Emergence Season 1 Episode 10 Review: 15 Years

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The hunt for Piper continues on Emergence Season 1 Episode 10, but Jo's efforts may have been for nothing as it turns out Piper doesn't want to be found. 

Poor Jo spent weeks worrying and losing sleep only to find out that Piper doesn't want to come home. 

The promo for the penultimate episode saw Jo telling Alex that they changed Piper in some way, but I don't think that's the case. 

Leading to Piper - Emergence

When Piper melted Jo's gun (don't bring a gun to a Piper fight!), you can see it in her eyes that she's still the same little girl, but now, she understands significantly more about herself. 

When she tells Jo she doesn't want to hurt her, she means it. And when she tells Jo to tell Mia she's not afraid, she's genuine.

However, if Piper was fine, why did she break a satellite and lure Jo to Pennsylvania?

He was planning this. I just don't get it, he was helping me, he was a friend.


It's possible that Piper is acting this way to protect Jo because she thinks she has no other choice.

Maybe refusing to help Benny and Splinter would put Jo and her family in danger.

Piper could be a good liar who said what she needed to protect Jo but secretly reached out in a different way to communicate that she needs help. 

What strikes me as odd is that every robot/AI entity repeats similar phrases indicating that their behavior is not of their free-will. 

It's Piper - Emergence Season 1 Episode 10

When Jo finds Charlie, the gas station owner who ran away after getting hit by a car, he tells her that even if he wanted to disclose Piper's location, he couldn't. 

Similarly, Benny seems remorseful about betraying Jo but follows up with "I had to do it."

Even Piper informs her that she has to stay. 

It's as if all of them are being controlled and forced to oblige, which, seems to be a real threat concerning a world full of robots. 

Locating Piper  - Emergence Season 1 Episode 10

And yet, they feel emotions, pain, loss, betrayal, and fear while also having the ability to think independently. 

As evidenced by Charlie, they also aren't indestructible; he succumbed to his injuries and "shut down."

It's an interesting concept that we'll hopefully get to explore further. 

I'm a robot. Great theory.


It's unclear what Piper needs to do for Splinter, but we're supposed to believe that she's the only one that can do it. 

With just 2 episodes left until the season finale (and the show has not been renewed for a second season yet), let's hope we get some concrete answers about why Piper is so special and what she's needed to accomplish. 

It would be a shame if this turned into a Manifest situation where all we get are more questions and a convoluted mystery. 

It's a Sign - Emergence Season 1 Episode 10

Jo learning that there are "others" like Piper was a turning point because it made her realize that she cannot trust anyone. 

Women love to trust their gut, but what happens when that's no longer an option?

Anyone can be an enemy hiding in plain sight and she'd never know just like she didn't with Benny. 

Jo is one brave lady who is singlehandedly (with the help of an FBI agent who barely understands what he's dealing with) trying to take down an army of AI with unlimited knowledge and resources. 

Cool house. Very "Texas Chainsaw Massacre."


She walks into any situation without knowing what's waiting for her and never flinches. 

It's either going to get her killed or it'll help her succeed. 

Her newfound knowledge that there are more robots, including adult robots, out there deepened her bond with Agent Brooks, her new and improved partner in crime that quickly replaced Benny. 

It's funny that we were all so weary of Brooks, who, for now, seems to be a good guy, and yet, we all trusted Benny, who was lying straight to our faces. 

Missing Piper - Emergence Season 1 Episode 10

Jo learned that she cannot trust her gut and neither can we.

Jo and Brooks aren't AI, they proved that much to each other, but they cannot deny those sparks!

I've always thought about Jo getting back together with Alex, but admittedly, they do work better as friends and co-parents.  

Maybe it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world if she moved on. 

Brooks: That was not a person?
Jo: No, I think he's like Piper.

At least that would allow Agent Brooks to stick around pending a second season renewal. 

However, I'll continue to be weary because Benny pulled one over on all of us and I'm not letting my guard down again! 

Agent Brooks handled the news that robots are taking over the world rather well, don't you think?

In addition to solving the mystery of Piper, we also have to find out what is in those crates being shipped out.

It's safe to assume whatever the liquid metal object is, it's not going to be used for anything safe or legal.

HAM Radio - Emergence Season 1 Episode 10

Chris and Alex make a surprisingly awesome team and hopefully, we'll see more of them together going forward. 

They're both smart, resourceful characters who don't get to shine as much as they should. 

Chris has so much untapped potential yet Jo always gives him pointless tasks.

Benny: I didn't have a choice.
Jo: I trusted you. She trusted you.

At we know her faith in him has never wavered and she's willing to leave him the keys to the kingdom while she's away.

When it gets down to the wire, Jo is going to need to rely on the only people she knows for certain she can trust. 

If you watch Emergence online, you know that Mia was the one who formed the purest connection with Piper. 

Let's Find Piper - Emergence Season 1 Episode 10

They two bonded the way sisters do, so it's heartbreaking to see her go through this because she's the one suffering the most. 

While her parents are out trying to solve the mystery and bring Piper home, at least she has Ed who introduced her to a communication method straight out of Stranger Things! 

Alright, I'm turning it over you, TV Fanatics. 

What did you think of the episode?

Is Piper really doing fine?

How many more adult robots are there? What have they been working towards? 

Leave all your thoughts in the comments below. And let us know what you hope to see in the final two episodes!

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Emergence Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Brooks: That was not a person?
Jo: No, I think he's like Piper.

He was planning this. I just don't get it, he was helping me, he was a friend.