The Flash Season 6 Episode 6 Review: License to Elongate

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Cue in the Johnny Cash music. 

On The Flash Season 6 Episode 6, we got a treat.

Some have mixed feelings about this season, but it's been a great juggling act of humor and horror.

Friends Help Each Other  - The Flash Season 6 Episode 6

Who knew Ralph had that much charisma?

His one-liners and debonair persona was flooring. We can see how Sue would eventually fall for him.

I spent the whole summer with the rich, the famous, and the infamous. Relax, I got this.


He is a great detective and better with people then he is given credit.

His style and smooth speech really did a number on his image.

Get this party started  - The Flash Season 6 Episode 6

You could see Ralph stepping up and taking charge to protect the city.

Just look how far our little giraffe has come from his start on the show. I'm so proud. 

Barry, on the other hand, was a mess.

He was so fixated on passing the baton that he was missing the clues under his nose. 

Barry looks Shocked  - The Flash Season 6 Episode 6

Our speedster can have such a one-track mind at times.

What happened to the Barry Allen that tricked numerous baddies into believing he was, basically, a mob boss?

Lose the ring pal. This is how we suit up tonight.


Barry was jumping the gun and didn't understand the rules of subtle espionage.

Instead, he was fubbling into the nerd we met during The Flash Season 1 trying to tell Iris he loved her. 

Uh no!  - The Flash Season 6 Episode 6

Speaking of hard-to-watch moments, Cecile internal theme song of "Confident," by Demi Lovato, failed.

She led Chester in the wrong direction, and it was a mix of funny and sad. 

The poor boy has been crushing on that girl for months, and Cecile was way too confident that she could empath via phone. Do her power even work like that?

If so, why hasn't she been doing that every time the team needs her powers?

Why hasn't she been using them to asses situations with baddies?

She could have caught the situation with Ramsey much earlier. 

Ralph Sees You  - The Flash Season 6 Episode 6

Cecile's storyline took a unexpected turn that really brought a vulnerabilty to her chacracter.

She is still trying to figure out her powers and what having them will mean for her future.

She feels the emotions of others all day. Add her career change, and it's no surprise she is feeling a bit lost.

Chester swept in for a great heart to heart that would make Joe proud.

His encourgement and understanding helped Cecile step up to embrace herself completely. 

Let's Start a Game  - The Flash Season 6 Episode 6

So many changes happened in her life fairly quickly, and she is still getting a handle on herself. 

Empathy can be a stressful ability.

We all remember when Prue got the power and almost went insane verse Pheobe who locked herself in the basement on Charmed. 

Killer Frost gives the death stare  - The Flash Season 6 Episode 6

Can we all clap at Killer Frost using The Book of Ralph to school Cecile? That was hilarious that the writers brought that back.

Ralph's life coaching can be comical but surely useful.

The book reminds me of Phil Dumphy's book of wisdom from Modern Family.

Looks like you're dead.

Killer Frost

I challenge us all to write a book of wisdom to share with other people.

You never know the impact your lessons of life experience will bring. 

Strike a Pose  - The Flash Season 6 Episode 6

Nash and Alegra make an unlikely pair, but that is what is making The Flash Season 6 great. They are entangling different pairings that you wouldn't always see alone. 

There is a bit of mystery to why Alegra's similarity to someone would make Nash cry. I guess that Jesse Quick of his earth got killed due to The Monitor. 

Nash spilled several cups of tea for unprepared Alegra. She found out about Barry's secret identity.

That turn of events is not a shocker, but it's refreshing that Barry didn't unmask himself to anyone this season. KNOCK ON WOOD. 

He did use his real voice at a press conference full of his co-workers, though. Why didn't anyone recognize his voice? 

Someone New  - The Flash Season 6 Episode 6

Ultra Violet made a comeback.

Was I the only person who had to scratch my head to place her?

She made such a small impression that her previous presence as Alega's villainous cousin did not stick. 

She was old news with the destruction Ramsey was causing. 

Another Villain  - The Flash Season 6 Episode 6

Her reappearence makes more sense as we explore Alegra's complex relationship with her powers.

She is afraid using her gifts to help Nash will turn her into her cousin. 

Because Alegra in this life we choose. We choose who we are.


The capture of Barry and Ralph was inevitable, but the villain having a laser beam seemed extreme.

The man was willing to destroy the city to sell weapons. You could hear the anchorman saying,"well, that escalated quickly." 

Thank goodness for Ralph's wisdom because Barry doesn't give himself enough credit.

He is so caught up in sacrificing himself as The Flash that he isn't putting much attention into his legacy as Barry. 

Barry's drunken walk on stage was pure gold. Grant Gustin can shine in comedy, and hopefully, he gets into a sitcom when The Flash ends. 

Thankfully, and a tad predictably, there was a self destruct button on the weapon that would have destroyed the city. The James bond theme got pushed during this hour. 

Although I was skeptical before watching, it was pleasantly entertaining. That said, I am still expecting the showrunner's promises to be fulfilled. 

The showrunner claimed that Ramsey would be scarier than Zoom, and yet we are still waiting. 

Until then, watch The Flash online with TV Fanatic. 

What about you? Hit the comments with your thoughts.

License to Elongate Review

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