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What did the Necromancer want with Hope?

On Legacies Season 2 Episode 9, we learned that the villain was back in town with a master plan to cause death and destruction. 

Making a Deal - Legacies Season 2 Episode 7

Who was the other cloaked figure?

Meanwhile, Hope struggled to return to the school with the knowledge that she and Josie were no longer friends. 

Was there a way to bring them back together?

A Meeting with Vardemus - Legacies Season 2 Episode 7

Elsewhere, Landon was tasked with looking out for Sebastian to make sure he did not kill any students. 

What went wrong?

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Legacies Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Alyssa: Well, it's just you.
Hope: Alyssa? What's all this?
Alyssa: I moved in while you were forgotten, or whatever. Your side's over there.
Hope: I usually have a single.
Alyssa: Which is what I had until this exact moment. I go to bed at 10, so no late night visitors, and I don't want ants so no eating in the room. Later, roomie.

Someone once said you can't go home again. I hope they were wrong.