Empire Season 6 Episode 9 Review: Remember the Music

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Can Lucious and Cookie sign those divorce papers and be done with each other already?

Empire Season 6 Episode 9 laid the groundwork for the once ride-or-die couple to sever ties with each other once and for all, but will they actually take the leap?

Their relationship is toxic. Lucious gets off on making Cookie squirm as he schemes his way to the top spot all while making cracks that he is the sole reason Empire succeeded. 

Questioning the Script - Empire

He fails to remember that, at least at one point, the whole family was part of the recipe for the success of the company. 

It's embarrassing that a man at that age will only be nice to the people who stroke his ego. Lucious is the odd man out in the family because people are tired of his wicked misdeeds.

Cookie Declines An Offer - Empire Season 6 Episode 9

At this stage, I would be happy if Lucious got back together with Damon Cross if only to stick the knife into Lucious and move on to the next chapter of her life. 

Lucious is manipulative. He knew Cookie was for real when she told him she was shutting down the movie. Why else would he play her music? 

Cookie: Cookie looks up from the sink as she dries a dish as she stares adoringly at her man. Lucious, you ain't even put out an album and you're already the best there ever was. Seriously?
Lucious: Look, I was just trying to make her softer. You know, nice.
Cookie: Well, it didn't work.

He knows Cookie is sentimental, always thinking of the past. Maybe working together on a professional level could work, but it's hard to imagine Cookie finding that palatable. 

She can thrive on her own without being put down at every turn by a man for whom she went to prison. I would have a lot of respect for the writers if they kept Cookie and Lucious apart for the rest of the series. 

Lucious Talks Cookie Around - Empire Season 6 Episode 9

Their rollercoaster relationship has run its course. The fundamental issue with the show right now is the persistent beating around the bush about the status of their union. 

Move on, and fans will be happy to spend the final chapter picking up the pieces about who killed Cookie and Lucious to take much notice. 

Cookie: You gonna pass this off to our fans as truth?
Lucious: It is true. Look, you and me, we ain't been on the same page for a while now. That script just needs a couple of tweaks.
Cookie: Couple of tweaks? This here took me out.

Cookie becoming a not so silent partner at Bossy Media was predictable, but working at a company run by females should be different from the horrors she endured at Empire. 

Lucious questioned her every move. Now, all she has to do is yell orders at Becky and Giselle, and they'll probably agree with her. 

The End is Near - Empire Season 6 Episode 9

Cookie is a natural when it comes to helping emerging artists. Just think about what she did in the recording session with Tiana. Tiana wasn't feeling it, and she understood how to make the song sound better and make Tiana feel better for it. 

Bossy Media should be a nice change of pace for Cookie, assuming the company doesn't get hit by scandal. 

Can't you hear it? Westside hustler is code for Lucious.


Giselle and Becky were desperate for a cash injection during "Remember the Music," ultimately leading Giselle to Damon. 

Damon is a crook, so filtering his dirty money through a new and emerging record label is an excellent opportunity for him. 

Andre Talks to Kingsley - Empire Season 6 Episode 9

If it goes ahead, look for Lucious to reveal details to the feds to get one up on Damon, not taking into consideration what it would mean for Cookie and Becky. 

All roads lead back to Lucious, and I'm tired of it. 

Philly Street thought Lucious was starting to become a better person, so he chose to give Lucious the benefit of the doubt when Tracy ambushed him with the lyrics that incriminated Lucious and Shine. 

I questioned why Shine would be that dumb to reveal the bombshell in a lyric, but when you consider that he's dead, it made sense. Why not pester Lucious from beyond the grave? 

Poetic justice at its finest!

White Tracy Schemes - Empire Season 6 Episode 9

As for Tracy, her inclusion in Empire Season 6 has been strange. The character -- wardrobe and actress combined -- would be better served as a villain on Dynasty

The highlight of this installment was Andre and Kingsley's scheming. Even though they've been at odds, they recognize their common goal to take down Lucious. 

Lucious: You want a divorce?
Cookie: It's time. It's time, Lucious.

It's all very reminiscent of Elliot's relationship with a figment of his imagination on Mr. Robot. They aren't entirely fond of one another, but they know they need to work together to take down the bad guys. 

Whether Andre can end his father is a tough question, especially with Teri sniffing around. The soon-to-be Lyon is learning the hard way that her fiance is cut from the same cloth as his father. 

Phyllis Makes a Move - Empire Season 6 Episode 8

Still, it's doubtful the storyline is the best use of Meta Golding's time. She's an excellent actress who is being wasted on this show. 

The writers would be wise to flesh out the character and give her some of the storylines instead of, say, Tracy. 

"Remember the Music" was another ho-hum episode. The series is limping to the finish line at this stage, and it's a real shame. 

A shorter final season episode order would have worked better. 

Tracy Has a New Person to Help - Empire Season 6 Episode 8

What did you think of Cookie and Lucious deciding to part ways?

What will become of Bossy Media?

Hit the comments. 

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Remember the Music Review

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