Television's Hottest Sex Scenes That We'll Never Forget

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Relationships on television shows offer a lot to their fans, and it isn't like their sex scenes are the main reason we love them, but they are still really important. 

A sex scene will make or break a couple if executed a certain way. Because it is all about the chemistry between a couple, and if they have a sex scene, and they don't show any of that energy, then they don't stay on our minds for too long.

Luckily, there is now this list that compiles some of the hottest sex scenes that we will never be able to forget. 

Oliver and Felicity (Arrow)

Oliver and Felicity Together  - Arrow

With the wonderful news that Emily Bett Rickards is coming back for Arrow's final episode, it feels fitting to travel back to a time when this scene hit our screens. 

There was so much buildup between Oliver and Felicity that, of course, they also delivered when it came to their sex scenes.

The recent season of Arrow is amazing but it is still hard sometimes to deal with the loss of this relationship.

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Klaus and Caroline (The Vampire Diaries)

Klaus and Caroline - The Vampire Diaries

Klaus and Caroline had quite a build-up that deserved to amount to more than just a sex scene before he had to leave for his spinoff show.

Regardless of that small fact, these two had a sex scene that is both memorable and visually pleasing. 

Sometimes you just want to see your favorites share a hot moment in the woods on The Vampire Diaries

The 100: Raven and Zeke's Fast Burn Success Story

Raven and Zeke (The 100)

Raven and Zeke Spending Time Together - The 100

The romance between Raven and Zeke may have been short-lived, but The 100 is still on The CW which means fans didn't miss out.

The context behind the scene may have felt rush because by the end of The 100 Season 6 Episode 1 Zeke would end up getting killed off, but that didn't affect the way it translated on screen.

This sweet and soft moment highlighted why Raven and Zeke worked so well, while also solidifying why fans were so quick to fall in love with this couple.

The 100 may not be about romance, but sometimes they get it right, however momentary. 

Wesley and Turbo (Daybreak)

Turbo and Wesley

Allow me to introduce you to Daybreak and to this lovable relationship that can't be stopped. Even by the end of the world.

Wesley and Turbo have a lot to work on in terms of their inner peace and the way they relate to others, but when they are together, it just makes sense.

They are (hopefully) on their way to a more healthy bond where there is communication and understanding.

The highlight of their relationship though is the way that Ira Madison III managed to create their love story in such a refreshing and yet new way when it comes to LGBTQIA+ representation.

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Kat and Adena (The Bold Type)

Kat and Adena - The Bold Type

Kat and Adena have a remarkable relationship that offers valuable representation on screen with each new season.

Their first time though was the validating and incredible example of a queer story done right. 

It was a loving scene that allowed Kat to be vulnerable and for Adena to push for more open communication between them.

The result became a sex scene that was as wonderful as it was valuable, with it still leaving a mark on many fans who start The Bold Type

Alison and Emily (Pretty Little Liars)

Alison and Emily Together - Pretty Little Liars

Another long-awaited and wholesome scene full of love was shared between Alison and Emily.

Waiting for them to even possibly get together was a long and messy road, but when Alison showed that she cared for Emily just as much, it was over for all of us.

These two deserved so much better, and even though we know they will get back together, sometimes you want to take a walk down memory lane. 

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Callie and Gael (Good Trouble)

Callie and Gael Together - Good Trouble

Not all hot sex scenes have to be between a couple that stays together, although Good Trouble still has plenty of time to circle back around to these two. 

There can be points made about why we want to see Callie and Gael together and about why we don't, but a scene like this go under the pro section of that list. 

Something about an aesthetically pleasing sex scene makes it harder to let go of that hope for more. 

Nikita and Michael (Nikita)

Nikita and Michael

If we're talking about underappreciated scenes, this one takes the cake for sure.

The relationship between Nikita and Michael was a highlight of the show, even if we didn't get to see as much of it as we deserved.

And scenes like this just solidified that, making it one of the hottest sex scenes to date. 

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Naomi Nagata and James Holden (The Expanse)

Naomi and James - The Expanse

Look at them and tell me they weren't your first thought for this list. 

These two scream sexual tension whenever they are in the same room, and they have to have set some record for most epic sex scenes.

The most important thing in a quality sex scene is chemistry, and these two have so much of it.

It really isn't fair because many relationships can't compare to this. The Expanse just knows how to appeal to all of us.

Claire and Jamie (Outlander)

Claire and Jamie Together - Outlander

Outlander is beloved for many reasons, with the sex scenes between their lead duo as one of the biggest ones.

Claire and Jamie represent what many fans love most in their fictional relationships, a combination of a pair being so soft but also so good looking at the same time.

That translates into some memorable sex scenes, and honestly, there were too many to choose from but their wedding night was something exceptional.

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Logan and Veronica (Veronica Mars)

Veronica and Logan Together - Veronica Mars

This one is a sore spot for many of us, with the revival changing things in ways that neither Veronica nor Logan deserved.

Before it got to that point, though, and even after it, the most important part about thee two is their legacy.

No matter how their story ended, the way that it got created and what fans took from it is what matters.

Part of that includes scenes like this, and we can pretend this is the last scene of the new season of Veronica Mars

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Cheryl and Toni (Riverdale)

Cheryl and Toni Together - Riverdale

It would be great if Cheryl and Toni could have just a week where they don't have any Riverdale related plots to distract them.

But even with the minimal screentime that they sometimes share, they also manage to top it for all of us. Pun intended.

This sex scene was a long time coming, and at least these two delivered above and beyond. 

Spike and Buffy (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

Spike and Buffy Together - Buffy the Vampire Slayer

This is a tough one, mostly because of the not so positive history that comes with this couple and the possibilities in general.

Spike isn't the only person who Buffy had off the charts chemistry with it is almost impossible not to mention the Angel like elephant in the room.

But still, there is something about Spike and Buffy at their best that makes them fit this list perfectly.

If only that were all that we could remember about them then they really could be the peak couple. 

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Eliott and Lucas (Skam France)


Does anything really need to be said?

This gif alone speaks volumes about how epic a sex scene can be if we let a couple in it shine.

It is an incomplete example if Eliott and Lucas don't get added here as well, their energy together is magnetic and chances are many of you didn't know about it. 

Alex and Michael (Roswell, New Mexico)

Michael and Alex Together - Roswell, New Mexico

Fans have fallen in love with Alex and Michael's love for a lot of reasons, but most of it can just be explained with the word soft.

Their love for one another is so sweet and kind; it translates into all scenes that they share on Roswell, New Mexico.

That includes their sex scenes that are so memorable because of how much emotion is behind each one.

You can feel the love and the longing between Alex and Michael, so it would be unfair to deprive others of this discovery. 

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Laura and Mad Sweeney (American Gods)

Laura and Mad Sweeney - American Gods

This is another one that is hard to explain.

It isn't like we actually ship these two together all that much, and yet there is something about this sex scene that felt like it belonged in this conversation.

How can you not talk about this?

Maybe the lighting or the cinematography is to blame but either way here we are with American Gods.

Wade and Zoe (Hart of Dixie)

Wade and Zoe Together - Hart of Dixie

Talking about underappreciated shows means mentioning Hart of Dixie and the way some people are still discovering it.

Wade and Zoe have to be a big part of that; their banter and their love and their messiness feel so real even years after the show ended.

But that isn't why we are all here, we are here to discuss the sex scene that closed out the first season of the show.

How do you not root for a couple that is that level of epic? The answer is you don't. 

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Jane and Rafael (Jane the Virgin)

Jane and Rafael Together - Jane the Virgin

An adorable sex scene is hard to explain, yet Jane and Rafael are the best examples of it.

Their relationship was a long time coming, so their sex scenes had to live up to the hype on Jane the Virgin.

Jane and Rafael proved that not only can you do it, at the time same time you can have scenes that exceed those expectations. 

If there is a happy ending to look forward to for our other ships, Jane and Rafael's has to be the inspiration. 

Sam and Grizz (The Society)

Sam and Grizz Together

It is quite fascinating how many apocalypse shows and their couples made their way onto this list.

The apocalypse comes with the promise of epic sex scenes for us to look forward to, right?

Sam and Grizz won us over before we even knew the potential that they had. It has to be only the beginning of their journey on The Society, but we already know they are worthy of making it onto this list. 

There is this level of understanding and intimacy that proves how much that can add to a scene to make it stand out. Now can the show return this cute and innocent love into our lives?

The Cluster (Sense8) 

Sense8 Together

This all wouldn't be complete without Sense8, a show that used its Netflix standing to go in on every sex scene.

The twist on it though is that every scene gets treated like literal artwork, it is always so chaotic and intense and visually fascinating.

It is also just really unforgettable, and a great way to end off the list. 

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What about you? What do you think is the hottest TV sex scene? And what couple might you be excited to see have a sex scene in the future?

Let us know in the comments below. 


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