Vikings Spoilers: Will Lagertha Sacrifice Herself to Save Her Village?

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If Vikings Season 6 is proving one thing, it's that it continues to be one of the most unpredictable shows on the small screen. 

As we looked ahead to Vikings Season 6 Episode 4, Lagertha reluctantly returns to the battlefield, and it seems like things are about to be deadlier than before. 

Lagertha is Ready to Chill - Vikings Season 6 Episode 3

"Lagertha leads her village’s response to the recent attacks, but despite her best efforts, when the inevitable attack comes, the consequences are tragic," reads the logline for "All the Prisoners," airing Wednesday, December 18 on History. 

The official trailer for the episode shows Lagertha gearing up for a big battle, but nothing is ever easy on Vikings. 

Her tranquility has been ruined thanks to the arrival of people who want to rape and attack the women and children of the village just to get back at her and Bjorn. 

Lagertha Says Goodbye - Vikings Season 6 Episode 1

Lagertha is a proven fighter, but the trailer certainly shows a part in which the warrior crumbles to her knees when something happens off-screen. 

On Vikings Season 6 Episode 3, Torvi left two of her children with Lagertha because it would be too dangerous to keep them on the road. 

It would make for a surprising development if they were killed off, but we wouldn't be shocked if Lagertha gives up her life to keep them safe, as well as the people of the village. 

Bloody Lagertha Standing - Vikings Season 5 Episode 19

If you've followed Lagertha's arc since the beginning of the series, you know that she's admitted her days of fighting are over. She's at peace, so killing her off could be the thing that propels the series to its endgame. 

Meanwhile, there will be trouble in store for Ivar because he "discusses Oleg’s ambitions for Scandinavia," but "he’s actually more interested in the plight of Igor, the young heir who Oleg controls."

This is another big talking point from the official trailer for the episode, possibly alluding to Ivar and Oleg's short friendship turning sour. 

Igor and Ivar - Vikings Season 6 Episode 3

Ivar wants power, and he knows working with Igor would get him it, but is it worth turning against Oleg, the person who took a chance on him?

Have a look at the clip below and hit the comments with your thoughts on it. 

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