Days of Our Lives Round Table: Who Would You Have Kissed at Midnight?

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It was the start of a New Year in Salem as Nicole tried to hook up with Brady, again, Ciara lied to Grandpa Victor, and “Steve” showed himself to a stunned Justin and Kayla.

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Sportsgirl and Andyroo from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate if Nicole will dump Brady for Eric, who they would have kissed on New Year’s Eve, and what storylines they’re hoping to see play out during 2020 in Salem.

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Which character in Salem would you have liked to kiss on New Year’s Eve?

Sportsgirl: Currently probably Xander. He really has become a good guy. It would have been Eric if he wasn't such a jerk and Eli is my second runner up.

Jack: How about a kiss on the cheek for Doug and Julie? I'd have loved to have been at their party (until Stevano and Gina showed up). One for JJ too. I wish they'd shown the Devarauxs' quiet evening.

Andyroo: Unfortunately, I'd have to spend my New Year's Eve in jail to be with Will. He could probably use a good kiss right now!

Christine: Definitely, Xander. He’s handsome, fun, mischievous and he can be downright adorable. Maybe John because I do like his silver fox look he’s got. There’s no one else currently in Salem I’d really like to kiss.

(TALL) Kristen Reveals Herself- Days of Our Lives

Is Kristen right? Is Nicole using Brady as a place-filler until Eric takes her back?

Sportsgirl: Kristen is absolutely right. Nicole is basically a selfish person and if Eric wanted to forgive her she would leave Brady in a heartbeat.

Jack: Nicole ALWAYS uses Brady as her guy between guys, so probably. Kristen was 99% delusional, but I thought she was spot on about Nicole bouncing between Eric and Brady over the past few years.

Andyroo: Evil she may be, but Kristen is also right. If Eric were to forgive Nicole, she'd drop Brady instantly. And he's foolish if he thinks any different. I wish they'd let Brady have a female friend who he doesn't fall in love with.

Christine: I used to like Nicole but I hate the way she was throwing herself at Brady all while lamenting not hearing from Eric. Both Brady and Nicole have a problem being alone.

Kristen was spot on about Nicole. She’ll cozy up to Brady and then drop him like a hot rock the moment Eric wants her back.

(TALL) His Final Appeal - Days of Our Lives

Which would you prefer, Ciara to save Ben or Victor to realize his granddaughter has been lying to him and fire her?

Sportsgirl: It would be nice to see Vic fire her, but in reality, Ciara needs to save Ben because of his innocence. I just don't like that idea that she is one tough cookie. I guess all the times Ben saved her, it's about time she saved him.

Jack: Well, Ben shouldn't be executed for a crime he didn't commit, but I'd prefer Justin and/or a cop with an eye towards finding the real killer saved him.

Wouldn't it be something if Abigail did since she forced the cops to reopen Jen's case too, and it would be satisfying for Ben to owe her his life after what he did to her and her family.

Anyway, I would love for Victor to fire Ciara. She's not doing anything positive for the company and Victor never lets anyone else slide because of their relationship with him.

Andyroo: I'm not Ciara's biggest fan, but I'd like to see her outsmart Victor, whether it saves Ben or not. I think in hindsight Victor will be proud of her for the scheming and lengths she's gone to.

Christine: Oh, I’d love to see Victor fire Ciara because she’s just so arrogant and entitled but Ben doesn’t deserve to be in prison or put to death for something he didn’t do.

So, honestly, I guess I want someone to save Ben but it doesn’t need to be Ciara doing the saving and I'd love to see her have to deal with some sort of consequences.

(TALL) Face to Face With Stevano - Days of Our Lives

Are you glad that “Steve” is back in Salem even though it isn’t quite Steve?

Sportsgirl: It is good to see "Steve" and I know that one day someone will find out the truth, which I suspect will be Hattie. Then we can have the real Steve back.

Jack: I HATE this Stevano story! It's stupid and ridiculous, especially coming on the heels of eight months of amnesiac Jack rejecting Jennifer. Now we have brainwashed Steve or whatever he is rejecting Kayla because he thinks he's Stefano.

Steve should have been back as Steve, period. This is an insult to Stefano's memory as well as to all the Steve/Kayla fans who lobbied hard for Stephen Nichols' return.

Andyroo: I missed most of Steve's history on the show, so having him back is whatever. It's providing some interesting drama with Kayla, Justin, Kate, and others. I just hope the brainwashing doesn't get dragged out forever.

Christine: I’m torn. I like having actor Stephen Nichols back but I think it’s sad that the show can’t come up with any other entertaining villains and have to try and resurrect Stefano despite Joseph Mascola having passed away.

I like Kayla and Justin having so many scenes together but it’s difficult to see Steve treat Kayla this way as he’s already put her through a lot over the years.

(TALL) An Unpleasant Discovery - Days of Our Lives

If you could only choose one character to be outed, would it be Stefano as Steve, Princess Gina as Hope, or Gabi’s scheme against Lani?

Sportsgirl: This is a real toughie. All three really need to go, but the Gabi schemer currently is the oldest one now. She doesn't deserve to have Eli and I have grown to like Lani.

Jack: UGH! I can't stand any of those stories. But of the three, I want Steve restored to who he is supposed to be, so I guess I choose Stefano.

Andyroo: I am ready for Hope to be outed. It feels like Gina has been around forever (maybe it feels longer because of the time jump). That it's taken this long for Rafe to even start thinking she's acting strange is ridiculous.

Christine: Princess Gina as Hope, as long as it doesn’t end with Rafe and Hope back together. I’m appalled that Ciara hasn’t noticed anything off about her mother in over a year!

I’d like to see Hope back and maybe working with John at the P.I. office, which could be all sorts of awkward given the drama that Princess Gina has caused.

Chloe Has Big News - Days of Our Lives

If you could bring one character back to Salem in 2020, who would it be?

Sportsgirl: I would love to have Chloe back and put her with Brady. They have a true friendship right now, not like with Nicole. Then maybe they can finally reconnect.

Jack: Let Paige turn out to be alive and bring her back to Salem for JJ. None of his other relationships have made any sense at all and there are zero reasons for him to be more upset over Haley's death than Paige's.

Andyroo: With all the teasing over the past couple years, I hope they finally bring EJ back. It's time to have another real Dimera who isn't Stefan or Stevano.

Christine: I miss Paul but I don’t want him in Sonny and Will’s orbit. I miss his relationship with his father and I’d love to see him have his own storyline. 

Sarah's Bad News - Days of Our Lives

What storylines are you most hoping to see play out in 2020?

Sportsgirl: I am looking forward to more Xander, Sarah & Mickey. I love this story, but I really hope that Xander hasn't done anything evil to have Sarah dump him.

I am looking forward to the full truth about Gabi finally be discovered. I would love to see the reactions of Julie & Eli especially.

Jack: I want to see JJ actually go through therapy this time, though I have my doubts that will happen. But I can still dream.

I also want to see more of Jack and Jen's romance, and hope Jack is instrumental in unmasking Stefano.

Finally, I would LOVE it if it turned out that it was Bonnie that was killed instead of Adrienne.

Andyroo: I mostly want to get the full story of what happened with Will and Adrienne sooner than later, and for Will to get out of jail.

Hopefully Sarah will ditch Eric for Xander.

And no more brainwashing!

Christine: I want Xander and Sarah together! There’s been so little of them together since the time jump but I’ve loved every moment and I just want more.

Also, more Jack and Jennifer. I want the romance and to see them working together.

Loving Each Other Forever - Days of Our Lives

So TV Fanatics, hit that big, blue COMMENT button down below and tells us who you'd kiss at midnight on New Year's Eve and what you want to see in Salem during 2020!

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