Superstore Season 5 Episode 8 Review: Toy Drive

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Amy and Jonah help Mateo run a toy drive on Superstore Season 5 Episode 8.

But with another charity collecting money outside of Cloud 9, Mateo isn't receiving enough donations to portray his love for the community to a judge. 

While there were funny moments that elicited a chuckle, this episode was, sadly, more proof that the series has gone from pure excellence to just something to watch. 

Friendly Competition - Superstore Season 5 Episode 8

To start off, the workers feel less united.

Cloud 9 has always been one big family, but the more Superstore Season 5 goes on, the more the employees act like begrudinging co-workers than a community. 

Every character has their own plotline that is so isolated from everyone else's that it feels like a bunch of unrelated short stories stuffed into 22 minutes. 

Some sitcoms can pull off multiple storylines at the same time, but Superstore has never been just a sitcom.

The co-workers' interactions and obvious love for each other made the series feel like one big on-going story as opposed to a hollowed-out comedy that serves to provide nothing but a laugh or two. 

The show has always been multi-dimensional, but recently it has fallen flat.

Sandra and Glenn - Superstore Season 5 Episode 8

Amy definitly didn't deserve to be called a bad manager by Kyle, but we do have to admit that she is a boring manager. 

Amy: We're doing a toy drive inside for our friend, and no one's giving because they've already given to you. So could you, maybe, just come back another day?
Kyle: I mean, look. This is your mistake. I shouldn't have to leave because you're a bad manager.

Is Amy a boring character? Absolutely not. But her new position takes away from what was once the funniest and most ironic part of the series.

The enigma was always how someone as incompetent as Glenn was able to run the store. 

For fans of The Office, would you have rather Jim have been the manager? Or was Michael's position what made the show so great to begin with?

Amy is doing too good of a job.

On one hand, I want to praise her for being the amazing manager she is, but on the other hand, I want to continue to laugh at how stupid Cloud 9 is to put Glenn in charge. 

Glenn - Superstore Season 5 Episode 8

When watching a sitcom, the last thing viewers are looking for is something that makes sense. Give us crazy, not sensable.

If Glenn was the manager during "Toy Drive" there's no doubt that it would have been much more comedic. Glenn would have made a terrible mess of things, and Amy and Jonah would have been forced to clean it up behind him. 

Amy: You can just edit that out, right?
Jonah: Oh, yeah. I didn't even press record this time.

The two wouldn't have had to worry about holding back, given that they were only associates, and things could have gone an entirely different way.  

Whenever Jonah and Amy are forced to get themselves out of hot water, Superstore is always incredible. But now that Amy's only reporting to herself, there's no reason for her to sneak around the store caught up in shenanigans with her boyfriend. 

Toy Drive Wars - Superstore Season 5 Episode 8

Times have certainly changed. 

On another note, it was difficult not to feel bad for Garrett when Colleen ghosted him.

She ghosted you.


I fully expected her to show up at the store during the episode's final moments, but it appears that the two may be over for good. 

Does this mean that Garrett and Dina have a chance?

Sayid - Superstore Season 5 Episode 8

Dina did say all would be forgiven if he helped her sabotage Colleen. It may not have gone exactly the way he planned, but the two appear to be on stable ground again. 

Speaking of couples, Glenn's uncertainty of Jerry and Sandra's relationship hurt our Jandra loving hearts. 

He's always been there for us. When Jerry was in the hospital he was the only person who said he wished he could've visited.


He made have had a point about them being too similar, but they're the kind of similar that attract. 

If anything, they're too perfect for each other. And if the worst thing about your relationship is that you're too perfect, you've got a pretty great one. 

We're ready for the wedding. 

Mateo - Superstore Season 5 Episode 8

Overall, "Toy Drive" wasn't a horrible episode. It's simply something for viewers to turn on when they have a half-hour to kill and don't feel like thinking too hard. 

But the best part about Superstore was that it did make you think. Every episode left viewers either shocked, satisfied, or heartbroken. 

In the span of eight episodes, Superstore has started to become a mindless installment of television. It may not be bad a show, but it's no longer an amazing one. 

Can that change? There's no doubt that a writing team as talented as this one can do it. The question is whether or not they'll put in the effort. 

Birds - Superstore Season 5 Episode 8

It's your turn, Superstore fans! What did you think of "Toy Drive?" 

Do you miss Glenn as manager? Is there anything you would have liked to see this episode, but didn't?

How do you feel about this season as a whole?

Drop a comment down below, and let us know your thoughts and predictions!

And don't forget that if you missed the episode, you can watch Superstore online right here at TV Fanatic!

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Superstore Season 5 Episode 8 Quotes

He's always been there for us. When Jerry was in the hospital he was the only person who said he wished he could've visited.


Amy: You can just edit that out, right?
Jonah: Oh, yeah. I didn't even press record this time.