Power Season 6 Episode 13 Review: It's Always Your Fault

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It feels like this was the episode where things finally got real.

We got through Dre's story and Paz's story or suffered through for some of you guys, and finally, we got back to a main character in which we were invested thoroughly.

Power Season 6 Episode 13 brought us Tommy's story through a whirlwind day full of ups and downs and dead bodies. 

Frustrated Tommy - Power Season 6 Episode 13

Tommy has been in a vengeful place pretty much since we met him. But Keisha's death, the shutdown of his operation, and murdering Benny have pushed him to a place where he feels especially done with his life and New York. 

When the series started, Tommy was a St. Patrick. He had a family that cared for him and looked out for him, and over the years, that had eroded to the point where the only person he could call on for help was Kate. 

Running away from New York didn't feel like something was super eager to do, but he was also running out of options. He had no protection, no operation, no family, and he was scared. 

But this is Power, and he wasn't going to be able to just skip out of town without tying up loose ends. Plus, he still wanted Ghost dead. And he wasn't prepared to leave before he saw that through. 

Confident Blanca - Power Season 6 Episode 13

At least in the beginning. 

Bringing Elisa Marie and the Proctor family drama back into the fold was a good way to give that whole storyline closure. Proctor was a big part of the story for a long while, and that recording he left for Elisa Marie wasn't going to fade into oblivion. 

She may be young, but Elisa Marie was taught by the best. And once she started putting pieces together, she was pretty in tune with what was going on around her. 

Tommy and Elisa Marie had a pretty strange dynamic right from the onset, and it played out over the hour rather nicely. 

Talking It Out - Power Season 6 Episode 13

Tommy was responsible for the deaths of two of the people Elisa Marie loved most, and you could see guilt and understanding etched across Tommy's face when they were making the drive to the exchange spot. And Elisa Marie knew it was Tommy, but she also knew that her family wasn't perfect. 

These two were not brought together by choice, but they sure had a lot in common. They both knew what it was like to be disappointed by the people they loved, and they both knew what it was like to lose the people they loved. 

The bond that formed between them was unexpected, and the final scene with beautifully done with Elisa Marie handing over the recordings and Tommy acknowledging that he understood she could come looking for revenge. 

The hour could have been just Tommy's saga with the Italians, and it would have been pretty entertaining, but they also threw in Tommy's discover that Tasha killed Keisha and Tommy's realization that many things for which he had blamed Ghost weren't as they seemed. 

Vincent Apologizes - Power Season 6 Episode 13

This was by far the best episode of this half of the season, but it's a pity it was all thrown at us at once. There was so much to unpack.

It could have played out throughout the whole back-half of Power Season 6 as setting up the series ending to revolve around one character makes an episode like this feel busier than it needed to be. 

But even so, Tommy needed to learn the truth, and he was finally able to see a bit clearer. 

It was understandable why he would think Ghost would Kill Keisha because, duh, Tommy took his love away, so he would take Tommy's. But Kate made some good points when she talked about all the reasons Ghost wouldn't kill Keisha. 

It took actual evidence for Tommy to realize it wasn't Ghost, but he learned the truth and had the opportunity to get his revenge against Tasha. He didn't take it. 

We could all argue why he chose to keep Tasha alive, but it could turn out to be a decision he regrets because it's still very possible that she shot Ghost. 

And Tommy was ready to do whatever he had to do to stop that from happening. 

For all their fights and attempted assassinations, the relationship between Tommy and Ghost has always been Power's heartbeat. And while, on paper, it made sense, it was hard to imagine Tommy firing that deadly shot.

They've both hurt each other in ways that they'll never forget, but they've also helped one another. Ghost never reaches the heights he reached without Tommy and vice versa. 

Ghost Looks Over His Shoulder - Power Season 6 Episode 13

In the same vein, though, they could blame a lot of the pain they've each endured on the other. 

But when you're family, isn't there a time when you push all that to the side, and the love you have for one another wins?

Tommy has yearned his entire life for a family and stability. He found that with Ghost and then Tasha and the kids. If there was even a flicker of hope that he could get that back, he had to try, at least. 

The one thing that has been great about these final episodes is learning the reasons everyone was at Truth that night. And in Tommy's case, it was never to kill Ghost. 

Tommy: Dre's still alive. Can't let that motherfucker live.
Elisa Marie: Wait, wait, who's Dre? Where are we going? What about the recording?
Tommy: I was wrong about my brother. Now he's in trouble and I need to help him out.

Unfortunately for them both, he was a few minutes too late. 

Worried Tasha - Power Season 6 Episode 13

I was wondering if we were going to have to wait until the very end of the series to see Ghost's final moments, but we finally saw some of them. It was poignant and fitting that he died hand in hand with his brother. 

For two kids who didn't come from much, they made a life for themselves. And no matter what they may want to believe, they needed each other to do it. 

Ghost was dying, and he knew it. And I like to think Tommy brought him some comfort in those moments. They had always been each other's person, and in the end, Tommy was there yet again. 

Everything Else You Need To Know 

  • Tommy saw the shooter, and he looked angry more than surprised. That leads me to believe it wasn't Tariq or Tasha, but Tate or Saxe don't seem like a fit either. 
  • Debi Mazar is always great, and she was perfect as Elisa Marie's aunt and new surrogate parent. 
Tate Looks Angry - Power Season 6 Episode 13
  • RIP Vincent, a lot of Vincent's men, and Spanky. Tommy took the whole crew out in one day and never once broke a sweat. 
  • Kate's unwavering love for Ghost was on full display, and she practically drove Tommy out of town herself. Tommy is much better off far away from all the toxicity in New York. My wish for Tommy is he finds a solid crew, a solid woman, and he cuts back on the killing. 
  • 2-Bit is the most real person on this show. 
  • Ghost was never a "good" person, and he probably deserved to die a few different times, but man, if that final scene with Tommy wasn't gut-wrenching. 
A New Face - Power Season 6 Episode 13

Please let me know all your thoughts about this installment and what's to come in the comments. 

Are you surprised Tommy didn't pull the trigger?

Was Tommy right to leave the city?

What do you want to see over the next two episodes?

Let me know all your thoughts in the comment sections and make sure you watch Power online because we're coming down the homestretch, and you don't want to miss out!

It's Always Your Fault Review

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Power Season 6 Episode 13 Quotes

He has had your back long before LaKeisha. He's your brother. He will always have your back.

Kate [to Tommy]

Elisa Marie: Did he text you in the last hour?
Aunt Dolores: Why are you asking me that?
Elisa Marie: I know the system. Proof of life every hour on the hour. How many hours has it been?
Aunt Dolores: Well, not since last night.