a reappearance.

If I'm wrong, school me. I can't quite remember the specifics of Gabriel's death (I know how he died, but are the rules absolute?).

Dean Has a Gun - Supernatural Season 15 Episode 6

Staying in speculation mode, who else would anyone like to see return to help Dean and Sam fight the good fight against Chuck?

There are so many people who could help them.

And there are so many that Chuck could revive that could prove to be major problems -- like Michael, for example.

Last week, some commenters mentioned bringing back the old Death.

If that happened, it would be the greatest thing ever!

And I can't remember, but someone said, that it was written (?) that only Death could take care of God?

So, if someone were going to do the job, the original Death making an appearance would be ideal.

He could come back in the final scenes to do the deed because Billy would have a problem taking care of business.

Pure speculation, of course, but fun speculation nonetheless.

Over to you!

A Witch with a Plan - Supernatural Season 15 Episode 6

What did you think of "Golden Time"?

The end of Supernatural is near, so things will start heating up.

Who else would you like to see return?

Is Cas back to his badass self?

Will it last?

What will Sam and Dean do with Rowena's book?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts!

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Golden Time Review

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Supernatural Season 15 Episode 6 Quotes

Sam: So I've been looking for signs of God or Lilith and you've been in your room eating cereal?
Dean: And marathoning Scooby Doo.

We don't need to worry about finding him. He'll find us.