Project Blue Book Season 2 Episode 1 Review: The Roswell Incident - Part 1

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Hynek and Quinn are back, and they have a whole new season of UFO mysteries to investigate.

On Project Blue Book Season 2 Episode 1, the dynamic duo delved into one of the most famous UFO cases of all time -- the alleged UFO spaceship crash in Roswell, New Mexico.

But that's not all, Quinn's in love, and you'll never believe who has stolen his heart.

Calling Mimi for Help - Project Blue Book Season 2 Episode 1

Before we get into the nitty gritty of what went down in Roswell, let's talk about that Quinn shocker.

Maybe it wasn't a shocker to some of you, but it was a shocker to me.

Of all the women he could choose from, why, oh why, did Quinn choose Susie?

If someone in Roswell is really holding the smoking gun, then this isn't just our chance to uncover the truth, it also means the coverup is real...which makes it our duty to bring Harding down.


We only got a glimpse of Susie this hour, and she seems as innocent as apple pie.

She might even be in love.

But we know from her past, that Susie has many skeletons in her closet. 

A Mysterious House - Project Blue Book Season 2 Episode 1

So the chance that she's with Quinn because she wants to settle down finally and change her life is pretty slim.

We don't know if she's still working for the Soviet Union, but I'd bet my bottom dollar that's the only reason Susie's involved with Quinn.

It's still unbelievable that he continues to turn a blind eye to so many things.

You, of all people, should know I don't like being lied to.


How Quinn could not have seen a link between Susie and all the weirdness surrounding Mimi doesn't make a lick of sense for as smart as he is.

Then again, no matter what evidence gets thrown Quinn's way, he refuses to believe the U.S. Government is covering up the existence of extraterrestrial life.

He even had a personal experience with a UFO in Washington. And still, Quinn refuses to believe what's before him.  

Harding in a Cover Up - Project Blue Book Season 2 Episode 1

Sometimes it seems that Quinn has finally seen the light -- the events in Washington on Project Blue Book Season 1 Episode 10 should have been enough to change his mind forever -- but he can't stop wavering between whether or not UFOs are real or not.

Quinn also can't seem to step entirely into the idea that the U.S. Government is involved in a major coverup involving UFOs and aliens, even though he'sgotten proof time and time again.

But most of that might have to do with his allegience to Gen. Harding.

Quinn owes Harding a lot. Harding was very instrumental in Quinn's career, so he has a certain loyalty to the shady general.

And despite all the doubts swirling around Harding, Quinn isn't ready to turn against the man who holds the strings to his Air Force career.

Even though Quinn isn't a scientist, he's still a man of logic -- kind of like Scully in The X-Files.

Now you know the real truth. Dismissed.


No matter what he sees, he's going to believe there's a logical explanation for it.

It's true that many of the cases he and Hynek investigated were proven to be normal explainable occurences and not extraterrestrial ones.

Still, there are many more that made absolutely no logical sense. And when you see a UFO and an alien with your own eyes, as Quinn has many times, how long are you going to deny they exist?

Mimi in on the Act - Project Blue Book Season 2 Episode 1

Maybe Quinn is afraid of the truth. Maybe he doesn't want his plumb job with Hynek to end.

And maybe that's why he got romantically involved with Susie -- so that when it does all end, he won't be alone.

That's the thing Quinn fears the most -- being alone -- which is why it's so strange that he can't accept that we aren't alone in this universe.

Hynek, on the other hand, is as giddy as a kid in a candy store.

Discussing the Truth - Project Blue Book Season 2 Episode 1

All the investigations are right up his alley, and he's stringent in his analyses of the cases he investigates, but he'd rather the truth be that UFOs and aliens exist than not.

He is also super keen on sticking it to Gen. Harding. The smarmy General is his least favorite person.

The two had a number of run-ins on Project Blue Book Season 1, and if Hynek can bring the General down, there would be no greater pleasure in his life than to do so.

Hynek has even involved Mimi more deeply in his investigations, which is surprising.

Mimi's Partner in Crime - Project Blue Book Season 2 Episode 1

You'd think he'd want to protect her and keep her away from all the possible dangers, but she's not a woman to sit in a corner and play dumb.

She knows what's what in Hynek's world, so instead of fighting her, he probably realized that she might be useful.

But now that she's involved people from a UFO group she belongs to, she's opening up the door to trouble.

Going back to The X-Files, Mimi needs to take up Mulder's motto of "Trust No One."

The Secret Box - Project Blue Book Season 2 Episode 1

But Mimi's already let in the stranger, and it will be hard to close the door on the nosy UFO group leader,.

At some point, Harding is going to learn of Mimi's activities, and he'll try to make Hynek's life difficult.

And considering Harding is already in a bad mood trying to clean up the Roswell mess, he's not going to be nice about it.

Besides, he's not a fan of Hynek. He tolerates him, but Harding knows that Hynek likes to dig deep no matter how deep Harding tries to bury his secrets.

More than Harding - Project Blue Book Season 2 Episode 1

So, the question of the hour was how many UFO crashes were there in Roswell that night?

And does Hynek believe Harding's story that the crash was a secret spy balloon?

But the biggest question is whether or not Hynek and Quinn will go digging for the alien corpse Conners supposedly buried when one of the crashes happened.

Duncan Booker: They said they'd bury us in the desert if we didn't say it was a weather balloon.
Quinn: Wait. Are you saying Air Force officials threatened your life?
Booker: Not officials. Just one man.

If Harding finds out, he might bury all three of them in the desert and be done with it. That would solve all of Harding's problems.

Project Blue Book is back, people, and it's as good as ever!

Over to you!

What did you think of the season premiere?

Why is Harding so intent on hiding the truth about UFOs and aliens?

Will he learn about the alien corpse?

Is Susie to be trusted?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts!

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The Roswell Incident - Part 1 Review

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Project Blue Book Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

If someone in Roswell is really holding the smoking gun, then this isn't just our chance to uncover the truth, it also means the coverup is real...which makes it our duty to bring Harding down.


You and I have both seen things that we can't explain.