The Flash Season 6 Episode 9 Review: Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Three

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Yes, the multiverse is in peril, and there are bigger problems, but can we get a round of applause for a proper West-Allen kiss? We haven't seen that much passion since The Flash Season 4, and we need it more often. 

Barry and Iris are married, not 90, for goodness sakes. They need to step it up even when there isn't an apocalypse. 

The Flash Season 6 Episode 9, was the third installment of Crisis, and it was crafted so well that you weren't sure which show space was being used. The juggling of characters was handled much better this year, and no one felt wasted.

Team West-Allen  - The Flash Season 6 Episode 9

That includes Frost, who is quickly becoming preferred over Caitlin. Frost was thoroughly underused in past seasons, but her one-liners kept this episode a bit light-hearted in the face of such sorrow. 

Frost managed to make me laugh out loud on an episode with two deaths and the destruction of numerous Earths. 

Clam down, electric guy.


A welcomed change in this crossover is the development in the storyline. A viewer doesn't need to watch every Arrowverse show to understand the plot and be engaged with every character. 

Practice makes perfect, and I'd argue that this crossover series is edging on perfect. The culmination of such great heroes to fight for the multi-verse feels epic! 

Bat Woman  - The Flash Season 6 Episode 9

The plot to find the paragons was a great way to keep characters involved in the main plot and have a reason for our band of chosen heroes. How precious is Barry as the paragon of love? So fitting for our Scarlet Speedster. 

Also, how excited were you to see Osric Chau? Did Supernatural fans scream out "Kevin," and then shed a tear for his ghostly fate? 

New Hair Style, Huge Crisis  - The Flash Season 6 Episode 9

Iris should get a side business of helping heroes embrace themselves because she seems to have a unique skill. The Monitor seems to think so as well since Iris got sent to retrieve several paragons. 

You couldn't blame Ryan for wanting to be with his family during a time of crisis. He wanted nothing more than to be with his family at the end. After all, he is only human. 

Don't you want to hold her knowing you had a hand in making the world safer?


The writers did well with reminding us that not all heroes have powers, and that sometimes our abilities come in other forms. We can appreciate that there is a paragon for humanity, showcasing that you don't have to be struck by lighting to have a gift. 

No one is a better representation of that sincerity than Osric Chau. He is going to be a great addition to the team in this crisis, and we look forward to seeing what he brings to the table. 

Vibe is Back  - The Flash Season 6 Episode 9

There were a few MVPs and great surprises for this installment that need to be mentioned.

Firstly, Vibe is back! What does that mean? Will Cisco keep his powers? Will he ask the Monitor to take them back? How will this affect the future? 

Regardless, he was needed for the crisis to be stopped. He managed to vibe into Nash's memories and figure out how to open the door to the source of the anti-matter, and he teleported Flash-90 off the treadmill that was powering the anti-matter cannon. 

Vibe was missed. We forget how powerful and useful his abilities can be in solving a problem. 

Can you imagine if Cisco weren't there? Barry probably would have killed himself trying to get Flash-90 off of that treadmill. 

Another Flash  - The Flash Season 6 Episode 9

The Flash has expertise in emotional balance.

We knew little about Flash-90 other than his resemblance to Barry's father. Yet, we could not help the tears forming as the scene unfolded. 

Barry was ready to sacrifice himself for the greater good, and I held my breath in anticipation.

Theories were already spreading that maybe Iris would take Barry into the Lazarus pit after his demise. 

The Flash must die in crisis, but he never said which one.

Flash-Earth 90

We have been preparing for Barry's death in Crisis, but to have Flash-90 take his place hit hard. Why? I'm not too sure.

We barely saw the man on screen. The mix of relief that our Barry would okay, anger that The Monitor caused this anxiety for nothing, and sorrow for the loss of another hero just crept in at once. 

Flash-90 ran until he was torn apart, and all Barry could do was flee with his friends. His reunion with Iris worth it.

Finally, those two can sigh in relief and talk about building their family because we haven't forgotten about Nora. 

Black Lightening Joins  - The Flash Season 6 Episode 9

Thankfully, Barry was able to bond with Black Lightning about all the loss they've experienced. It's difficult for Barry to find anyone but Oliver who has dealt with as much trauma. 

The addition of Black Lightning was more useful than originally anticipated. He used his abilities to stall long enough for Flash-90 to make the final sacrifice. 

Clam down, electric guy.


Though his original entrance was a bit hostile, he managed to have a key role.

It is unclear whether The Monitor or Anti-Monitor has been calling the shots. 

In some cases, things have been playing out too easily. They created a paragon tracker a bit conveniently but did have some technical issues. There have been numerous deaths and destructions of Earths, so really who is in control? 

The Monitor  - The Flash Season 6 Episode 9

A great surprise was the inclusion of Lucifer!

That was a brilliant addition to the episode and bought great humor to finding Oliver's soul in purgatory. Lucifer brings such charisma that he almost stole the show. Crisis who? 

Daddy issues, why didn't you say so.


His devilish smile will haunt all our dreams and send people directly to Netflix for more. If only he could have stayed longer than a cameo. Guess we can only hope he can be included again. 

Superman We Know  - The Flash Season 6 Episode 9

What do you think about Crisis so far and this latest installment in the saga?

Comment below, and let us know your thoughts! 

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Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Three Review

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