Supernatural Season 15 Episode 11 Review: The Gamblers

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Jack is back! 

His return was a surprise to Sam, Dean, and Cas on Supernatural Season 15 Episode 11.

But the plan he revealed could be the one Sam and Dean have been hoping for!

Luck is On Their Side - Supernatural Season 15 Episode 11

The two didn't jump up and down when Jack told him Billie's plan, though.

But if the goddess of luck is on their side, and now Billie seems to be on their side, well, it's logical that other beings are tired of Chuck, too.

They all want him gone.

The question is, though, will all their combined power be enough to take him down? He is God, after all.

Chuck didn't do this to keep us off our game. He wants us weak cuz he's coming for us, Sammy. And if he does, and we haven't figured this out, we're DOA.

She Gets the Evil Eyes - Supernatural Season 15 Episode 11

Yes, it's only two beings at the moment (three if you add in Rowena), but if all the beings, and the three humans band together, Chuck is in for a hell of a fight.

I'm going to speculate a bit here.

Jack mentioned that Lucifer wants him dead. 

Could that mean that Lucifer and God might team up to battle everyone else?

That kind of battle would be epic! Get rid of God and Lucifer and start all over which is where The Empty would come in.

Coming Home - Supernatural Season 15 Episode 11

Unless, of course, it can't take a side, but I would imagine if it did, it would be more neutral than anything.

But who knows, maybe it has a beef with God, too!

If this scenario actually happens, what would be the most thrilling would be Rowena taking Lucifer to task. 

She'd love more than anything to have the opportunity to slice and dice Lucifer for everything he's done.

Think of all the pair-ups that could happen in a battle with God! It's endless!

Hope - Supernatural Season 15 Episode 11

It was telling that Fortunata saw Sam and Dean as the heroes of the story. 

She obviously sees them as the vehicles to set things straight. And I'm going to take a dive and say that Billie, despite all her issues, sees it the same way.

And once again, probably many more see it that way too.

If you think about it, it makes sense.

I don't know how much more of this normal life I can take.


Sam and Dean have always risen up to whatever challenges that have been presented to them. Some of them were tougher than others, but they shed the "blood, sweat, and tears," and for the most part, came out on top.

Hypnotize Him! - Supernatural Season 15 Episode 11

Many times, they came back damaged, but they always survived and kept on going..

Most importantly, they have never given up no matter what. Normal people might have after everything those two have been through, but not them.

So while the battle with God will be their biggest battle ever, the odds they'll actually win are pretty darn good.

The only problem for our heroes at the moment is if Chuck can reverse their newfound "luck" and gets wind of what's happening behind the scenes.

He does have the power to get rid of his enemies, and we all know that he'll eliminate anyone or anything that gets in his way.

On the otherhand, and I've mentioned this before, there's the possibility that Chuck wants them to win.

Sam and Dean are his greatest human creations (other than Jesus, I suppose), and if they can use "free will" to change their story, God might take great pleasure in that.

Why? Because he doesn't want to have to oversee every minute detail of every living thing's life.

Ready to Fight - Supernatural Season 15 Episode 11

He just wants to bask in the glory of his creations and pat himself on the back for a job well done.

Of course, all those theories could be way off base.

There's no proof that Billie is being on the up-and-up since she is the least trustworthy of anyone.

Then again, if Michael was willing to help them, why wouldn't Billie, even if her ultimate goal would be to use the boys for her benefit?

Stories - Supernatural Season 15 Episode 11

It's also suspicious that she didn't go to Sam and Dean directly with her plan before bringing Jack into it.

Neither Sam nor Dean explored this aspect yet, but they're still flabbergasted that Jack is back with them right now.

Eventually, Dean's wheels will start spinning, and he'll wonder the real deal is.

Relax. We might actually have some fun.


He knows enough not to trust anyone, especially Billie.

It would be awesome if the original Death made a reappearance, but I'm not sure how he'd fit into the story.

Playing Pool - Supernatural Season 15 Episode 11

One way could be that he takes God for himself, if that's even possible. The original Death can be the one to give Chuck his "last rites," so to speak. Now, that would be epic!

Over to you!

What did you think of "The Gamblers"?

Are you excited about the potential for an epic battle?

Who else will side with Sam and Dean?

Who will oppose them?

Is Billie to be trusted?

Who would you like to see in the final epic battle with God?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts! 

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Supernatural Season 15 Episode 11 Quotes

I don't know how much more of this normal life I can take.


Chuck didn't do this to keep us off our game. He wants us weak cuz he's coming for us, Sammy. And if he does, and we haven't figured this out, we're DOA.