A Million Little Things Round Table: Does Gary Need to Grow Up?

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Gary was testing everyone's nerves on A Million Little Things Season 2 Episode 11.

However, he's aware that something is shady with Eric, and he confronted him about it. Meanwhile, The Howards worked on their adoption video, and Eddie has a new job.

Join TV Fanatics Christine Orlando, Jack Ori, and Meaghan Frey as they discuss the hour.

A Million Little Things Round Table

Is Eddie's new job with Dakota a great new opportunity or potential trouble?

Christine: Possibly both. There was definitely a certain amount of chemistry between the two of them, so Eddie will have to be an adult and keep that in check, which I believe he is capable of doing.

But this new venture could be good for Eddie as it could give him a musical outlet yet keep him off the road and home with his family. I’m sure things won’t go smoothly because this is a TV show, but I do have high hopes that this could work out in the end.

Jack: Dakota looked so much like a young Katherine to me that I hoped she didn't turn out to be some long lost relative. LOL. Seriously, though, my big concern isn't so much Eddie, but Katherine.

Because Eddie cheated before, if he starts spending extra time with Dakota, Katherine may wonder if there's something between them. And if Dakota shows any interest in Eddie, that could be a problem.

But I do think overall the job is a good opportunity for Eddie. He was a good teacher for Sophie before everything fell apart, and maybe he will find that even though a mentorship career isn't what he planned to do with music, that he falls in love with it.

Dakota  - A Million Little Things Season 2 Episode 11

Meaghan: I agree with Jack. The problem isn't going to be Eddie cheating. Eddie made that mistake once, and he has learned from it and grown from it.

I do think it is going to bring up any lingering trust issues Katherine has. Eddie needs this, though. If he can't be a musician, then this is the next best thing.

I could see this make Eddie's career take off in a huge way, and God knows he could use a bit of success.

How do you feel about Gary's behavior? Do you think Gary is being too hard on Maggie? Are his friends being too hard on him?

Christine: Gary is being an ass. He’s acting out in all the worst ways. If he was willing to have an actual conversation with Maggie, he might find they could either have a future or be willing to move on but Gary’s acting too childish for that.

If he truly cares about Maggie, he’d tell her, and his friends, what he found out about Eric, but he hasn’t done that. I’m not sure what’s going to pull Gary out of this downward spiral, but something needs to fast before he gets himself into even worse trouble.

I saved your life. You picked me up from jail, so we're even.


Jack: Ugh. I could barely stand to watch Gary this week, and he used to be my favorite!

He's acting in ways that remind me of Eddie at his most drunk, and it's painful to watch. He needs to get it together quickly before he not only gets in worse trouble but burns his bridges with everyone who cares about him.

I hope Katherine's tough love gets through to him, but since he decided the solution was to throw everything away that reminded him of Maggie, I don't have high hopes here.

Phony Grin - Tall  - A Million Little Things Season 2 Episode 11

Rome nearly got arrested because of a bigot. React.

Christine: I was really struck by what Rome said about choosing to wear a button-down instead of a hoodie to a baseball game because he knew he’d be one of the only black men there.

There are so many ignorant, racist, horrible people in the world, and Rome, from a sheer sense of survival, has learned how to deal with that. I couldn’t help but consider how much worse it could have been if Rome had lost his temper and hit the guy instead of Gary because that could have led to disaster.

Journey to Fatherhood - Tall  - A Million Little Things Season 2 Episode 11

Jack: Like Christine, I was struck by the decisions Rome has to make to survive as a black man in Boston, especially when he pointed out that he and Gary were from two different worlds.

I have to admit that when the man first accosted Rome, I assumed that he just thought a guy with a camera had to be a pedophile. I didn't connect the dots until the guy said that Rome didn't belong there.

How much of Rome being detained was because of the bigot as opposed to because of Gary starting a fight, though? I'm not sure what would have happened if Gary hadn't intervened, but throwing a punch at the guy didn't help anything.

I'm glad that at least the cops realized Rome didn't do anything wrong and eventually let him go. I'm not sure how realistic that was, but I was relieved.

Gary: Dude, all I did was have your back.
Rome: If that's having my back, I don't need it. You wanna know why I'm wearing a button-up shirt to a kid's ball game?
Gary: Because you're going on camera, and you're super vain?
Rome: Because I knew I might be the only black man here today. And I knew that wearing a hoodie, like you, might put me and my wife in danger.

Meaghan: That was awful to see. Rome is one of the most genuinely good people out there on television. To know the small choices he needs to make each day to avoid situations like what happened at the softball game was heartbreaking.

I was extremely confused about why there was even a question that Rome might be arrested when there were plenty of witnesses who could attest to the fact that Gary was the only one who got physical. Then I realized that is what is wrong with the world.

Do you think the Howards will make decent parents?

Christine: I think they will make fantastic parents. They are solid as a couple, they’re mature enough to know what they want, and they’re coming at this from a place of love.

Although I’m sure they’ll make some mistakes along the way because everyone does, I don’t think there’s much they can’t handle.

Gina: We're going to be excellent parents.
Rome: We got this in the bag.

Jack: I think they will be excellent parents, for all the reasons Christine said.

Plus, they did a good job of dealing with Sophie getting drunk. Sophie is not their child, so it's not exactly the same as parenting a teenager that they have raised all these years, but they handled it well -- including Gina keeping Delilah from bursting in and making everything worse.

The Perfect Video  - A Million Little Things Season 2 Episode 11

Meaghan: They are going to be incredible parents. I think it benefits them that they have watched their friends raise children and helped along the way.

Through all of that, they have been able to figure out their parenting style. Regina really proved herself this episode in how she handled Sophie. If you can handle a drunk, rebellious teenage girl, then you can handle anything.

Chloe's parents filed a wrongful death suit against Eric. What are your reactions, thoughts, or theories?

Christine: Since it’s a civil case and not criminal charges I’m assuming there was an accident, and they hold Eric responsible.

Whether he was or not remains to be seen, but Eric obviously has a lot of secrets.

I’m curious to hear his side of things, although I doubt it will make me like him any more than I do now.

The fact that he's been lying to Maggie about having her brother's heart, and ruining her relationship with her mom in the process, is more than enough to have me loathing him and wanting him gone.

Coffee Boy - Tall  - A Million Little Things Season 2 Episode 11

Jack: I really don't know what to make out of any of this. Obviously, Eric is the Not Good Guy that we're supposed to want Maggie to get rid of.

I loathe triangles where one person is "evil," so that the writers can be assured we root for the right couple to end up together, and so far it, looks like this is what's happening here.

Gary: I know what you're hiding.
Eric: What?
Gary: There is a wrongful death suit against you, man. From the family of Chloe Meyers. Now would that be the same Chloe you were engaged to?
Gary: Yeah, it is.
Gary: Does Maggie know what you did? Is that not what you two talk about on your little dates? You're right. You're right. Describing how you murdered your fiancee is probably not the best foreplay.
Eric: You don't know anything.

It would be an interesting twist if, despite whatever other BS Eric is into, Chloe's parents filed the suit because they are grieving and need someone to blame, and Eric had nothing to do with Chloe's death.

I don't remember exactly what he said when he told Maggie the story of Chloe's death, but it sounded like an accident -- so if there's any truth in that, it's possible he wasn't to blame at all.

Why is Eric Lying? - Tall  - A Million Little Things Season 2 Episode 11

Meaghan: They are really doing their best to bury Eric, huh? TV writers love to have their female characters be completely oblivious to how shady new men entering their lives are.

For some reason, this is bringing me back to Marissa and Oliver on The OC.

Hopefully, for Gary and Maggie, they handle it differently than The OC did, though, because Marissa and Ryan never really recovered from that.

Like Christine and Jack, I'm sure that it is much less nefarious than it seems right now, but either way, Eric needs to go. Maggie has been through more than enough and does not deserve to be hurt by someone else that she trusts.

What was your favorite moment from the hour?

Christine: I loved how everyone dealt with Sophie. She’s a teenager acting out, but I think keeping Delilah away and making Sophie suffer through her hangover while keeping her commitment to her softball team, was spot on.

I thought they all walked the perfect line between not making too much out of it yet making sure Sophie suffered the consequences enough that she learned a lesson.

Morning Cereal - Tall  - A Million Little Things Season 2 Episode 11

Jack: I loved when Gina stopped Delilah from entering the house after Rome told her about Sophie's drunken misadventure.

I thought her comments about being addicted to Pilates were great comic relief in an otherwise tense scene. Also, I loved what Rome and Gina said at the end of the hour when they finally filmed their message.

Katherine: How dare you!
Gary: What?
Katherine: She came here because she cares about you. I mean, we all do.
Gary: Katherine, the last thing I need right now is another lecture, okay?
Katherine: Well that's too bad because you're getting one. When Eddie and I made you Theo's guardian, it was not a decision we took lightly. Out of everyone in the world, we thought you were the best one equipped to raise our son if something happened to us. We were wrong. How can you possibly take care of him when you can't even take care of yourself? Find your own ride home.

Meaghan: Katherine telling off Gary. Katherine continues to impress me the further we go along in A Million Little Things. Gary has been acting terrible to everyone, and he deserved being scolded by her at that moment.

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