Dare Me Season 1 Episode 5 Review: Parallel Trenches

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Did you know that putting a knocked-out tooth in milk could save it from dying?

Well, if you weren’t aware, Dare Me Season 1 Episode 5 clued you into that nifty piece of information, as a member of the Sutton Grove cheerleading squad suffered a horrific injury and saw her teeth scattered across the mat.

It was a pretty traumatic experience that we got to experience three times as the show switched things up with a story from multiple perspectives.

Girl Talk - Dare Me Season 1 Episode 5

Whenever a show employs the switching-points-of-view technique, it’s usually done to give viewers more information about the motivations or desires of the different characters involved in the scene.

It’s effective in that you can dive into the psyche of each character and see things through their eyes, and you can also see how people go through the same event and perceive it in entirely different ways.

Starting from the morning after the Playland Motel fiasco, we were treated to the next few days in the lives of Addy, Colette, and Beth. And it culminated in the awful scene in the gym.

For Addy, the aftermath of the party led to both Beth and Colette icing her out. And she didn't quite seem to understand why either woman would be mad at her.

If you can call out Addy for something, it’s that she’s very ho-hum about everything. She just accepted that people were mad at her and didn't do much of anything about it.

Double Take - Dare Me Season 1 Episode 5

She tried to talk to Beth but failed to make any headway there, so she gave up. And she took her lashing from Colette without putting up much of a fight -- ven though Colette owes her in a million different ways.

Beth was right to call out Addy on her desire to wants things simple and pretty. She doesn’t want to push back or dive deep into much of anything. It’s why she always takes a backseat to Beth.

Of the three viewpoints, Addy’s was by the far the least interesting as it didn’t tell us a whole lot or allow us to learn anything new about Addy.

We’ve reached the halfway point of the season, and Addy hasn’t grown an inch as a character.

Matt: Getting caught probably would have been better for them.
Colette: Better how?
Matt: Teach them a lesson. They think they can do whatever they want. Think they can get away with anything.

Colette’s point of view showed us a woman who was teetering on the edge of losing it. Gone was the blissfully happy Colette who was frolicking in the grass with Will.

Deep In Thought - Dare Me Season 1 Episode 5

She was replaced by the sullen, confused woman who was trying to get her squad in the best shape possible and make sense of her messy personal life.

She was staying firm with her decision to stop things with Will, but it wasn’t without waffling. And it was pretty obvious that she and Matt never resolved their argument during Dare Me Season 1 Episode 4, but Matt was trying to make amends.

Colette has been under a tremendous amount of pressure that more than likely predates anything we’ve ever seen, but she hasn’t found a positive way to deal with her stress outside of an illicit affair.

It’s hard to feel overwhelming sympathy for anyone in this world, but it was sad to see Colette get reamed by Riri’s mother and watch her slowly breakdown as she considered that she was failing.

Was it Colette’s fault that Tacy’s insecurities led her to attempt a move she had no business doing? Of course not.

But this is Colette’s squad, and for better or worse that means she shoulders the blame.

The relationship, or lack thereof, between Colette and Beth was touched on a bit. And there’s still a general sense of distrust and animosity between the two, but could this event be something that moves their relationship to a less antagonistic place?

Beth didn’t even have time to dwell on her hatred for Colette because she was suffering from whatever happened with Kurtz. And she was missing a necklace.

Tacy: Are you trying to break dad's heart?
Beth: What?
Tacy: Your necklace. The one that dad gave you. Did you lose it? No wonder he doesn't get you nice things.

Beth rarely shows genuine emotion. But the entire hour, she was struggling from every point of view. And everyone was too wrapped up in other things to truly see what was going on.

Concerned Bert - Dare Me Season 1 Episode 5

Kurtz is very clearly horrible, and he didn’t exactly come out and say what he did to Beth, but the fact that he’s telling her he didn’t mean to do something should tell you everything you need to know.

Beth was on the verge of breaking down every time we saw her, and when she finally did give in to the anxiety and fear, everything around her was on fire so everyone’s attention went elsewhere.

We’ve seen Beth angry and even unhinged, but this was the first time we’ve seen Beth vulnerable.

If Addy or even Bert had been in the position to just see her and hug her, it could have been the right moment for Beth to let her guard down, if even for a minute.

She keeps everything bottled up so tightly, but it seems like she wants to open up but doesn’t know how, nor does she feel like anyone loves her enough to even care.

Dealing With Mom - Dare Me Season 1 Episode 5

I was fighting for a deeper look into Beth outside of mean girl cheerleader, and Dare Me is giving it to me.

Odds and Ends

  • Bert is the worst and will forever be the worst, but his Oprah moment when announcing the girls were going to regionals had no right to be that funny.
  • Speaking of Bert, if he got over himself for one minute and tried to actually be a parent, he could forge a relationship with Beth. Her connection to that necklace shows that she cares about Bert no matter how many different ways she claims she doesn’t.
  • The fact that we had to see Riri get kicked in the face three times and see her teeth fall out three times was just too much.
  • I guess they’ve forgotten about the mystery they teased at the beginning of the series, but I still want to know whose blood is all over the carpet!

It looks like the next stop for the squad is Regionals. Will things go off without a hitch? 

Slamming Opinions - Dare Me Season 1 Episode 5

Let me know what you think is coming up next and let me know what you thought about the latest episode. 

Do you understad Beth better than you did earlier in the series?

Was Colette to blame for Riri's accident?

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Parallel Trenches Review

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Dare Me Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Addy: Nothing happened. We were out of there before the cops came. And no one's gonna talk.
Colette: Okay. Not even Beth?
Addy: Especially Beth. Beth never talks about anything. Not even to me.

Addy: What were you and coach talking about?
Beth: Nothing. Girlfriends just pissed you brought me there last night. So am I. It was the last place you should have taken me.