Mr. Robot Season 4 Episode 9 Review: Conflict

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Wow. Was that thrilling, or what?

The longest Christmas Day concluded on Mr. Robot Season 4 Episode 9, with Whiterose and the other members of the crooked company losing their grip on the world. 

It was a long time coming for these people who have been part of some of the most pivotal moments in the history of the world, and "Conflict" could have easily served as the series finale. 

F Society - Mr. Robot

It had all of the makings of a series-ending episode, but we still have four to go. The likely scenario here is that Whiterose will set his sights on Elliot to take him down. 

With no money to pay anyone, though, it remains to be seen whether the Dark Army will cease to exist, and more importantly, whether anyone will go to prison for their crimes. 

Whiterose Learns More - Mr. Robot Season 4 Episode 9

Darlene and Elliot going their separate ways to proceed with the hack was needed. There was an urgency for them to carry it out while they could, but the hurdles that kept popping up were anxiety-inducing. 

Darlene using fSociety one last time was the perfect homage to the show's earlier years, back when the elusive group was bursting at the seams. 

I was hoping we could talk. It's about your friend, Angela.


She knew it was do or die time, and she came through in the end by doing all of the difficult work. She understood her brother was struggling, as evidenced by her interactions with Mr. Robot. 

Working Together Again - Mr. Robot Season 4 Episode 9

Elliot was a prisoner in his own mind because it was the only way he knew how to cope. If you watch Mr. Robot online, you know Elliot has learned much about his past throughout Mr. Robot Season 4

He has always been an introvert, but he hasn't been able to cope with the loss in his life, as well as the revelations that have been coming out to play. 

The very notion that Angela could be alive allowed Elliot to put Mr. Robot to the side and come back for a little while. Elliot changed forever when he learned of his best friend's demise, so it was only natural for him to think about a reality in which she was still living. 

Angela helped him through some of the roughest times of his life and was there for him growing up. It's a shame they were so divided by the time she was gunned down by the Dark Army, but she had a lasting effect on him. 

A Sullen Elliot - Mr. Robot Season 4 Episode 6

But Elliot's completely shut his emotions off after Angela's passing, and the knowledge that she could be alive made him want to meet Whiterose more than ever. 

Whiterose has a warped imagination. She thinks there's a way to create an alternate reality and change all of this. She may have gotten arrested, but she's still going to try pulling strings. Then again, Whiterose is the perfect person to talk herself out of an adverse situation. 

Mr. Robot: How we doing?
Darlene: Deus members should be arriving.
Mr. Robot: You think they're on to us?

There has been much death and betrayal at the Whiterose's hands, but the villain will still find a way to carry out what needs to be done. 

Price dying was par for the course. Whiterose knew there was more to the tall tale of Price ditching E Corp. She had a hunch Angela's father was working with Elliot. 

Avenging His Daughter - Mr. Robot Season 4 Episode 2

It would have been silly to assume otherwise. Price has been a one-note character, aside from him helping Elliot when he really needed it. 

However, he was on fire throughout this entire installment. The balance of power changed dramatically from when he walked into his final meeting with Whiterose. 

Whiterose wanted answers, but his takedown was exciting. As the scenes went on, he progressively lost more power, as well as his patience. 

Price knew he was about to be killed off, so he could be as cutthroat as he wanted with the insults he hurled at his nemesis. The shooting, however, was a surprise. 

You DID WHAT? - Mr. Robot Season 4 Episode 2

A part of me thought Price was getting away with everything, but it turns out, you can't drag Whiterose through the mud and expect to get away with it. 

Even though I wanted an answer about Dom's fate, the episode did not allow for it. It made sense that we would be left in the lurch taking place just hours after Darlene's ordeal in Angela's apartment. 

She's a strong young woman who managed to compose herself quickly to take down Deus. She had nobody to speak to, and but that didn't stop her. 

Hopefully, Elliot and Darlene can actually build and maintain a bond in the aftermath of this because it was harrowing that she didn't feel like her brother was emotionally stable enough to talk through her near-death experience. 

Mr. Robot Looks On Season 4 Episode 9

I'd also like to highlight the meeting with the Deus members. TV shows are becoming more political, and the addition of Donald Trump as one of the lookalikes was bizarre. 

I had to do a double-take while watching just to be sure who the person was supposed to be. From a storytelling standpoint, his inclusion made sense. 

Whiterose has been part of some huge political movements, so there's that. 

Price: Want to tell me what's going on?
Whiterose: I thought we'd start with a drink.

This episode may well be one of the show's best, and that's saying something. Mr. Robot Season 4 has been remarkable. Now, it's all down to Sam Esmail and whether he can stick the landing. 

What did you think of the installment? Were you excited by the return of fSociety? 

Hit the comments. 

Mr. Robot continues Sundays on USA Network. 

Conflict Review

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Mr. Robot Season 4 Episode 9 Quotes

Price: Want to tell me what's going on?
Whiterose: I thought we'd start with a drink.

Mr. Robot: How we doing?
Darlene: Deus members should be arriving.
Mr. Robot: You think they're on to us?