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Did Cookie manage to return to the world of music?

On Empire Season 6 Episode 7, the character left her job and made plans to return to where it all began. 

Tiana Bites Back - Empire Season 6 Episode 7

However, she had a plan to bring Bossy Media into the fold that pit her against Lucious all over again. 

Meanwhile, Lucious wanted to get Empire back, so he set out to make trouble for Andre. 

Elsewhere, Hakeem started to worry that Prince and Bella were getting too close to DeVon. 

Bossy Media - Empire

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Empire Season 6 Episode 7 Quotes

Cookie: Well, Doc, I came to tell you in person that I won't be needing anymore sessions because I left Lucious child, so I got rid of my 99 problems, so I'm good now.
Therapist: Is that what you think? Lucious is the reason you needed therapy?
Cookie: First of all, I didn't say that I needed therapy. My job did. And plus, you know how toxic and unhealthy he was. You heard my stories.
Therapist: No, what I heard you say was you left your father's house for Lucious when you were a teenager and your lives have been intertwined ever since. Those co-dependent bonds are hard to break. I spent a lot of money on that comfy couch. Would you like to sit down?
Cookie: Well, technically, it is still my hour, right?

Lucious: Look, man, you said some stuff. I said some stuff. But that's what we do, and then we work it out. I mean, I'm trying to get us back on the same damn page, baby. It's been two weeks, are you coming home or not?
Cookie: Oh, coming home. Haha. You want me to come home now Lucious? After what you said about my measly $400,000? No, sir. I'm tired. I'm tired of getting crumbs and begging for what's rightfully mine. So, you win. You win, Lucious. You win, okay. Bravo. Bravo to you, Lucious because I'm tired. I'm done. I'm done talking. I'm done working. I'm done preaching, crying. My knees are tired Lucious. I'm tired. Plus, you did this all by yourself, right? You did this all by yourself. No help. My seventeen years meant nothing. You enjoy your life. Live your biggest life baby. Because that's what I'm about to do.